What Are The Most Popular Gemstone Colors For 2017?

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Liljana Tomova

Aug 30, 2017 10:42:52 AM

Every year we see different trends in gemstone jewelry, thanks to the wide spectrum of colors and sparkle that apparently, wait their turn to enjoy their golden moments on the throne of popularity. Whether a precious gem is worn to adorn or heal, its unique power of attraction is something that cannot be denied. This only confirms that the interest in gemstone jewelry will never vanish, so don’t you think that this could be the perfect occasion to get introduced with the gemstone colors that rule this year? We bet it is. 



You may not like listening to punk/metal music, but you definitely have to own at least one metallic jewelry piece in your collection if you want to stay in the spirit of the 2017’s gem trends. Ultra shiny looks are in high gear this year, so choosing a piryte or hematite jewel is an option you cannot go wrong with. Both gemstones are mega reflective and they offer a timeless appeal, which is something that every girl is craving for. Piryte, now-known as “fool’s gold”, has only recently emerged as a jewelry trend, but got lots of attention in no time, thus overshadowing brass and copper designs like no other gem before. “NOW” is the right moment to wear shiny metallic jewelry and if you still need more evidence about the awesomeness of this trend, take a second look this picture.

Hematite Bracelet


2017 is definitely the year of pink. Not only rose gold became the “No. 1” look for signature jewelry, but lustrous pink gemstone colors are rocking the market as well. The fabulous “millennial pink” hue of tourmaline and rose quartz are among the most seen shades on runway shows these days, which shows that renowned fashion designers have recognized the magic of pink as a color that offers one-of-a-kind magic wherever it appears. In jewelry, this color in all of its saturation editions is related to love, tenderness and feminity. Lately, there has been a significant rise in interest for strawberry quartz and purple-pink kunzite, so consider this info as a great tip for your next fancy jewelry purchase.


 Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Citrine Cuff Bracelet


Can you guys guess what gemstone we particularly refer to with this exquisite description? Emerald, of course. The other two not-less popular gemstone colors are the ones of peridot and green tourmaline. All three represent the most captivating shades of greenery, therefore, it is not an accidental thing that these gems are part of our ultimate list. Peridot jewelry has been in the spotlight for a while, receiving tribute and flattering remarks as the mystic gem with vibrant beauty. Greenery as a color option is a great way to reconnect with nature and bring that fresh, natural feel on the skin that none of us would refuse. What hues of green have been in rise in the past 8 monts? - Olive green, sea green, moss green, lime green , jungle green and fern green. The last but not least question is: Could green win the prize of gemstone color of the year? - Absolutely.


Peridot Earrings


Luminous and kaleidoscopic gemstone colors have never been so in-demand as they are this year. The most fascinating thing about these precious stones is that they are loved and admired for their sheer beauty that often, cannot be described with words only. You can feel our fascination for iridescent gems, can’t you? Hence, it is our ultimate pleasure to present them as a part of the gem trends for 2017 and belive that once you enter their world, you will never want to get out of it. Nowadays, all eyes are on the magnificent white opal, although labradorite and moonstone are eagerly fighting to overtake the throne, breathing the dust right behind it. What is the secret power of the iridescent gem?  - It invades your heart, your senses and your desire for fine, dreamlike jewelry. Warning: In case you get a piece of iridescent magic for yourself, prepare to be charmed in the same way you were when you met the love of your life.



Have you thought that this journey could possibly go on without the fresh watery hues of turquoise, larimar and aquamarine? The azure sky remains a fathomless inspiration in all aspects of beauty and so does the vibrancy of these breathtaking gemstone colors. The reason why jewelry designers like these gems so much is that their auqua hues help them create stunning jewelry creations that quickly gain the reputation of “all-time favorite”. Let’s be honest, there is a room in every girl’s heart for an icy blue jewelry piece that will work as the loudest detail of her special-occasion clothing collection. Larimar, for example, is an out-of-this-world gem coming from the rich sources of the Dominican Republic that offers enduring beauty and elegance. Turquoise, on the other hand, is your one-way ticket to keep it cool and fancy, while aquamarine will re-energize your entire look. So, do you have an idea what could be your next icy-blue treat? A fancy ring or maybe a handsome necklace? We let you have the final word on this subject.



Larimar Earrings


We are transfering from coolness to a deeper, warmer mood and for that, we need some golden gemstone colors that, as a matter of fact, make part of this year’s trends in gemstone jewelry. The earthy stones that are having control on this flattering position are amber, agate and jasper. That is right, the famous “AAJ” trio, which is perfect to combine this fall season and look in-tone. These gemstones are mostly used as pendants, because this role fully reveals their charm and splendor. The making of Native-American jewelry completely relies on these two gems, but it seems that they have made a huge comeback in fashion jewelry too. Our personal favorite is agate, thanks to its distinctive color patterns that give jewelry a never-to-be-forgotten look. And what about you, what is your personal favorite?

Agate Earrings


Written by: Liljana Tomova

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