Wedding Season: How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget

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Apr 24, 2017 3:30:42 PM

If you are not born with a silver spoon in your mouth, then you are surely interested to find out how to organize your perfect wedding for as less as possible. Of course, “less” does not mean that you should not spend a penny more than your ideal budget, or make your ceremony look scarce and too ordinary. “Less” means to make your wedding up to the challenge by following some of the outstanding tips we have prepared for you today, tips that will cut down your costs significantly and keep you away from undesired loans.

Since we are in the middle of the winter wedding season, it is the perfect time to start planning your summer wedding where prices will be undoubtedly higher than what they are during the off-season months. Do not stress, just take a deep breath and pay attention to the following tidbits that will certainly help you “trim the fat in your wedding budget”.


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Tip No. 1 – Decide what is the perfect wedding for you and your partner

Of course, this refers to the style of wedding you want to organize and treat your guests with. Whether it would be an intimate party or a gala ceremony, it is more than clear that the organization starts from here. What is the feeling that the wedding of your dreams should evoke? Would you like it to be casual, relaxing or formal? What is the type of music you want to play for the cocktail hour? Think about these questions, because the answers will work as your guideline for a successful wedding that will look just as planned.


Tip No. 2 – Do not be tempted by the guest list

The second most important step to take is to carefully make the wedding guest list. This means that you should not invite practically everyone you know, nor to feel obliged to do it so. Times have changed and luckily, having several hundred guests is not “en vogue” anymore. Instead, a lighthearted and touching wedding is best achieved with the enthusiasm of the closest friends and family. So, take a piece of paper and have a sit with your future spouse. Make an agreement on the number and the selection of guests you would love to have on the biggest day in your lives and feel confident about it. Remember that this is your wedding and it is you who create its allure and magic.


Wedding Planning

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Tip No. 3 – Avoid the famous venues and wedding-ceremony destinations

The general rule says that what is popular and highly desired, always comes with a heavy price tag. Since this is not your objective for your wedding, you have other options to take into consideration and still realize a phenomenal ceremony no matter the wedding season. You could either go for a less popular venue or if you want to play safe and be original at the same time, you could skip the outdoors and hold the ceremony at home. That is right, at home – surrounded by the décor and ambience you have personally created, which will also give you a special feeling of coziness on this occasion. Of course, this will depend on the exact number of guests you will expect on your wedding, because you surely do not want to see your beautiful home “reconstructed” after all the fuss is over. Another interesting and authentic option is to hold the ceremony in a public park with a captivating scenery, as long as the weather conditions of the wedding season allow you so. This will give you the freedom to receive more guests and take an advantage of the free, natural décor.


Tip No. 4 – Replace the wedding gifts with wedding help

Have you ever thought that you can ask some of your guests and family to do you a favor and be an actual part of your wedding? For instance, if you have a talented and passionate photographer in your surrounding, you can ask them to be your wedding photographer, instead of inviting them as a regular guest that will bring you a regular gift. Or, if you have a talented singer or musician in your family, they could take charge of the musical part of the entire ceremony. Sound amazing, isn’t it? Also, do not forget that engaging someone who is close to you will give your wedding a touch of individuality and make it way more personal than you can possibly imagine.


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Tip No. 5 – Slow down with the flowers

Many think that to organize a perfect-looking wedding means to spend a small fortune on the floral arrangement. Keep in mind that simple does not necessarily mean simplistic and that in most of the cases,  simple brings the most out of elegance. This means that you do not have to choose big bouquets made of several types of flowers -  you can simply go for a single type of flower at your personal preference. The plan B is your floral wedding décor to be created by fake flowers, regardless the wedding season. Of course, we could not compare the beauty of fresh flowers with the allure of those made by the human hand, but what you can get from the latter is that they won’t die, no matter how strong the summer sun is or not.


Tip No. 6 – Turn to a family-owned restaurant for your catering

Food costs mean a lot for a restricted wedding budget, so if you want to reduce them, look around for some family-owned restaurant in your place that will take care of the catering. It is usually the owners of the restaurant that cater the wedding, thus avoiding the expenses for hiring other people. And if you really want to go minimal with this particular subject, the last and probably the best option for you is to do the catering yourself. Analyze carefully the pros and cons of each of these two options and choose the one that suits your needs the most.


Tip No. 7 – Create the design and existence of your wedding invitations yourself

We have seen this wedding season some extraordinary wedding-invitation designs that literally blew our minds. And guess what? There were several of them made by the wedding couple itself. Have you ever thought that you can “produce” your own wedding invitations at home, with the help of a good printer and a bit of imagination? Well, yes you can and believe that if you really put your heart into this task, results will be unbelievable. “Fancy” and “unique” can be also made from home, even when it is your wedding in question.


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Tip No. 8 – Look up for decorations on sale

You have enough time to spend some on browsing the market for some smart-investment opportunities in terms of wedding décor. Good news is that each wedding season is accompanied by the excitement of sales, when consumers can enjoy in their favorite items and of course, their discounts. Start the quest now to look for decorations and centerpieces on sale that will make your wedding look exactly as you want to. You do not have to buy all from once, just take your time and collect them piece by piece to complete the puzzle until the big day knocks on your door.


Tip No. 9 – Involve your people in the preparations

Instead of hiring professionals to help you with all the wedding planning, like your bridal look, the décor or the food preparation, you can ask some of your closest friends and family to give you a hand with the details. Their assistance will not only help you enormously in saving time and effort, but will also provide you with more fresh ideas that you won’t probably come up with alone, especially not in these fussy moments.


Tip No. 10 – Rent your bridal attire

Being dressed in a brand-new wedding gown designed especially for you is definitely a dream of every woman. But, for those who are not ready to pay thousands for this ultimate pleasure, they can choose the second best alternative, which is renting a wedding dress. If we look at this matter from a different point of view, we would all agree that the wedding dress is a marvelous creation which a lady is dressed in only once in her life. So, it is absolutely normal and acceptable if you do not want to pay a small fortune on a dress that after the big day is over, you will keep it in a garment bag in your closet. Renting a one that fits your taste and imagination will also make you the bride you want to be, with the exception that you will save a lot of bucks on your bank account.


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Are you getting married soon? Maybe this wedding season? If so, we would like to hear your thoughts and experience with your wedding preparations.  And for those who have not picked their bridal jewelry yet, you are more than welcome to throw a glance at our brand-new collection of fabulous bridal sets. We are expecting you!

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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