Top 8 Engagement Ring Trends In 2016

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Liljana Tomova

Mar 13, 2017 1:07:03 PM

Since forever, fashion has been ‘teaching’ us to stay tuned with the so-called ‘trends of our time’, something that perfectly applies to jewelry movements as well. When we are talking particularly about engagement ring trends, it is of the utmost importance to be up to date with what is hot, fancy and most sought-after by the real connoisseurs.

Engagement Rings

The more we move forward, the more engagement rings become modified and sophisticated, coming in marvelous mixtures of precious stones and metals to give life to the most beautiful creations we have ever known. This resembles to some kind of race against time, where new, exquisite designs are being constantly introduced to the jewelry market, thus leaving customers with barely no time to browse the entire offer and easily bring the buying decision.

The truth is, jewelry designers have been struggling for a long time to carve out the most beautiful pieces, with the ultimate goal to satisfy the needs of their greatest admirers. However, we are here to discuss your future engagement and to help you get a clearer perspective of what could be the perfect engagement ring for you. Let’s not forget that your objective is ours too. The Kobelli Jewelry Team is here to guide you through your selection and ensure that you won’t make a wrong choice that could possibly take you to a state of disappointment.

We have picked out the best engagement-ring models that are totally ‘IN’ this year, so get yourself introduced to our ‘Top 8 Engagement Ring Trends in 2016’.

1. The Personalized Ring

Personalized Rings

Its immense popularity has never gone away, since this is the type of engagement ring that offers the most out of freedom and distinctive feel. A personalized  engagement ring gives you the possibility to be its own creator, from the band’s shape to the type of metal and precious stone. Of course, additional features like the cut or the clarity grade are not excluded too. The best part of it is the possibility to add small, yet significant details to the piece, like your initials or your anniversary date, for example.

2. The Square Ring

Square Ring

This year, the square ring has reached the peak of its popularity, so if you are a fan of unique designs, this model is exactly what you need. Once again, you can also consider embodying it with small, sparkling gems at your personal preference. If you really want an extraordinary engagement ring, you should seriously consider this option, because it is absolutely ‘out of the ordinary’.


3. The Vintage Ring

Vintage Ring

An engagement ring in vintage style stands out from the crowd, thanks to its unpredictable peculiarity, given to it by its retro style and inimitable authenticity. This type of ring has been seducing its admirers up to present day with its timeless Victorian flair that instantly wins the hearts of non-traditional ladies.


4. The Solitaire Ring

Solitaire Ring

The perdurable solitaire ring, regardless if in a traditional or an ultra-modern design, has never stopped shining under the flashing lights. Today, this ring is still a part of the list of top engagement ring trends, as it is exceptionally easy to wear and combine with different outfits, and it also comes at easy-on-the-pocket prices.


5. The Three-Stone Ring

Three-Stone Ring

Magnificent and remarkable as it is, the splendid three-stone ring prides itself as a part of our ‘Top 8 Engagement Ring Trends in 2016’. An interesting fact to know is that each of the center stones ornamenting this ring carries a special meaning and significance. In other words, they represent the past, the present and the future in terms of love and prosperity. The truth is, this exceptional symbolic meaning of the three-stone ring has broadly awakened the sentiments of fascination and curiosity among the global engagement-ring clientele, thus developing inestimable loyalty at its feminine audience. Sincerely, who would resist the sublime beauty of this sensational ring, created with a realm of three magnificent stones that can come in a round, square or rectangular shape, small-sized or big-sized, making a statement in yellow, white or rose-gold band? Simply said, the three-stone engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that suits to all tastes, which gives us the freedom to name it ‘ the ring for a successful engagement’.


6. The Rose-Gold Ring

Rose-Gold Ring

This is absolutely the most-talked-about engagement ring in 2016. The divine, ultra-feminine rose hue of this ring is undeniably becoming more and more attractive for first-rate jewelry enthusiasts. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind allure and elegance, the rose-gold ring has become one of today’s most crowd-pleasing alternatives for a jewel of promise. Already feeling attracted to it? We bet you do.


7. The Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

When it comes to the selection of accent diamonds all along the band, we are totally validating the fact that scalloped diamonds, also popular as ‘French pavé diamonds’ are today’s fanciest setting for a top-notch engagement ring. The most amazing thing about rings adorned with French pavé diamonds is their powerful effect of flawless shimmer. In modern jewelry, it is said that the immense popularity of pavé diamond engagement rings comes as a result of the glorious comeback of handcrafted rings in vintage style, which are usually designed in pave setting.


8. The Halo Ring

 Halo Ring

Rings with sophisticated halo designs have been particularly cherished over the last years. Many reasons contribute to their never-ending popularity, including their romantic flair and of course, the undeniable fact that the halo of sparkling diamond accents makes the central gem appear much bigger and larger. Floral-themed halos and double halos are quickly becoming part of latest tendencies, hence, two extremely attractive engagement-ring alternatives for stylish, modern couples.

Through the list of ‘Top 8 Engagement Ring Trends in 2016’, we have been able not only to share with you the engagement-ring models that are shaking the jewelry market today, but also to give you a great opportunity to step out of the box and try something completely new and different without feeling unsure about it.  Thank you for visiting us!

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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