Where To Travel On Valentine’s Day In Europe?

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Feb 7, 2018 10:14:34 AM

Are you planning a Valentine’s Day trip outside the United States? Maybe a trip to the oldest continent in the world is what you are aiming for? Wow, that is an amazing idea and your beloved one will surely love it, even more than you. So, what is the exact destination you have decided to visit? Haven’t chosen it yet? No worries, we are here to provide you with some information that you will definitely like to have on your disposal before checking-in your passports at the airport. Following are the best destinations to travel on Valentine’s Day in Europe selected by the team at Kobelli Jewelry.



Love Run Paris Couple

Photo by: MOOVMOOD

Of course, where to start our top selection of most romantic destinations to spend Valentine’s Day in Europe if not from Paris? The entire world knows it as “The City of Lights” where blossoming romance happens around chocolates, flowers, perfumes, lingerie and spectacular wine. However, that is not all you can get from Paris and its one-of-a-kind magic. You can have a hand-in-hand walk with your partner along the Parisian cobblestone streets while the moon illuminates Seine and your happy, forever-in-love faces. To feel the musical vibes of the city, you must have a ride in a metro to  get impressed by the super-talented buskers that beautify the days of thousands of passengers every single day. February 14 is the date to check your presence in Paris if you want to share the message of love with other couples from different corners in the world that happen to be in the city, participating in its greatest V-Day event called Love Run. Do not forget to browse the countless Parisian eateries where you can try the most authentic French dishes, such as coq au vin for an unforgettable dinner and chocolate fondue as the most delicious dessert ever. Those who want to master the preparation of French sauces, which are a must-have accompaniment for every meal, can sign up for a three-hour course hosted by La Cuisine Paris. Valentine’s Day bedtime will never feel more comfy between the sheets of the city’s extravagant hotels whose décor is given an original flair of the French bourgeoisie.



Pathé Tuschinski

Photo by: AFAR 

Amsterdam, the oasis of tulips whose scent can be felt in every single part of the city and along the entire country, is our second destination-recommendation to have a memorable Valentine’s Day in Europe. Here are the reasons why so. First of all, the city has a lost-in-time Renaissance architecture, which for you, can be the perfect getaway from the shiny, crystalline buildings of the American urbanism. Thus, you can get lost in the golden days of the 12th century, when enthusiastic fishermen along the countless canals and bridges were the city’s hallmark. There is little bit of “Venice” in Amsterdam, thanks to the enchanting vintage boats that allow tourists to have a scenic tour along the canals and see the beauties of the city from a whole new perspective. These are some of the loved-up moments you will definitely love to experience while in Amsterdam, as well as those made in the city’s boutique cinemas, like Pathé Tuschinski, a stunning Art Deco spot to watch Hollywood blockbusters and charming retro movies on a plush loveseat with snacks and drinks. If you are interested to see breathtaking works of art, follow the coordinates that take to Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum. Amsterdam’s bicycle culture is at a significantly high level, probably the highest in Europe, so if you want to feel like real Amsterdam citizens, do not hesitate to have a romantic sightseeing tour on a bicycle, which you can rent from some of the many bike rental stores. Gourmands will surely ask “Which foods to try in Amsterdam?” It is hard to make a selection, but you definitely should not go home without tasting the deep-fried juicy crispy meatballs served with traditional mustard, the Gouda and Maasdammer cheese, the ginger cake called “Ontbijtkoek” and the Dutch liquorice.




Little Venice Colmar

Photo by: PADMAD

Valentine’s Day in Europe, particularly in Colmar, feels like a fairytale and a dream that you will never want to wake up from, thanks to the idyllic architecture dating back to 8th-century France and Germany, remarkable for the timber framing and the Vosges sandstone colored in pink and yellow. Without a doubt, Colmar’s architectural hallmarks and museums are the main reason for people to come and visit this place, located in the Alsace region in north-eastern France. The romantic feel that is essential for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day can be evoked and ultimately enhanced in some of the Michelin star restaurants, such as L'Atelier du Peintre, JY's, Restaurant L'Epicurien and Restaurant Girardin. One of the things you must do in Colmar while strolling along the babbling river is a little shopping in the local markets finished with a cup of good coffee on the terrace of some of the small, lovely cafes. Colmar is known as the little paradise on Earth, so make sure to pamper your Valentine’s Day magic with a bottle of earth-flavored red or white coming from Alsace’s cultivated and most fruitful vineyards. You can also opt for a Valentine’s Day photo shoot on locations like Saint-Pierre Bridge and Little Venice that are indisputably, the most popular attractions in Colmar.




