Throwing A Glance At World’s Most Famous Engagement Rings

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Mar 20, 2017 2:42:38 PM

An engagement ring is one of the most beautiful gifts a woman can receive. Apart from being a jewel of alliance and endless love, the engagement ring usually comes with an extraordinary look and quickly becomes a lady’s best-loved fashion accessory that makes part of her personality and style. There is no doubt that the 21st-century jewelry industry has made things easier and it is responsible for the creation of breathtaking engagement rings that, on the other hand, do not come at skyrocketing prices as most would expect to. And this is certainly the most important factor for buyers when making the preliminary engagement-ring selection.

However, we cannot deny the fact that by far, the world has had the opportunity to see some mind-blowing engagement rings, seen usually on the hands of world’s richest and most renowned celebrities. We are talking about engagement rings that will forever be remembered in history and will always be a reason for unceasing admiration. We propose to waste no more time and start the countdown of world’s most famous engagement rings right now.


Jacqueline Kennedy’s  Diamond & Emerald Engagement Ring

Jacqueline Kennedy's engagement ring

We all remember this glamorous American couple, particularly the moment when John F. Kennedy asked the hand of Jacqueline Bouvier with an iconic diamond and emerald engagement ring, nicely elaborated in a tapered baguette design. The ring featured a 2.88-carat dazzling diamond and a 2.84-carat emerald gemstone, both embodied in an open-halo setting. This ring represents a milestone in the history of most famous engagement rings adorned with the fancy diamond-emerald combo.


Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s Blue Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s  Blue Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

Back to February, 1981, Lady Diana Spencer got proposed by Charles, Prince of Wales with a magnificent blue sapphire engagement ring, made of sterling white gold, while being embellished with a halo of dainty solitaire diamonds. The ring showcased a sophisticated oval-cut design, making the blue sapphire gem even more notable on the ring.

Many years after, Princess Diana’s son, the handsome Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, make Kate Middleton his fiancé with exactly the same ring, left as a part of the family heirloom. This way, we can still admire the beauty and significance of this mesmerizing ring any time we see Kate Middleton in the magazines. The ring is estimated at delicious £28,000 and it is absolutely worth the money, don’t you think so?


Marilyn Monroe’s Eternity Engagement Ring

Marilyn Monroe’s Eternity Engagement Ring

In fact, this fabulous ring given to the lovely Marilyn Monroe by the Yankees legend - Joe DiMaggio, makes both an engagement ring and a wedding band, since Mr. DiMaggio decided to put the ring on the Monroe’s hand exactly on their wedding day. The ring was carved out of first-class platinum and furnished with a matrix of 35 shimmering diamonds in a lustrous baguette cut. No matter the fact that the union between these two world-renowned celebrities did not last for a long time, the ring is still well-remembered and its design makes part of latest jewelry tendencies.  So, wouldn’t you like your engagement ring to look just like the one of Marylin Monroe, screaming style and elegance all the way around?

Elizabeth Taylor’s Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Elizabeth Taylor’s Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

When it comes to the world’s most famous engagement rings and the gallant Elizabeth Taylor, she is the lady that experienced the proposal excitement for believe it or not, eight times! In other words, her left hand had been prettified with eight different engagement rings and this time, we are paying our attention to her third one, the one she got from the acclaimed theater and film producer, Mike Todd. Known as her dearest and most envy-worthy piece of exquisite jewelry, the carat value of the ring’s emerald-cut diamond was estimated at astonishing 29.4 carats!


Mia Farrow’s Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Mia Farrow’s Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

In June 1966, the popular American actress and former fashion model, Mia Farrow, got proposed with a tantalizing engagement ring by the legendary Frank Sinatra. Shortly after their engagement announcement, the couple got married, but much to their fans’ disappointment, their love story lasted only two years. However, we will never forget Farrow’s magnificent diamond engagement ring that stood out of the crowd with its 9-carat pear-shaped diamond shaped in elegant solitaire style. Thanks to it, this ring has proudly deserved its place among the most famous engagement rings in the history.


Angelina Jolie’s Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Angelina Jolie’s Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

We were all excited to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith falling in love with each other, but we were even more excited when the good-looking Brad Pitt and the gorgeous Angelina tied the knot. For this extraordinary occasion, the highest-paid Hollywood actress got offered by her Prince Charming a spectacular engagement ring worth $250,000. The ring which no longer adorns Jolie’s hand is a one with an intergalactic sparkle, thanks to its 16-carat star-studded diamond, cut in a classic emerald shape.


Beyonce’s Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Beyonce’s  Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

For many ‘jewelry spectators’, the luxurious engagement ring of Beyonce looks almost the same as the one of Elizabeth Taylor, mostly because both rings come in a glamorous emerald-cut design, which seems to be one of our female celebrities’ favorite. Or, probably their husbands’. Anyway, when it comes to Beyonce’s awe-inspiring engagement ring offered by Jay Z, we should not forget to mention that this piece features an impressive clarity grade that immensely contributes to the ring’s striking appeal. The emerald-cut diamond centered on the ring is heavy 18 precious carats and it is set in a double-row band made out of first-rate platinum.


Kim Kardashian’s Cushion-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Kim Kardashian’s Cushion-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Billiant, sparkling, flawless… We are trying to describe the beauty of Mrs. Kardashian’s engagement ring and these are the first words that come to our minds. The ravishing cushion-cut sparkler announced the engagement between Kim Kardashian and the star Kanye West back in 2013. An important thing to mention, which the couple didn’t miss out to mention too, is that the ring’s spectacular diamond is 100% conflict-free and it takes part of world’s best-quality diamonds in existence. And honestly, it really looks so.

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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