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Champagne diamonds are relatively new to jewelry and they are finally here to make some big impressions. Being members of the fancy-diamond family, these startling gems are charming enough to bring a smile to a lady’s face and even more than that. So, if we should describe them with one single word, we would definitely say “FABULOUS”.

Champagne Diamond Halo Stud Earrings 2 4/5 Ctw in 18K Rose Gold

Champagne Diamond Halo Stud Earrings 2 4/5 Ctw in 18K Rose Gold

The authentic color of champagne diamonds is light brown. Of course, they can appear in a variety of mesmerizing hues ranging from light straw to golden, also known as cognac. The truth is, the worldwide popularity and huge interest for champagne diamond jewelry was ignited by celebrities and renowned designers who excitedly introduced them to the public. And what looks refined and arrestingly beautiful - must become a trademark of the 21st-century diva. That is how the world of fashion and fine jewelry goes, it has always been like that.



In the world of jewelry, champagne diamonds are considered unusual gems. The major reason why so is their evaluation, which is quite different from the one of classic crystals, like white diamonds, for example. Therefore, the absence of any trace of color gives the white diamond a higher value, while at champagne diamonds it is exactly the presence of color that makes them precious and unique. The more intense the color is, the higher the price. Fancy champagne diamonds are remarkable for their skyrocketing prices. For instance, Elizabeth Taylor's cognac diamond ring was estimated at incredible $70,000 per carat. Therefore, one of our lessons of the day about “champagne-stained” diamonds is that their most important characteristics are hue, tone and saturation. Other interesting information is that they feature a remarkable index of refraction (2.417 - 2.419) complemented with an outstanding hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale, thus being as dear and high-priced as white diamonds.


Champagne Brown Diamonds Round Pave Tiered Halo Ring 5/8 Carat (Ctw) in 14K Rose Gold

Champagne Brown Diamonds Round Pave Tiered Halo Ring 5/8 Carat (Ctw) in 14K Rose Gold


Due to their specific color, champagne-hued diamonds cannot be married with all types of gems, but good news for their most enthusiastic admirers is that they work as a heart-winning jewelry when married with any of the following precious stones.


RED GEMSTONES: Ruby and Garnet

Captivating and fiery, the beauty of ruby can be worn on glamorous occasions when a lady’s ultimate objective is to present herself as the most elegant and refined of all. Ancient civilizations strongly believed that the ruby surpasses the virtues of all other gems, thanks to its rich, lush color that evokes intense feelings of power and passion. A legend says that the Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan during his reign offered an entire city in exchange for a majestic, arrestingly beautiful ruby gem. Ruby enhances the wearer’s self-confidence and in a combination with a champagne jewelry piece it represents the winning formula for the “femme fatale”.

Vintage Garnet & Diamond Engagement Ring 1 1/3 Carat (Ctw) in 14K White Gold

Vintage Garnet & Diamond Engagement Ring 1 1/3 Carat (Ctw) in 14K White Gold

Garnet occurs in a spectrum of colors, but red is the one that is most popular for. Ever since its existence, it has been known that garnet is a precious gem of spiritual value. Thanks to its protective energy, garnet can be often seen in authentic ornamental jewelry, although occasions where we can see it in fanciful presentations are not rare at all. Said to be one of the most plentiful stones from the abundant gemstone family, the enthralling garnet definitely deserves to be a part of your precious gemstone collection, making a statement along with your champagne jewels.


ORANGE GEMSTONES: Orange Sapphire and Fire Opal

Known as “The Stone of Wisdom”, orange sapphire is best loved for its intricate patterns that work as the cherry on the cake when blended with the subtle elegance of champagne diamonds. Orange sapphires are massively used in the manufacturing of fine jewelry, particularly in vintage-inspired designs recalling the ardor of Victorian nobility. In gemology, it is popularly said that orange sapphire is destined to artistic souls, as it inspires creativity and imagination. If you are one of this kind, this is the right gem to express your personality in the most sophisticated way possible.

