The Anatomy Of The Synthetic Moissanite

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Apr 11, 2017 12:22:49 PM

Moissanite is a gem that deserves the utmost admiration and recognition, hence the reason why this precious stone evokes so much interest to explore it. Much to your surprise, moissanite is indeed a natural gem, issued from the massive ‘Meteor Crater’ in northern Arizona. Due to its rarity, moissanite could not be used as such, which led to the idea of creating the synthetic moissanite. This magnificent stone is named after Dr. Moissan, an acclaimed professor of science who identified its structure as a mixture of carbide and silica. Hence, the main ‘ingredients’ for the making of the so-called lab-grown moissanites.


Moissanite Ring

When did the synthetic moissanite appear for the first time?

We know that for many moissanite admirers, this is indeed an intriguing and important question, so here is the answer: it was in the 1980s, when first samples of moissanite were made by the hands of man and of course, with the help of the advanced technology. These moissanite gems were all brilliant and nicely shaped and they launched a new era in jewelry artisanship, the era of the lab-grown moissanite. Today, the world’s largest producer of high-quality moissanite is situated in the USA. Of course, we are talking about ‘Charles & Colvard’.



Moissanite and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 5 1/5 Ctw in 14K Yellow Gold

Mossanite is an utterly sparkling gem, is its brilliance real?

Of course it is. Moreover, the shine and luster of moissanite can be even more intense than the diamond itself. But, how is it possible? The moissanite’s rate of brilliance can go up to 2.69, which makes this extraordinary gem superior than any other, including the diamond. Thanks to the accelerating progress of technology, moissanite can be cut and polished with the most out of precision – a very important factor that helps to enhance its grades of fire and brilliance. So, if you have ever had any doubts about the dazzling capacities of moissanite, you can freely make them a concern of the past. Fine-quality moissanite always comes with a certificate of authenticity, which means that you have no more reasons to not try the one-of-a-kind beauty of moissanite jewelry.

An interesting detail about this precious stone that might be important for future buyers is that when moissanite is exposed to light, whether if daylight or artificial one, it promotes a divine rainbow of colors that are extremely brilliant. We cannot ‘prescribe’ this kind of feature to any other gem, that is for sure! May this be another bold reason to make moissanite your newest and bestest jewelry pleasure.



Round Moissanite & Diamond Stud Earrings 2 1/4 Carat (Ctw) in 14K White Gold

How durable is moissanite?

When choosing a gemstone, it is very important to be familiar with its key features and when it comes to moissanite, durability is indeed one of its most significant qualities apart from brilliance. How do we know that a gem is hard, durable and resistant? The answer is very simple: it is its reaction to thermal chocks and scratches that tells it all. Today, moissanite proudly takes the second place, right after the diamond in terms of durability and hardness.



Pear-Shape Moissanite & Diamond Necklace in 14K Gold

What is the moissanite’s reaction to high temperature?

This is another huge concern of ladies addicted to sparkling jewelry who fear that somehow and somewhere their jewels might get damaged and lose their appeal. Well, prepare yourselves to hear some great news, because the levels of heat resistance in moissanite are simply incredible! Moissanite is one of the few gems in today’s jewelry world that can resist extremely high temperatures and thanks to this special feature, it is very easy to be worked with, giving gem cutters and artisans a medley of creative opportunities. Kobelli’s collection of moissanite jewelry is just a proof that this gem allows the existence of show-stopping pieces for all occasions. In fact, the moissanite stone is like a cherry on top of the cake, delicious and magnificent as it truly is.



Moissanite Tennis Bracelet 16 1/2 Carat (Ctw) in 10K White Gold

What is the usual size of moissanite?

There is no precise answer to this question, because the carat size of the synthetic moissanite gem depends on its cut and diameter. Here is one example to get a clearer perspective of how the size of synthetic moissanite is measured: a gem with a diameter of 6.5mm usually weighs 1 carat. As you can see, it is all a matter of size.

Today, one of the most striking and eye-pleasing synthetic moissanite appearances is the ‘Forever Brilliant’ whose color, luster and clarity are significantly more intense than the ‘Classic’ synthetic moissanite. Facts like these are helping us to be completely sure that a bright and successful future is in front of the synthetic moissanite and the jewelry creations made with it. It is an undeniable fact that the sparkle of synthetic moissanite will never stop challenging our industry, no matter if used with a white, yellow or rose gold setting. In other words, the beauty and brilliance of moissanite are guaranteed for life, which also makes it an excellent choice for heirloom jewelry.



Radiant-Cut Moissanite & Diamond Bridal Set 3 1/6 Carat (Ctw) in 14K White Gold

How can we distinguish moissanite from other precious stones?

Moissanite is not the one and only gem that is colorless; there is the diamond, the white spinel, the silver topaz, the clear quartz and many others that also come with the same colorless appeal. If you got confused or worried that you won’t be able to recognize moissanite, do not stress, because we are going to give you some tidbits on how to choose a genuine moissanite gem.

The first tip is to pay attention to the level of refraction that is directly connected to the level of brilliance and fire. If the moissanite is real, it will imperatively showcase a spectrum of brilliant colors when being exposed to daylight. If this effect does not occur, it means that it is not an authentic moissanite gem and you should not proceed with the purchase. To give you a leap of faith, you can always rely on the moissanite jewels from Kobelli’s product portfolio that are 100% certified and guaranteed.

Another way to verify the authenticity of your moissanite gem is to take it to an experienced jewelry appraiser who will examine the stone with a ten-power loupe (x10) to check if it gives the effect of double refraction which is a must-have at genuine moissanites. This way, you can also find out if the stone features any inclusions or not.

If you want to go a little bit further in your quest, you can try your moissanite jewel with the so-called ‘thermal test’ and see how the gem reacts to different temperatures. All these methods are already used in jewelry, they are all proven and they help a lot to determine the characteristics and properties of moissanite.


Written by: Liljana Tomova

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