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Vintage souls see beauty through the prism of timelessness and courtly elegance, something that cannot be easily recognized or felt if you are not born with a vintage spirit. Consequently, the other attribute that complements the previous two is authenticity. With this short introduction, you have been explained to how you would look like if you choose a vintage bridal set for your wedding, which is, of course, one of the biggest days in your life when you totally deserve to look drop dead gorgeous.

Vintage bridal sets are designed for brides who are brave enough to stand out of the crowd with jewelry that does not feature an urban look, but quite the opposite. This does not mean that vintage – inspired jewelry cannot look sophisticated, it  just means that it is intergalactically beautiful in its own way. Before we propose you some swoon-worthy bridal sets in vintage style, we invite you to learn something more about their characteristics and modification throughout the history.


Georgian Period (1714-1830)

During the Georgian era, noble metals and precious stones were extremely scarce and rare, due to the post-war economic depression and political uncertainty. Such a condition led to a small production of bridal jewelry and a lack of popularity. The common cuts of those times were the rose cut and the table cut. Creating a jewelry piece represented an intensive task that required a lot of time and labor. Hence, rings were made out of minimum 18K gold, while diamonds were framed in a closed-silver setting. To keep the jewelry adornments in a good condition, it was needed to keep them away from water and heat. Because of the lack of diamond supply, the gems that were mostly used for the making of Georgian bridal sets were: the topaz, the coral and the garnet.


Victorian Period (1835-1900)

Vintage bridal sets designed in the early Victorian era were highly desired and extremely sought after, thanks to the fact that they were handcrafted, meaning that each of them was authentic and different from the others. The standard for gold went from 18K to 15K and there was a slight change in design too. The breathtaking appeal of Victorian bridal sets was inspired by the beauty of nature itself, thus embellishing these jewelry pieces with a one-of-a-kind touch of complexity and intrigue.


Edwardian Period (1900-1920)

Differently from the jewelry pieces crafted in the previous two centuries, Edwardian bridal sets were mainly carved out of platinum. This made them more durable and more versatile, thus pushing the boundaries of what it represented timeless jewelry by then. Moreover, the striking shine of platinum immensely enhanced the luster of precious stones, especially diamonds. The most common gemstone layout of the vintage bridal set of Edwardian times was: one sapphire gem in the center surrounded by diamonds on both sides. Another special characteristic were the filigree details complemented with the old mine cut, or some of the old European cuts. To summarize, bridal jewelry made in the first two decades of the 20th century was the brand-new symbol of sophistication and jewelry fashion.


Art Deco Period (1920-1935)

Geometric designs and abstract patterns were the primary motifs of Art Deco jewelry. If truth be told, pretty much of the Egyptian, African and Persian culture could be seen in these details that helped creating genuine jewelry worth being cherished and worn for a lifetime. The role of a center stone was entitled to the sparkling diamond, while other gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, rubies and black onyx were generally used as accent stones. The Art Deco period is indeed a fruitful era in jewelry craftsmanship, when some of the most intricate geometric cuts were invented, including the baguette, the shield and the emerald cut. As for the settings, the two most popular settings for framing the gems were the channel and the bead setting. Vintage bridal sets made of white gold and silver were not an exception too, but beyond any shadow of doubt, those made of platinum were securely keeping the first place.


Retro Period (1940-1945)

The World War II was undoubtedly one of the most devastating periods in the history of mankind, but surprisingly, there is one good thing that it brought into existence – the retro rings. Since platinum was used for war purposes only, it became unavailable for jewelry manufacturing and it was replaced with blends of white gold, silver and palladium. Believe or not, but in the peak of the World War II, the magnificent rose-gold metal made its first apparition and of course, it stole the popularity of the other noble metals. Vintage bridal sets in rose gold were definitely the hottest retro trend and their fame of the present day is nothing less than what it was in those times.


If you are interested to see some spectacular vintage bridal sets by Kobelli Jewelry, we present you the top-selling creations of the month.



Moissanite with Sapphire and Diamond Antique Bridal Set 1 1/6 CTW in 14k White Gold

Get back to Edwardian times when the royal beauty of the blue sapphire was considered the most heart-winning one with this spectacular bridal set made of 14K white gold. The fiery luster of the engagement ring in halo style is promoted by a Forever Classic moissanite center, two blue sapphires and a miscellany of diamond accents. The set includes a matching contoured wedding band and it counts 52 stones in total.

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Vintage Forever Brilliant Moissanite and Diamond Bridal Ring Set 1 3/4 CTW in 14k White Gold

The long-desired floral design of your dream bridal set is finally here, waiting for you in this mesmerizing creation of 14 shimmering white-gold karats. So, if you are looking for a divine beauty, be more than ensured that you can have it in abundance with this bridal set, no matter the time nor the occasion you are making a statement with it. The set features a Forever Brilliant engagement ring accompanied by two matching wedding bands. Its total diamond worth is 3/4 carats.

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Forever Brilliant Art Deco Moissanite & Halo Diamond Bridal Set 2 ctw in 14k Rose Gold

Follow the hottest trends of today, but keep your vintage integrity with this classy bridal set accentuated with a majestic round-shaped diamond in prong setting. You must already know that rose gold and white gems go together like tea and cake, so if you are too “sensitive” to the charm of precious gold colored in soft pink hues, this vintage bridal set is absolutely created for you.

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