Wiener Riesenrad

Photo by: Tierischer-Urlaub

The capital of Austria might be full of many extraordinary things, but if there is something that truly reigns there, that is culture. The freezing cold February temperatures which sometimes can drop as low as  28.4 °F make Vienna an enchanting winter wonderland and that is why this city finds its honored place in our selection of best places to travel on Valentine’s Day in Europe. Couples who are huge fans of ice skating will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an ice-skating ring decorated with fairy lights and outdoor food booths, which can be found in almost every corner in the city. The architecture is also an old-school one, so an excellent plan for realization is to have a horse-drawn carriage tour and get lost in Vienna’s cobbled alleyways that are embellished with beyond beautiful houses. If you want to see the oldest  Ferris wheel in the world, head to the Wiener Riesenrad to get awestruck by its 212-ft grandness, which is more of a historic landmark than an amusement park attraction. Those who cherish the moment of sharing the deliciousness of chocolate in two, not only for eating, but also for relaxing, can get pampered with a luxurious chocolate treatment at the Sacher Boutique Spa, which also offers first-rate hotel and restaurant services. Serious lovers of musicals and operas should not miss the Valentine’s Day programs of Vienna’s opera houses that are basically, the biggest promoters of the country’s festive, yet classical musical spirit. In case you and your Valentine’s Day date have a soft spot for astronomy, you can visit the Vienna Zeiss Planetarium to discover things you have never known about the stars, the sun, the moon and basically, the entire solar system. Once in Vienna, make yourselves an opportunity to try the super-delicious café Vienne that features an original espresso flavor “seasoned” with whipped cream at the top.



Bran Castle

Photo by: About Eastern Europe

Romania is a great country to visit if you seek for something authentic and out-of-the-box, so start considering it your ultimate travel destination for your 2018 Valentine’s Day in Europe. The city we recommend to go to is Brasov, which promotes the country’s tourism with its towering Black Church in Gothic style and the medieval Saxon walls and bastions. Brasov is situated in the Transylvania region and as you can already imagine, it holds a significant historical meaning and value for the entire country. The Carpathian Mountains offer views of natural beauties that cannot be seen nowhere else on Earth, meaning that you should have your romantic hand-in-hand walk exactly there. When the cold will get too deep into your bodies, go downtown to tuck and warm yourselves into some cozy restaurant or café, where you can also delight your senses of taste and smell with some amazing traditional Romanian dishes, such as Ciorba Radauteana (chicken soup with garlic and cream), Zacusca (vegetable stew), Mucenici (sweet dough rolls) and Papanasi (cottage cheese desert). It is known worldwide that Romania is the country of castles, so our warmest recommendation is to visit the Râșnov Citadel, Bran Castle and of course, the House of Dracula




Hvar Croatia

Photo by: Wallpapers13

Hvar is a small, yet the most festive island in the Adriatic Sea where the party never stops. This is one of the most attractive destinations for an unforgettable summer vacation on the Balkan peninsula, but also a great “Valentine’s Day in Europe” escapade to delve in. Why? Because in Hvar, romance is in the air, at least that is what young couples in their late twenties say so. Hvar enjoys a reputation of a luxurious Mediterranean getaway to give your romance a new turn, considering the fact that the majority of love birds who have been there are coming back home with an engagement ring on hand. People call it “the island of natural beauty”, where the water of the Adriatic Sea features an out-of-this-world turquoise water and the beaches are covered with soft pristine sand. But, since February temperatures won’t allow you to have a summer-like holiday, you will spend your precious time in Hvar on other interesting activities for couples, such as hiking, rock climbing and kayaking. Although featuring an overall surface of 42 miles only, Hvar has plenty of fortresses, monuments and buildings built in a genuine Renaissance style, so you will definitely feel enchanted by this place’s 13th-century look while spending your Valentine’s Day there. The menu of the Agava restaurant is entitled with a certificate of excellence and allows you to treat your “tourist hunger” to delicious and juicy Dalmatian dishes, such as 1st Class Fish (catch of the day, grilled to perfection), Authentic Hvar Gregada (authentic Hvar fish stew) and Dalmatian Fish Peka (slow cooked fish with veggies and potatoes). For a mouthwatering coffee and dessert, head to Nonica to create more sweet moments for the pages of your “Valentine’s Day in Europe” diary.



