The Most Popular Hair Jewelry Throughout The Years

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The beauty of jewelry is that it is meant to decorate the whole body, literally. Not just the neck, ears and hands, but hair too. The hair-accessorizing trend appeared long ago, first as a fancy way to embellish women’s hats, such as berets, fedoras and turbans. But then, a genius mind whose name we do not know yet, took the sense of fashion to a whole new level and introduced the hair jewelry style. This made women being spoilt for choice when it came to accessorizing their attire, because they could choose between a medley of hat and hair ornaments. Speaking of which, we present you the most popular ones, some of them still being quite favored by the modern vintage-jewelry audience.



Hair Clip With Blue Beads

Hair Clip With Blue Beads

This is the official name of this hair jewelry piece, but most of our readers will easily recognize it as “hair clip”. The first function of the barrette is to hold women’s hair in place; the second is to adorn it. The basic barrette model is made of either metal or plastic, but there are also custom designs crafted of different and sometimes, unusual materials, such as wood and fabric. The barette design features a clasp or spring fastener located on the backside. What is interesting about barrettes is that they can be worn in several ways, depending on the particular hairstyle and hair length. The hairstyles where barrettes can be easily adapted to are buns, ponytails and the French twist. The barrette was invented at the beginning of the 20th century, initially featuring a rectangular shape. Later on, it was modified and given a variety of other shapes, which made it a popular hair jewelry choice during the Art Deco period. One of the most renowned barrette styles is the elongated barrette, invented by Marnie Bjornson. This model was commonly bedecked with rhinestones, colored gems and even real diamonds, thus proving that a barrette can be as precious and expensive as a diamond engagement ring, for example.



Bridal Tiara Comb

Bridal Tiara Comb With Silver Leaves

The tiara-comb has the power to give women a princess-worthy look, that is why they loved it so much in the past and many of them still do. This hair ornament looks like a little crown on her head, especially if adorned with a lot of sparkling stones, which is usually the case. Its design consists of two main parts – a semicircular tiara and a comb. Thus, the tiara is attached to the comb in a crown-like fashion and it allows to be worn in several ways (underneath, behind a bun or in front of the head). In fine hair jewelry, the tiara comb is crafted of precious metals, like platinum and gold-topped silver, while being decorated with precious stones, mostly pearls, corals and diamonds. This hair ornament was developed at the beginning of the 19th century, promoting France as the country of origin. Modern versions of the tiara comb are designed to accentuate the royal flair even more, by adding delicate garland settings and of course, more gems.



Golden Tiara With Crystals And Pearls

Golden Tiara With Crystals And Pearls

Similar to the one we talked about previously, the tiara is a hair ornament, which, as the name suggests, features only a tiara (the comb part is excluded). In the past, the tiara was worn only on special, formal occasions, such as balls and weddings. Today, tiara is one of the must-see accessories in beauty contests. The earliest versions of this type of hair jewelry featured wreaths of leaves and other natural materials; it was only in the beginning of the 19th century when tiaras started being crafted in precious metals, gold and silver mostly. They were made for the royalty only, used as a way to distinguish the nobility from the working class. According to the jewelry records, traces of men and women wearing tiaras date back to Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. Two eminent figures in history popularized the trend of wearing tiaras as hair jewelry - Napoleon and his wife Joséphine de Beauharnais. On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth II is considered the owner of the largest and most valuable assortment of tiaras in the entire world. While tiaras had been incredibly popular in Europe during the Victorian period (1837-1901), they were seen as cheap, non-flattering hair ornaments in the United States. Some tiara designs are composed of detachable elements that allow the piece to be dismantled and be worn as a brooch or necklace.



20th Century Delicate Diamond Aigrette

20th Century Delicate Diamond Aigrette 

Initially made of feathers and plumes, the aigrette has been sophisticated throughout the years and given a shiny, jeweled look. Hence, its honored place in the category of fine hair jewelry. The aigrette is designed with a slide or pin, which are responsible for its functionality, while the sparkle and color of precious stones are in charge of the aesthetics. Aigrettes are frequently bedecked with rubies and diamonds, but this does not exclude the option to include other gems, especially if a custom design. The “feathery effect” of the aigrette is often enhanced with springs or tiny stiff wires that vibrate when the aigrette is moved. The name “aigrette” is derived from the French word “egret”, referring to a type of bird that develops spectacular, fine plumes during the breeding season. The golden years of aigrettes were in the late 19th century when women used to wear extravagant aigrettes on their hats and hair. They also continued to be a fashionable hair jewelry choice in the Art Deco era (the 1920’s). Aigrettes are incredibly appreciated in the eastern Indian culture up to the present day. Nature-themed and geometrical elements are present at the same rate in the aigrette look. Therefore, the buyer’s selection is nothing, but a matter of personal taste and preference.



Diadem With Beads And Pendants

Diadem With Beads And Pendants

The diadem is a hair adornment with an exceptional flair of royalty, as the design speaks for itself. It is one of the oldest types of hair jewelry, as it could be frequently seen on the heads of monarchs and members of the royal family. The diadem is basically a circular or semi-circular band worn on the upper part of the forehead, unlike the tiara, which is usually worn on the front part of the hair. Some antique designs of diadems feature pendants hanging on the forehead and around the ears. Most diadems are made of metals and are given a shape of a half crown. They were particularly treasured by ancient Persians, as they considered them as a symbol of dignity and power. Today, wearing diadems is a bit old-fashioned, which is the reason why they cannot be easily found on the marketplace.



Coronet With Diamonds And Pearls

Coronet With Diamonds And Pearls

This is another round-shaped type of hair jewelry resembling to a small crown with pointed spikes. The peculiarity of the coronet is that it does not have arches and it encircles the head entirely, which is not the case with the tiara, for example. The coronet is usually crafted in precious metals, white gold and platinum mostly. It can also display an enamel look with a large number of gemstones. In some cultures, the number of spikes on a coronet denotes the status of the wearer. The coronet is worn on the top of the head in a classic crown-like fashion. In modern culture, this piece of hair jewelry is implemented in bridal veils for a more complex, luxury look of the bride.



Jeweled Colorful Hair Pins

Jeweled Colorful Hair Pins

Hair pins are the simplest form of hair jewelry that has been there for a very long time. To clarify things, this time we are not talking about bobby pins, but jeweled hair pins that can be given many different looks, ranging from minimalistic to regal. There are two basic models of hair pins: one-pointed and two-pointed. The first are designed in a long, straight fashion with a point at one end and a knob-shaped detail on the other. The second feature a “U” shape with two blunt prongs (ends). They are also called “two-pronged combs”. Depending on the particular hairstyle and outfit they are meant to accessorize, hair pins are made of different materials, including metals, ivory and carved wood. The good thing about this type of hair jewelry is that it comes in pairs and it can be worn at any angle.

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