This Is The Buyer's Guide To Precious Metals

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Apr 4, 2017 9:24:54 AM

The world of jewelry would not be as beautiful and graceful as it is, without the sparkle of precious metals, which are artisans’ favorite ingredients for making stunning creations that deserve the most out of appraisal and esteem.

Precious Metals

The truth is, we owe so much to Mother Nature, the one that wholeheartedly gave us many of its treasures and we are eternally grateful for that. As the word ‘precious’ suggests, metals offered by nature are rare, unique and expensive. Each of them has a great history to tell, which is indeed, a very interesting ‘reading choice’ for those who want to broaden their jewelry horizons. If you feel triggered by the idea of becoming a real jewelry expert, we ask you to not change the channel and stay tuned at this frequency. Some useful info about precious metals is on the way!


14K WHITE GOLD (583/585)


Black and White Round Diamond Earrings 2 7/8 Carat (Ctw) in 14K White Gold 

14K and 18K white gold are very much appreciated for their exceptionally bright, white and sparkling finish. The 14K white gold is, undoubtedly, one of today’s most popular and run-after metal choices for fine jewelry. It is usually finished with white rhodium plating that is applied to the surface of the jewelry piece. The hard and ultra-white rhodium is, in fact, a noble metal (resistant to oxidation and corrosion) that makes the jewel more durable and more scratch resistant, at times even more than palladium and platinum themselves. Simply said, rhodium plating gives the white-gold piece a highly protective coating that is very important and also very attractive in our industry.

As for the composition of 14K white gold, it is made out of 58.3% gold - meaning that 583 parts out of 1000 are pure gold. The rest 41.7% go to silver, palladium and copper. Sometimes, other types of metals might be added to the 14K white-gold mixture in order to enhance the color of the metal.

Our last word on 14K white gold is that it is absolutely the most used caratage in the jewelry craftsmanship. An instant evidence for this statement is our wide and ‘pétillant’ collection of extraordinary Kobelli creations, made out of 14 precious white-gold karats.


14K YELLOW GOLD (583/585)

Diamond Anniversary Ring Wide Multi-Row Band 1ct TDW In 10k Yellow Gold

Diamond Anniversary Ring Wide Multi-Row Band 1ct TDW In 10k Yellow Gold

Sharing the same metal stamp as white gold, yellow gold is without any shadow of doubt, white gold’s major competition that is still keeping its high reputation on the charts of most desired precious metals of the modern day. The ‘583’ stamp stands for the purity of the metal which in this case, again, is estimated at 58.3% pure gold. Nowadays, the white-gold setting for engagement rings is the most acclaimed one on the jewelry market, while yellow gold follows it right after. One of the main reasons why so, goes to the fact that the sparkle of white gold tends to better express the color of the diamond and better accentuate it. But, this does not mean that yellow gold does not have its unique virtues and particularities. For instance, yellow-gold wedding bands have been, since forever, the most favored alternative for a timeless ring of promise to exchange vows with.  Just like 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold represents a precious mixture of different alloys. Hence, its composition features the presence of gold, silver and copper.

14K yellow gold, being higher in value than 10K and 9K yellow gold, is also harder in wearing it as a jewelry accessory. It is not a secret that pure gold, due to its particular softness, is hard to be worked with, which is the reason why many think that the greater the carat value, the lighter the jewel will feel on the skin. However, this is not the case. 14K yellow gold is harder than 10K and 9K yellow gold, thus it is offering much higher grades of durability and versatility. Of course, we should not forget the exceptional hypoallergenic properties that 14K yellow gold promotes compared with lower carat values.


14K ROSE GOLD (583/585)


Princess Cut Black Diamond Ring 4 Ctw In 14K Rose Gold

For those who want to make a step out of the ordinary, 14K rose gold seems to be an awesome opportunity to satisfy their refined and sophisticated jewelry tastes. In fact, rose gold jewelry is currently breaking all records among the most in-demand precious metals in the world.

Visually, 14K rose gold showcases a soft, warm color caused by the ‘copper ingredient’ that actually makes it a great alternative to yellow gold and white gold settings. Kobelli Jewelry takes pride in offering our dear clients, a spectacular palette of rose-gold jewelry creations that promote nothing, but subtle elegance and graciousness that no modern women can say no to.

14K rose gold is made of the same metal components like white and yellow gold, featuring the same carat value, with the only difference that the increased copper presence in rose gold offers the metal a distinctive rose hue which makes it immediately recognizable and highly desired among the female jewelry audience.

Rose gold seems to work perfectly well with white and black diamonds and it is becoming increasingly popular for the creation of breathtaking pieces of jewelry of promise (engagement and wedding rings). One of the most fascinating things is that recently, 14K rose gold can be often seen in men’s jewelry, which is only confirming how unique this metal truly is.




Diamond Solitaire Pendant 1/2 Carat In Platinum

If there is a premium choice for fine jewelry, that would definitely be platinum. The natural grayish-white color promotes a beautiful and sparkling finish, which is on the other hand, constantly colored and hypoallergenic.

The platinum metal can hardly be damaged by wearing or scratching, but even in these cases, it can be quickly and easily re-furbished in order to revive its authentic mirror polish. Usually, platinum is composed of 95% platinum in pure form and 5% cobalt. The cobalt alloy, as well as the ruthenium one, works great in improving the hardness of platinum.

What makes this metal so adored by its consumers is its 100% hypoallergenic property that makes it stand out of the ‘precious metals’ crowd.

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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