What Are The Top Honeymoon Destinations For 2018?

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Mar 11, 2018 11:01:41 AM

Hey, you! We spotted you in a gorgeous vehicle decorated with “Just Married” license plate and tin cans, parading through the busy streets of the city! So, you tied the knot and here is an enormous “congratulations” to you and your chosen one! This means that you have already started looking for some amazing places where you can spend an unforgettable honeymoon together, right? Well, we are using this occasion to present you the list of the top honeymoon destinations for 2018, which you can consider a thoughtful wedding gift from the entire team at your favorite jewelry store, Kobelli Jewelry.




Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Photo by: YouTube

To see how dramatic and astonishing nature can be, let your eyes see the landscapes of Skeleton Coast in Namibia. This is the place where you can enjoy in the views of spectacular dunes, ancient valleys and the remains of historical shipwrecks. Couples who are looking for more excitement can even make part of the many safari expeditions in Skeleton Coast. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that will allow you to personally see the most fascinating and dangerous animals that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet, except this place. From December to March, the entire Namibia is colored in golden yellow and it is full of wildlife. The weather is extremely hot though, so make sure you are pampered with light clothes, sunscreen and logically, lots of water. To be in Skeleton Coast means to be eager to feel isolated from any civilization, hence the reason why this is one of the top honeymoon destinations of just-married couples who want to have a break from everything, including people themselves. There, you can enjoy in the bliss of the sun and the quiet of the dessert, which is more than enough to share perfect moments with your spouse. However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy in a romantic date highlighted with amazing cocktails and traditional African food at some of Skeleton Coast Park’s restaurants. To see how your special holiday in Namibia would look like, feel free to visit the tour guide of Wilderness Safaris.


Cape Winelands, South Africa

Cape Winelands, South Africa

Photo by: Small Luxury Hotels Of The World

The South African region is remarkable for many things, but mostly for the forest-covered cliffs, the lavish sub-tropical woodland, the sandy beaches and the exceptional marine life on the coastline. This area is of a great importance for the entire continent, thanks to its long and abundant history that makes it being known as the home of diverse civilizations and habitats. There, you can explore interesting blends of people and cultures, which will help you understand why South Africa is called "a world in one country." Why we recommend the Western Cape Winelands? Because they offer a multitude of award-winning restaurants where you can taste outstanding dishes and wine flavors. Basically, Cape Winelands are entirely surrounded by vineyards and mountains, so you will have a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the harvest season enhanced with amazing natural colors. The best timing to visit Cape Winelands is the period from December to March, which is one of the primary factors that make this place one of the top honeymoon destinations this year. Those who are passionate about gardening, delicious food and good wine should not miss the chance to come to this place. You will return home with a spectacular collection of photos taken in South Africa and all the incredible spots you have visited there, that is for sure!


Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana

Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana

Photo by: AFK Travel

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the most arresting salt pans in the whole world are the Makgadikgadian ones. They are situated in the middle of a dry savanna that covers an area of a country, such as Switzerland, for example. This prodigious savanna was actually a lake which dried up thousands of years ago. The common adjective used to describe this enchanting corner of the world is “lunarlike”. Animal lovers are more than advised to visit the Makgadikgadi Pans during the wet season (November – March) to personally experience the view of the African zebra at its finest and the massive wildebeest migration. Flamingos are another must-see animal group to meet while in Botswana, especially their magical courtship dance. Once you see it in person, you will completely understand why this place is added to our special-edition list of top honeymoon destinations for 2018. If you want to feel the perks of utmost comfort and luxury while being “in the middle of salty nowhere”, make a reservation for two at the Jack's Camp. There, you will be spoilt rotten by the staff’s excellent service, while you will be soaking the best of the sun in 1940s-styled canvas tents decorated with mahogany handcrafted furnishings and Persian rugs. Sounds quite authentic, isn’t it? Simply said, the Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana are the place to be for just-married couples who want to savor “wildlife” and “culture” in the same doses.





Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Photo by: Tourism Australia

You cannot say that you have seen some of the most iconic beaches on Earth if you have not checked-in your presence at the Bondi Beach in Sydney. The city itself is full of vivacity and dynamics, which means that the same vibes will be 100% felt at the beach as well. This confirms that the top honeymoon destinations won’t be “top” if they do not offer unmatched fun and excitement. At the Bondi Beach, you will find them in immeasurable quantities. Surfing on the wild waves of the Pacific Ocean, swimming with beyond intelligent dolphins or participating in the legendary City2Surf run along with 80.000 other enthusiasts like yourselves, seems quite exciting, right? There are not only water sports to enjoy in, but land sports too, such as beach volleyball and rugby, which are the hallmark of the Australian lifestyle. If wondering what is the best time to go there, the most sincere answer would be “anytime”. However, according to the records, the most visited months by tourists are those between November and March. Two of the must-see attractions in Sydney are the Opera House  and the Harbour Bridge. Foreign visitors who have already been there claim that it is not a surprise why Sydney was, is and will forever stay one of the top honeymoon destinations of all time. This city and everything it includes is magical enough to be impossible to forget.


Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory of Australia

Longitude 131°

Photo by: NUVO Magazine

The name of this fabulous place says it all – this is the home to both Uluru, a majestic sacred sandstone monolith and Kjata Tuta, a group of large, ancient red rock formations. As you can already suppose, at this renowned Australian park you will have the opportunity to see some absorbing rock art, which has been with centuries the main occupation of the inhabitants of this region. Good to know is that some of the rarest and most impressive minerals in the world come to our industry right from the depths of Uluru. Go to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to meet the domestic culture of the Aboriginal Australians, such as Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people. In an area of 823.3168 square miles, you and your spouse can further explore the colorful diversity of this place’s ravishing flora and fauna, that is not only culturally, but also environmentally important. Birds, reptiles and unusual mammals are the hallmark of this incredible place, including an assortment of more than 400 different plants. So, if both of you share an immense love for nature and its beauties, you will definitely want to visit the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park one day and what a better occasion to do it so than your well-deserved honeymoon? We heard that the sunrise over Uluru is one of the most epic sceneries ever and guess what? You can fully enjoy in it right from the comfort of your bed if you make a reservation at Longitude 131°. With a capacity of 15 eco-tents that provide the guests with an unquestionable privacy, this place will certainly make you feel as if you are living a dream in another world. It is the top of the top honeymoon destinations that you need to put into a serious consideration, that is for sure.


Ningaloo Coast                        

Giant Sea Turtle, Ningaloo Coast

Photo by: Western Australia

We continue with our list of top honeymoon destinations for 2018 in the same spirit and the same excitement, so our next stop “while in Australia” is Ningaloo Coast. Basically, this is one of longest near-shore reefs on Earth that is hiding breathtaking water courses and underground caves. To see the most enticing marine species and a real profusion of sea turtles, you need to go there. Plan your honeymoon vacation somewhere between April and September if you want to experience how swimming with sharks and humpback whales looks like, of course, under maximum protection and professional guidance. Just-married couples who are always ready for one-of-a-kind adventures would surely get excited about this idea. You can recharge the batteries after the long and super-interesting days at Ningaloo Coast by chilling in a double hammock and gazing at the starry sky, hand in hand with your beloved one. That would be such a romantic moment for the two of you, don’t you think so? In other words, this will be your lucky chance to reconnect with nature and yourselves if that is what you needed to, which is the perfect explanation why couples have made the Ningaloo Coast one of the top honeymoon destinations in Australia. The most enchanting ocean views in the whole world can be seen right there, hence the reason why these 3106 square miles of ocean fall under the protection of UNESCO. Got worried that your activities will be “on” and “under” water only? Put the worries aside, because Ningaloo Coast has much more to offer. For instance, you can enjoy in an adventurous quad biking tour, explore a prehistoric gorge or simply indulge yourselves in 100% intimacy on a private beach. One more thing, do not forget to have a bite of the traditional Aussie pie baked with hot, delicious fillings, like beef or cheese. In fact, you are not allowed to forget that! So, bear this in mind.


Barossa Valley

Breakfast With Kangaroos

Photo by: Travel Nation

Australia is one of the world’s largest producers of fine-quality wine, a fact we are all very familiar with. Appreciated as Australia’s leading wine region, Barossa offers indefinite amounts of pleasure for the seekers of good wine, food and of course, hospitality. Everyone in Barossa Valley will welcome you with generousness and will unselfishly introduce you to the peculiarities of the region. Furthermore, the party never stops in Barossa, so if you are narrowing the selection of top honeymoon destinations according to the “festivity” filter, put this wonderful place at the very top of your list. If you appreciate a sip of first-class wine, then you will be more than pleasantly surprised with the delicate cellar tastings produced by 150+ wineries in the region. Tourists say that there is something romantic in the air while exploring Barossa Valley; you will be surrounded by hills and vineyards, fulfilling your chest with the smell of fermenting grapes during the harvest season, which usually starts in January and lasts through the entire month of March. You will make great memories there, but one of the experiences that will leave an eternal mark of this honeymoon adventure of yours will be having breakfast with the Australian kangaroos. Just check-in your passports and luggage at The Louise to treat yourselves to authentic sights, smells and sounds accompanied by kangaroos living in their natural habitat. There, you can get a whole package of romantic-date vibes that will include champagne, flowers, chocolates, in-suite massages, delicious dinner and exciting breakfast. Your needs for fun and adventure will be completely fulfilled by performing any of the activities offered by Barossa Valley, such as cycling, helicopter ride and hot air balloon ride. Couples who have not tied the knot yet often choose this place and its beauties for a romantic proposal, but since you already went through this chapter, you can make Barossa Valley your ultimate pick from the top honeymoon destinations that are trending this year.





Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Photo by: Pinterest

Raja Ampat is remarkable for its exquisite jungle-covered islands that come in a large number, so the just-married couple who is ready to see how paradise truly looks like, should absolutely head to the Bird’s Head Peninsula in West Papua. Many of the top honeymoon destinations rich with marine life cannot be compared with the Raja Ampat Islands, especially the major ones, like Salawati, Misool, Waigeo and Batanta. Reviews by former visitors of any of these islands prove that visiting this place is worth every penny. Once there, you and your now-spouse can try the best scuba diving in the world where you can see with your own eyes how stunning and mysterious the ocean's underworld is. The interesting thing about these Indonesian islands is that they can be isolated, lonely and for some, even disturbingly quiet, but they are definitely a must-go destination if you want to escape from the flickering electric billboards, congested traffic and annoying noises of the hectic city life. Another major reason why the Raja Ampat Islands are one of the top honeymoon destinations in the period between October and April, is excellent weather conditions, when chances to see the magnificent manta rays are pretty high. Diving enthusiasts are crazy about this place; many of them often come back to spend their summer vacation here and make the most of it. You can stay either in a spacious villa or a water cottage, depending on your budget and preferences. The local community is friendly and generous, so you should feel free to ask for anything you need or would like to do while in Raja Ampat. Do not forget to take extraordinary pictures of you diving with baby blacktip reef sharks, which are usually promenading near the water cottages. Everyone is going to be jealous on this marvelous experience you will have and you should not feel sorry about it at all!




Photo by: Allianz

Situated in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a country that will put at your disposal alluring white-sand beaches, lavish rainforests and natural wonders you have never imagined would exist. There, you can easily expand your cultural horizons, because the entire country is a mix of cultural influences, mostly coming from India, China and Europe. Gourmands will be beyond satisfied from their honeymoon stay in Malaysia, which represents the epicenter of Southeast Asia’s cuisine. Prepared by world-class chefs, dishes of pad thai, flat rice noodles, mohinga and durian fruit should not be missed in any of the Malaysian restaurants you are going to visit. Thanks to them, this country has built a reputation of a popular tourist attraction and of course, one of the top honeymoon destinations not just in Asia, but the entire world. To avoid the unpleasant monsoons which are typical for this region, the best time to travel to Malaysia is the period between March and December. You won’t be missing the comfort of your spa séances neither; this place has plenty of high-end spas, even a spa village on its own. Can you believe that? You better do, because thanks to them, Malaysia has become a synonym of supreme comfort and relaxation. The fact that the look of this country features ancient and modern premises makes it special and unique, which for you would mean 100% satisfaction from your honeymoon-destination selection. Malaysia is known worldwide for being the country of the most brilliant spectrum of colors, among which, turquoise is the most remarkable one and the biggest representative of the entire category.


Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Photo by: BookRetreats

How is it possible to be in Asia and not visit Vietnam, the main shrine of Buddhism? In this country, you can see impressive temples and Buddhist pagodas that you can come across to on literally every corner of the street. In fact, this is what makes Vietnam authentic and worth visiting. The particular place that is reputed as one of the top honeymoon destinations for Bohemian couples is Nha Trang. It is a coastal resort city situated in southern Vietnam, where you can have a romantic walk on the long, main beach that makes home to first-class hotels and seafood restaurants. What you will love the most about spending your time and money in Nha Trang is the freedom to choose between heavy partying vs. soothing island paradise. The smartest thing is to combine both, though. You surely would like to be informed that the most pleasant sunrays can be felt from February to August, so you should plan your honeymoon trip to Nha Trang during any of the months included in this time frame. To explore the Riviera of the South China Sea (the second name of Nha Trang), you and your beloved one can do a bit of boat cruising and see the abundance of the marine life, the thriving mountain ranges reigning above the crystalline white sand beaches. Your honeymoon travel plans to Nha Trang cannot be considered complete if they do not include visiting the Hon Khoi Salt Fields, the Ba Ho Waterfalls, the National Oceanographic Museum and the Po Nagar Cham Towers. If any of you is a selfie addict (or maybe you both are), your one-of-a-kind opportunity for an iconic Instagram-worthy shot will be the light show in the renowned Sailing Club, known as tourists’ favorite stop for relax, dine and party.

We will finish this Kobelli guide by asking our readers “Which of these top honeymoon destinations you would pick for your special trip this year?” We are expecting your answers in a comment, so see you soon there! And thank you endlessly for your reading attention!

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Written by: Liljana Tomova

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