Cushion-Cut Champagne Diamond Halo Ring 1 2/5ct TCW in 14K Two-tone Gold

Cushion-Cut Champagne Diamond Halo Ring 1 2/5ct TCW in 14K Two-Tone Gold 

The appeal of fire opal can display a diversity of delicate hues, ranging from yellow to red. Orange is the middle and the very best color option to make an awe-inspiring marriage between your champagne gems and fire-opal collection. If you have not known yet, the name “Fire Opal” comes from the fire-like hue of the transparent opal gem, which actually works as a background color. Fire opals usually feature a spectrum of colors when exposed to different sources of light and they can superbly add more liveliness to champagne diamonds.


YELLOW GEMSTONES: Citrine and Yellow Tourmaline

Said to be carrying the power of the blazing sun, citrine is a very special gem that is warm, comforting and life giving. Everyone would love to feel the one-of-a-kind energy offered by citrine, which is also an outstandingly compelling gem whose beauty could not be escaped from. The touching yellow tone is what makes citrine so similar to the champagne diamond, hence the reason why it could never be a wrong decision to style your appeal with these two extraordinary gemstones at the same time.

Orange Citrine and Diamond Engagement Ring 3 1/2 Carat (Ctw) in 10K Yellow Gold

Orange Citrine & Diamond Engagement Ring 3 1/2 Carat (Ctw) in 10K Yellow Gold

Yellow is the rarest and the most authentic of all tourmaline colors that gives this gem an incredible brilliance, for which it is mostly favored by gemstone collectors. Thanks to its clear and utterly vivid shade, yellow tourmaline is a formidable accessory to fine champagne jewelry. Although rare to be found in nature, synthetic yellow tourmaline is easy to get on the jewelry market and it comes at affordable prices. Therefore, if you still have no clue about what should you pair your champagne-colored diamonds with, feel free to go for yellow tourmaline.


BLUE GEMSTONES: Sapphire and Blue Topaz

Magnificent and holy, sapphire is an epitome of divine jewelry. Its spectacular midnight blue color has always been associated with royalty, as it was often seen decorating the bodies of rich and noble people in times gone by. Ever since first blue sapphires were introduced to the world of colored gems, they have quickly become to be treasured as gems of great spiritual power. From deep azure to deep royal blue, blue sapphires are a must-have in the jewelry box of modern ladies with a queenly attitude. The richness of blue in a quality sapphire gem goes in line with the grace of champagne diamonds. The best way to understand how fantastic combo these two gem types make is to give them a try. We guarantee that blue & champagne will become your dearest combination for glittering days and fanciful nights.

Diamond and Blue Sapphire Wavy Band 1/4 Ctw in 14K Yellow Gold

Diamond & Blue Sapphire Wavy Band 1/4 Ctw in 14K Yellow Gold

The appeal of blue topaz is usually classified into three main categories: sky blue, London blue and Swiss blue. However, the London blue is the best-selling shade of blue topaz, thus giving it an honored place among world’s most attractive dark blue gems. Blue topaz also takes pride in being an exceptionally hard precious stone (8 on the Mohs scale), which is one more reason why it makes an excellent opportunity for everyday jewelry. Often described as “inky” and “steely”, the natural beauty of blue topaz will bring more subtleness to your sparkly, champagne attire.


VIOLET GEMSTONES: Amethyst and Alexandrite

Who would possibly say “NO” to the warmth of amethyst and the luxury of the champagne diamond? That is right, no one. It is not a secret that the breathtaking amethyst has been highly admired for its intergalactic beauty and legendary powers that have brought it a worldwide popularity in the shimmering jewelry world. Purple is a color that carries the energy of profound passion and femininity, which is not a coincidence why it can be often seen in the designs of statement-making jewelry pieces. Whether featuring pale or dark purple notes, never hesitate when it comes to pairing a champagne jewel with an amethyst. We mean, NEVER!

Lavender Amethyst & Diamond Ring 6 Carat (Ctw) in 10K White Gold

Lavender Amethyst & Diamond Ring 6 Carat (Ctw) in 10K White Gold

Another amazing option for a purple gemstone with refined look is the sublime alexandrite. Also known as “emerald by day, ruby by night”, this precious gem has rare color properties that make it unique and utterly adorable. Alexandrite meets all of the requirements set by the eccentric jewelry craftsmanship, so if we have just mentioned your main attribute as a diva, you should certainly wear your best-loved champagne jewelry pieces with the alexandrite’s handsomeness. It is a gemstone with an inevitable magnetism that will never go away. 

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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