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‘DIAMOND’, a word of Greek origin (originally ‘adamas’), which means indestructible and unconquerable. Two attributes that impeccably portrait what this precious stone truly is.


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What makes diamonds even more majestic and giant in significance, is knowing that they are the hardest natural substances on the planet that have been existing on Earth for more than a few billion years. This means that diamonds hide many secrets and a lavishness of history in their ‘professional background’, which makes them as mysterious and breathtaking as we all know them.

Cherishing these precious stones for all of their importance in this world makes it a little bit hard to imagine that there are some ‘crunchy’, exciting and even fun facts about diamonds that not many of their enthusiastic admirers are familiar with. That is why we propose you to stay a few more minutes with us to discover something more about your preferred gems, something that you have never imagined. Yes, a pretty adventurous journey is ahead of us, so feel free to step into our time machine that will present you the existence of diamonds in a brand new light.



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- Before diamonds started being used as statement-making stones, they were first used for the engraving of gemstones. This tendency took place in India during the 3rd century BC.

- The word ‘carat’, the official unit of measurement for diamond weight is derived from ‘keration’, which is the Greek name for ‘carob tree’. The seeds from the carob tree used to be for many centuries a standard of weighing precious gems. To make this clearer for you, one metric carat is equal to 0.007 ounces of carob tree seed.

- When it comes to naturally colored diamonds, their rarest color appearances are orange, red, blue and green, while brown and yellow are the most common ones.

- The most widely used diamonds in today’s jewelry are those with a color grade ranging from D to Z.

- The largest rough diamond in history weighs 3,106 carats. It was named ‘The Cullian Diamond’ and it was discovered in the 1905.


Blue Diamond

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- One of the primary facts about diamonds is their proven existence as the oldest crystal structures on Earth. They were formed in impressive depths of 90-120 miles beneath the planet’s surface, at very high levels of pressure and temperatures over 1652 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, diamonds have been brought closer to Earth’s surface thanks to a massive and intense volcanic activity.

- Before the 18th century, most of the high-quality diamonds were mined in India.

- When it comes to the American continent, the first South-American diamonds were found in 1725. This groundbreaking discovery took place in Minas Gerais in Brazil. In North America, on the other hand, diamonds appeared in the late 1840s. These events were soon followed by an important milestone in the history of diamonds, the Great Diamond Rush in the late 19th century that shook South Africa and South-West Africa.

- 2014 was the year when Russia supplied the global jewelry industry with the largest amounts of diamonds in both value and volume aspects.

- With the opening of few North-American mines, like the Ekati mine in 1988, North America started producing 10% of the entire diamond production in the world.

- 40% of the gem-quality diamonds in the world go on the American market, thus making it the largest diamond market on a global level. Relating to the subject, only 30% of the mined diamonds are gem-quality ones.


In addition to our notebook of facts about diamonds, we will have a deeper insight into some of the most renowned and talked-about diamond discoveries that will be forever remembered and treasured in jewelry history.



This is probably the most historic diamond in the world, the mesmerizing Cullinan Diamond found with a rough diamond weight of impressive 3,106 carats. This massive diamond gem was cut in believe it or not, 105 smaller diamond pieces that promote exceptional grades of color and clarity.

Among the most remarkable Cullinan Diamond pieces are Cullinan I, also known as ‘The Great Star of Africa’. Its total diamond weight is estimated at precious 530,20 carats. Another impressive piece from the one-of-a-kind Cullian Diamond family is Cullinan II, also called ‘The Lesser Star of Africa’, which weighs 317,40 carats.

All the remaining pieces are embellishing the private collections of some of the richest people in the world, like the Queen Elizabeth II for example, who owns eight of them. The two largest Cullian Diamonds we have just mentioned, today can be seen mounted on the British crown jewels.


The Cullinan Diamond

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Spectacular and breathtaking, the Uncle Sam Diamond was found almost a century ago in 1924 and so far, it is the largest diamond ever discovered on American soil. This diamond was surprisingly found in the one and only diamond mine in the world that is open to the public - The Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. This place is considered a popular tourist attraction for those interested in unique ‘dig-for-free’ operations. Much to your surprise, a total of 70,000 diamonds has been discovered in this park since 1906. The Uncle Sam diamond is among the most notable ones, with a total diamond weight of 40,23 carats.



Originally weighing 112 carats, the lavish Hope Diamond was elegantly styled in a cushion-cut gem with unique antique notes, featuring a modified diamond weight of 45,52 carats. The most captivating thing about this precious stone is its authentic grayish-blue color that makes it a laudable vintage piece of jewelry.

However, it is popularly said that the Hope Diamond instead of being a good luck charm is rather a cursed gem that brings malediction to the owner. This belief is promoted by former unfortunate experience, which took this legendary gem to its present and probably, final destination - the Smithsonian Institution.  This place represents a group of museums situated in Washington, D.C., United States of America.


The Hope Diamond

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If you know other amazing facts about diamonds, do not hesitate to share them with the rest of the Kobelli Jewelry community. Leave us a comment in the box below and become part of our world.

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