What We Know About February Birthstone?

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There is no other color that awakens the feelings of femininity and pure elegance in a more sensual way than purple. With a sense of mystic and nobility, purple is the essence of a lady’s deepest imagination that makes this color her dearest one. They say that you are a purple person if you have an enormous need for emotional security. But, you are also a purple person if you have high ideals and you are keen on creativity and extravagance. Wait a minute, are we talking about you right now? Anyway, it is not a coincidence that we are coloring the second month of the year in the enthralling hues of purple. The reason why so is to present you the magnificent February birthstone, the one and only - amethyst.


Amethyst Gems



We cannot deny that there are also other purple gems from the rich gemstone family, such as tanzanite and sapphire, but none of them displays the purple magic better than the amethyst itself. This gemstone appears in a variety of purple editions, ranging from pale to reddish purple, thus offering many marvelous opportunities for making exciting jewelry adornments. Thanks to its reddish purple hues, amethyst is often reffered to as “raspberry”.

The beautiful amethyst is exalted to the position of most valued quartz variety of the present day, which makes it the gemstone that triggers a massive demand for designer jewelry. In days gone by, amethyst was valued in the same way as ruby and emerald, but since the discovery of the large amethyst deposits in Brazil (in the 19th century), the price tag for this gemstone has significantly dropped. Therefore, amethyst is seen today as a cheap jewelry investment for undeniable allure and classiness.  And if truth be told, there are not many gemstones that can offer these one-of-a-kind benefits as this one.


Amethyst & Diamond Ring 6 Carat (ctw) in 10K White Gold

Amethyst & Diamond Ring 6 Carat (ctw) in 10K White Gold


Before we head to the more exciting part about the history and lore of the enticing purple amethyst, let’s say a word or two about the origins of its name. Hence, the name amethyst is derived from the Greek “ἀ”, which means “not” and “μέθυστος” which means “intoxicated”. Logically, “not intoxicated” takes us to the belief that amethyst is a gemstone that protects its owner from the notorious effects of heavy drinking, which is exactly what this gem was treasured for. Moreover, Ancient Greeks even decorated their traditional drinking vessels with amethyst to enhance its power in intoxication and make their drinking experience more pleasurable. Much to your surprise, the word “amethyst” is also a Greek baby name for girls.

Many legends associate the February birthstone with love and wine, hence the reason why it is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Do you remember when we talked about St.Valentine and his big amethyst ring on which the image of Cupid was carved? Well, now you have another reasonable explanation why this gem was chosen to be the birthstone for this month.

In Greek mythology, amethyst is appreciated as the precious gem that promotes wisdom by keeping the wearer quick-witted and clear-headed. Greek warriors used it as an amulet to protect them in wars and help them act quickly and wisely. In the modern world, these amethyst virtues could be used for business affairs.


Amethyst and Diamond Ring 2/5 Carat (ctw) in 14K White Gold

Amethyst & Diamond Ring 2/5 Carat (ctw) in 14K White Gold


Before being available for commercial purposes, the February birthstone could be only seen embellishing the bodies and garments of the British royalty. As for today, amethyst is considered the most renowned quartz variety that is not only easily available, but also readily affordable.



The endless beauty of amethyst allows artisans to fashion it in a medley of shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular cuts applied to this gemstone are marquise, pear, triangle, oval and cushion. What makes amethyst even more authentic is the availability to be sculpted  in free shapes, thus boosting the imagination and creativity of the cutter. This procedure can be perfomed manually or automatically, but whether the first of the latter, the final outcome is always the same – genuine amethyst pieces that cannot be compared nor replaced with any other.



You have already learned that gemstones with high color saturation are classified as gems of fine quality, while those with little color presence are seen as ones of poor quality. When it comes to February birthstone, its finest appearance displays intense reddish purple hues with no color zoning. However, the gem does not have to be too dark either, because its capacities for brightness and refraction will be significantly reduced. Another negative point that makes an amethyst gem less valuable is if its purpleness features brownish tints.



Faceted and nicely polished amethyst gemstones used for commercial purposes are usually eye-clean with no visible inclusions or impurities. The best amethysts in the world come from Brazil, Sri Lanka, Siberia and the far East. Those that have visible inclusions, but nice purple color, are generally used for the making of beads and cabochons.



Being perfect to suit different jewelry styles, the amethyst can be also found in many different sizes, not only shapes. The February birthstone is mostly desired as a center stone for rings and in the role of an attention-getting pendant for necklaces. One of the greatest things about amethyst is that a bigger carat size does not necessarily come with a skyrocketing price, which makes it a jewelry choice that can fit everyone’s budget.


Emerald-Cut Amethyst & Diamond Ring 2 2/5 Carat (ctw) in Silver with 14K Plated Gold

Emerald-Cut Amethyst & Diamond Ring 2 2/5 Carat (ctw) in Silver with 14K Plated Gold


Thanks to this simple and comprehensive guide that we have written for you with lots of enthusiasm, we learned that February birthstone is a gem that totally deserves our love and appreciation in the world of exquisite jewelry. It is immeasurably tender and graceful, while also being super-affordable. Simply said, a woman is ensured to look startling and “à la mode” with an amethyst jewel on her attire. 

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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