Piazza dei Signori on Valentine's Day

 Photo by: GrandVoyageItaly

La shate mi cantare con la chitarra in mano. La shate mi cantare sono un Italiano! Ah, Italy, did you think that our list of best places to spend Valentine’s Day in Europe could possibly feel completed without the irreplaceable romantic mood of this country? It is not Rome, Venice or Pisa that we want you to check-in your luggage to, but Verona, the place where Romeo and Juliet fell in love and made Shakespeare the greatest writer of all time. A sightseeing walk in the center of the city will set your hearts on fire with the illuminated heart-shaped lights in every street, which are nothing, but the perfect décor for February 14. Mount the Lamberti tower for a spectacular view of the old city from a 254 ft. height and do not forget to take pictures or shoot a video while experiencing this extraordinary moment. Make sure that your next stop is Piazza dei Signori, one of the busiest squares in Verona that holds a lot of significance for the city’s history. The first thing you will see there is the breathtaking statue of Dante Alighieri and the next one is “The Opened Heart”, an enormous red carpet fashioned in heart shape and surrounded by market stands. This is also one of the forever-to-be-remembered views from the Lamberti tower. Other reasons why you should visit Verona for your magnificent Valentine’s Day in Europe are the romantic-themed live music concerts taking place at the bigger plazas, the numerous restaurants where you can have an intimate and delightful dinner in a picturesque surrounding, such as the The Roman theater of Verona and the Adige River, which are generously offered by the popular Ponte Pietra restaurant. Every year, this restaurant offers a special-edition St. Valentine menu with the finest dishes from the Italian cuisine. For a perfect ending of your dreamy stay in Verona, visit The Giusti Palace and Garden, an imposing sixteenth-century palace that catches the eye with its Neoclassical construction. Beside that, this place offers a medley of mythological statues, fountains and beautiful flora to entirely have a delight in and make the most of your special day.



Romantic Restaurant in Prague

Photo by: Prague City Tourism

Have you ever visited  “The City of a Hundred Spires”? No? Then this February 14 is the greatest opportunity to have a fabulous Valentine’s Day in Europe. Prague steals the heart with its fascinating colorful baroque-styled infrastructure blended with eye-catching Gothic elements. Waking up in Prague is a genuine experience, so couples who are free of obligations (like you) hurry up to have a wonderful romantic walk over the Charles Bridge before it get “inavaded” by hundreds of tourists later in the day. The Charles bridge is entitled “one of the prettiest bridges in Europe”, crossing the Vltava river and connecting the Old Town and Lesser Town. It is true that you can easily get lost in Prague, but wait, isn’t that what you would really like from your indelible Valentine’s Day in Europe? For this year’s holiday of love and wine, the city has created a program that promises to suit everyone’s taste, even the most trickiest one. For instance, if you want to impress your significant other with a redolent dinner, you can take them to some of the Praguian first-class restaurants where food is served with love and excellence. Whether you would choose to eat in a historical or modern ambience, that is totally up to you. However, visitors’ highest recommendations are the Kampa Park Restaurant, Mlynec Restaurant, Café Mozart and Ginger & Fred Restaurant. Obviously, a city that owns a natural treasure, like Prague’s Vltava river, offers admirable boat cruises to fulfill your chest with ambrosial scents and enrich your memory with awe-inspiring sights and sounds of the city itself. Prague is the home of live classical concerts that are usually taking place in the city’s old churches, meaning that if you are a classic couple who enjoys listening to classical music, Prague is the place to be for Valentine’s Day. The last, but definitely not the least info you would like to know is that during the entire month of February, hotels, apartments and other accommodations in Prague offer their services at pretty low prices, thus giving you the possibility to experience the most of your romance during your low-budget Valentine’s Day in Europe.





Photo by: Nammos Restaurant

Does the idea of having a skiing trip for an exhilarating mid-February weekend getaway pushes the “play” button in your mind? If this is the case, why not spend your Valentine’s Day in Europe in a snowy sanctuary, like the French Alps, for example? They are celebrated for the massive slopes, so the wild and untamed spirits of both you and your partner would definitely like to feel the excitement offered by these unique mountains. Your bodies will be covered with snow while the blazing sun warms your faces and gives you the energy to bring more fun to the whole adventure - that is the real scenario you are going to be a part of and you will simply love it! Skiing, snowboarding and love-dovey snow games is not all you can get from your trip to the French Alps. For instance, try to find your way to Les Gets (a small, charming village with only 1,352 habitants and more than 600km of pistes) to have a delightful aperitif with your beloved one in a Mont Cherry cable car, popularly known as “gondola”. If you book a reservation at the Courchevel ski resort, a must-do thing is to jump into a hot air balloon exploit, which, if truth be told, is the most popular choice of couples who want to try something fancy and different during their stay in the French Alps. The Tarantese valley, on the other hand, puts at your disposal the Tignes resort for high-end skiing on a glacier, including super-interesting Valentine’s Day parties at the local clubs and pubs where you can drink, laugh and dance from dusk till dawn.

We hope that this Kobelli guide will make it easier for you to decide where to spend Valentine’s Day in Europe, if visiting an attractive destination on the old continent is what you want for this special, romantic occasion. Have a nice trip and do not forget to take a lot of pictures from your loved-up moments!


Written by: Liljana Tomova

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