This Is Our Pocket Guide To Wearing Diamond Rings

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Apr 22, 2017 10:32:34 AM

They say that one should be a work of art or wear a work of art. Well, beyond a shadow of doubt, a diamond ring is a piece of finest craftsmanship that deserves to embellish the attire of any lady. What we can say in addition to this is that all styles of diamond rings overflow with an undeniable and totally inescapable elegance – one of the highest-ranked qualities that women are looking for in jewelry. As a passionate admirer of diamond rings, have you ever thought that there are some “unwritten” rules of wearing them? You think that we are kidding or trying to be funny here? No, we are not. There are indeed several important things that every woman should know in terms of wearing diamond rings, no matter if an engagement ring or a fashion one.  Stay tuned to learn how to become the lady who gets the most compliments in her entourage.


Round Bezel Diamond Halo Bridal Set 3/4ct TDW in 14K White Gold

Round Bezel Diamond Halo Bridal Set 3/4ct TDW in 14K White Gold

Rule No. 1 - The color is the focus of attention.

All diamonds look practically the same, but the truth is – they are not. They differ in size, color, clarity and cut, so the first thing you are expected to do is to take into consideration the color of your precious stone. If your diamond ring is adorned with the classic white diamond beauty, here you have the freedom to combine it with every single piece of your wardrobe, literally! But, if the diamond is colored in any some other shade, like yellow, pink, brown or green, you should carefully select the outfit combinations you are going to do with it. For example, if you aim at a more dramatic yet earthy look, you could line up your magnificent plum evening dress with a reddish-orange diamond ring. Or, if blue is the color that pictures your personality and your best-loved collection of clothes, do not hesitate to pair it with a champagne cocktail ring to look unique and sublime.


Rule No. 2 – Do not forget the setting.

Diamond rings are crafted in a diversity of noble metals, which is one more big reason why we love them and we cannot imagine our everyday without. Generally, yellow gold goes pretty well with white and brownish-orange precious gems. On the other hand, the whiteness of white gold, platinum, silver and palladium allows to be complemented with a greater spectrum of colors, which is a great advantage to keep in mind.

Also, do not forget that when it comes to pairing more jewelry pieces at the same time, the safest option to go for is to ensure that they all share the same metal setting.


Black and White Bezel 2-Stone Diamond Wrap Around Ring 2 1/4 CTW in 14K Rose Gold

Black & White Bezel 2-Stone Diamond Wrap Around Ring 2 1/4 CTW in 14K Rose Gold

Rule No. 3 – Do not overwhelm yourself with too much preciousness.

You have probably heard someone saying: “Less is more.” Stick to it. When adding too many details in order to look modern and expensive, you risk to obtain the opposite results, which is usually the case. Therefore, two diamond rings on your hand are just fine to demonstrate your elegance and sophistication. If you want to add a necklace or a pair of earrings, make sure the diamonds they are decorated with feature the same shape as the one of your ring.


Rule No. 4 – Treat yourself with some fine nail art.

That is right girls, we are talking about manicure. Always remember that the stunning beauty of the startling diamond is always more accentuated on the hand that is spruced up. This indulgence will give the impression of someone with a refined taste who really cares about their look. And this is exactly what you are dreaming of, aren’t you?


Fancy Yellow Diamond Halo Ring 3 Carats CTW in 18K Gold

Fancy Yellow Diamond Halo Ring 3 Carats CTW in 18K Gold 

In addition, take a look at our expert tips on how diamond rings should be worn on different occasions.


At work.

Who says that you have to leave your favorite jewels at home when leaving for work? You totally have the right to look stylish even during the working hours, but again, there are certain rules to follow. One of the options to enhance your look and confidence is to add to your style a fancy diamond ring or a bracelet. It is preferable to have them both at once only if they do not feature bold and bulky designs that will bring all the attention to your hand. You also have other parts that need a little sparkle and affection, so try to make some place for a killer pair of diamond stud earrings or a tiny bezel diamond necklace.


On a fanciful night out.

Celebrating a special occasion or simply having fun with your BFFs always gets a whole new dimension when diamond rings make part of the game. You know what we want to say with this one – do not leave your home with at least one such jewel on your hand. We give you the freedom to add more chicness if you want to with a chunky necklace that will make a statement with every move you make. It has been proven that diamond jewelry goes perfectly well with a simple evening dress or an unpretentious top, so whenever you feel like you have no idea what to wear, you can rely on any of these ideas.


On a romantic dinner.

When a lady goes on a special date with her Prince Charming, she has to look charming, sparkling and beautiful, and there is no excuse for not respecting this rule. The exquisite diamond allure can flawlessly do the job for this occasion, so it is up to you to make the combination depending on the pieces of clothing you will be wearing that night. If wearing a V-neck dress or a top, you should certainly have a glossy diamond pendant on you. If you opt for a bun hairstyle, choose some enthralling diamond drop earrings and you are ready for a night full of romance and subtleness.

We hope that this interesting guide helped you learn some new, fresh tricks on how to wear diamond rings. To not miss even the smallest detail, visit our splendid collection of diamond rings that will surely leave you awestruck, we guarantee!

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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