What Makes The Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring A Unique Choice?

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Feb 9, 2018 8:03:36 AM

During the long and absorbing history of jewelry, there have been many chapters that set a hallmark on its overall importance to the world. One of them is Art Deco, known and cherished as a thriving era when creativity, imagination and high sense of style changed the entire concept of fine jewelry craftsmanship. So, are you considering an Art Deco emerald engagement ring for your sublime proposal? Stay with us to learn why this is a great and undoubtedly, the most unique choice you can make.

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The first question is - How Art Deco emerged as a jewelry style? It was thanks to the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts (originally called “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes”) from which the term “Art Deco” was derived and started being used as a jewelry term. Basically, this was a huge international fair that took place in 1925, in a seven-month run from April to October. The event was organized by the French government with the intention to emphasize the new look of modern architecture, including decorative arts, jewelry, furniture and interior design. As you can already imagine, the exposition was held in Paris, the city of fashion/cultural events considered the starting point of the Art Deco style, which soon got a recognition of a revolutionary movement that would reach all parts of the world. Around sixteen million visitors and fifteen thousand exhibitors from twenty different countries were part of the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts that besides its impressive program, it will be also remembered for being a target of intense criticism and admiration.


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Obviously, there must be some bold and unbeatable reasons why we highly support you to proceed with your “Art Deco emerald engagement ring” purchase. Explaining the one-of-a-kind characteristics of the Art Deco style will consequently explain them, one by one. Thus, the first thing to remember about Art Deco designs is that they are elegant, fancy and fun – perfect to express or highlight one’s distinctive individuality. The Edwardian filigree patterns and the Art Nouveau pastel colors have been replaced with straight lines and vivid colors, which are two of the characteristics that speak about the genuinity of Art Deco jewelry. Geometric forms are utterly present in this particular style, fashioned with advanced cutting techniques that make the precious stone more scintillating and eye-catching. Talking about forms and diamond cutting, an important fact to shed a light on is that the final look of the round brilliant cut was finished up and launched during the Art Deco era, in 1919 more precisely. This only confirms what we said a couple lines above, that the Roaring Twenties were the golden years when creativity was in full blossom in all aspects of society.

Art Deco designs are mainly influenced by technology and progress. However, they have preserved some of the motifs that were typical for the prior, Art Nouveau style, such as animals, flowers and other nature-themed elements. That is why it is commonly said that in an Art Deco jewelry piece, there is a bit of everything (Victorian, Edwardian and Art Nouveau), so you cannot go wrong if deciding to enrich your collection of authentic, precious jewelry with an Art Deco piece. Although the Art Deco style features a visible vintage note, it is still considered a modern choice of the Bohemian woman who wants to show off her out-of-the-box taste and personality.

To sum up, here is what your future Art Deco emerald engagement ring will steal the show with:

- parallel or symmetrical lines

- contrasting patterns

- complex geometrical shapes (ex. rectangles, squares, octagons and triangles)

- bright, vivid gemstones (ex. emeralds, sapphires, rubies, jade and black onyx)

- silver-toned metals with silky polish (ex. platinum, white gold and silver)

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Talking about Art Deco jewelry, there is quite a chance to meet your future dear Art Deco emerald engagement ring in a sophisticated channel mood. In other words, the channel setting is the most common setting applied to Art Deco rings, because it was the most popular type of setting used in the 1920s – 1930s. The reason for this setting’s popularity is not the delightful look only, but also the high security grade that the precious stone is provided with. The channel setting is remarkable for the continuous row of dazzling stones which are set with no prongs interrupting their flow. Therefore, the stones are basically sitting in their channel that can feature a triangular, square, round and u-shaped form. Making the channels usually takes more time than the other type of settings, so this is one of the major factors that are drawing higher prices for Art Deco jewelry, including Art Deco engagement rings. The good news is that in our special Art Deco collection, you can find a gorgeous and flashy Art Deco emerald engagement ring for as low as $599.00. (* This is a promotional offer so hurry up and make a smart selection).

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You should always keep in mind that fine-quality Art Deco jewelry is handcrafted by meeting the highest standards. This includes using gems with excellent grades in color and clarity. To be sure that you are buying an authentic piece, the band of the ring should feature a hallmark stamp of the producer or the country of origin. However, this cannot be considered a must-have, because many countries still do not have an implemented hallmark stamp regulation, but you should at least make sure that the jeweler you turn to enjoys reliable reputation on the market.

If you need any assistance or professional guidance while choosing an Art Deco emerald engagement ring for your beautiful occasion, do not forget that you can always contact our team of professionals that stay 24/7 at your disposal. Drop us a comment if you find this article helpful and interesting, your opinion is of the utmost importance for us. Cheers!


Written by: Liljana Tomova

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