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Credit cards

We accept all major credit cards


Financing Through Affirm

Easy financing. If you pre-qualify, you may choose monthly payment plans. Affirm offers competitive APR rates based on your credit profile. Rates will be shown at checkout.

Choose Affirm at checkout

Follow the instruction to see if you prequalify

We ship your order right away

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay lets you use information stored in your Amazon account to pay and arrange for delivery from tens of thousands of merchants. 

Bitcoin (Coming back soon)

Bitcoin is digital cash for the internet. With bitcoin, you can send money over the Internet directly to another person for the first time, without needing a credit card or bank. 

Instead of the credit card company or bank, thousands of networked computers process bitcoin transactions and verify that they are legitimate.

How it works:

1. Add item to cart

2. Go to checkout

3. Choose Bitcoin and place an order

4. You have 15 minutes to add Bitcoin from your wallet to Kobelli.

*For any other questions please call: 1(800) 432-4222 or email [email protected]