Synthetic Diamonds Vs. Real Diamonds: The Truth Is Revealed!

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Liljana Tomova

Mar 13, 2017 5:32:02 AM

Over the years, the modern technology has revolutionized our industry by introducing cutting-edge techniques and methods for mastering the jewelry making, thus taking it to the extend where fine-jewelry lovers are starting to question themselves if the gems they are paying for are real or not.

Heart-Shaped Diamond

We know that today, it is not easy to make a difference between a natural diamond and a laboratory-made one, so the paramount question arises: ‘How can we be sure that the beauty and value of our best-loved ring, necklace or bracelet is worth the money we have paid for?’ Luckily, the times we are living in are allowing us to take an advantage of some easy tricks to verify the real value of diamonds. In this article, we are going to learn a few of them, but watch out - they might seem funny, but they are surely leading to the correct results. Let’s go!

Let’s suppose that you have been invited to a fancy party where elegance and sophistication can be found in abundance. In the middle of the night, you have met this stunning brunette you cannot take your eyes off. But, it is not her that magnetizes you, but that luscious diamond ring on her hand, sparkling in a real big beauty queen style! You are approaching to kiss her hand with courtesy and politeness, just like a true gentleman would do it. Now, it is the perfect moment to discover if the star-studded diamond you have been staring at for a while is  real, or it is just a simple ‘diamond’ bought from the shop around the corner. While kissing her hand, your lips have touched that wonderful, precious stone, but was it warm or it was rather cold? If the diamond was cold, then we are talking about a real gem. If the contrary, the diamond fell the genuinity test.  But, how to be completely sure about the outcome of this very first test? Since you are not an expert in the field, our explanation will be as interesting as the following example.

Going back to the ‘gently-kiss- on-the- hand’ moment, the reason why the diamond felt cold on your lips is due to the scientific fact that natural diamonds come at the regular temperature of 20°C, which never changes, no matter of anything. For instance, if the gem gave you mild-temperature vibes, it would have turned out to be a fake one, made by the hands of man and not by nature itself. Generally, laboratory-made diamonds feature a temperature of 26°C, depending on the material’s exact degree of effusivity.

Diamond Cuts

Now let’s pass on some other quick and interesting ways to detect a diamond’s true or false originality.

Tip No. 1 – Take the diamond in hand, then blow on it. If the diamond becomes misted, it is definitely not real, because a real diamond never gets misted. The truth is, a natural diamond would stay transparent in this case.

Tip No. 2 - There is a little older, but a very simple method which is also effective as the previous tidbits for proving the authenticity of a diamond. To be able to make this test, you will need to arm yourselves with a newspaper and of course,  the diamond itself. Put the stone on the newspaper and try to read through it. If you can read through it, it is very probable that the diamond you possess is not a real one, because in the case of a real diamond, it could have been impossible to read the newspaper through it.

Got intrigued by all these versatile tips? Or you still have some doubts? Do not worry, we are here to help you make the right choice and ensure the very best diamond purchase. But wait, we are not finished yet, there are a few more exciting ways to find out if you can trust your favorite jewelry store.

Tip No. 3 - Take a glass of water, put your diamond into it and see if the jewel will sink or it will stay floating on the surface. If you see your diamond reaching the bottom of the glass - good news, you have a real gem in your jewelry collection. If the opposite result, you should go back to your retailer, because you have probably made a bad deal.

Tip No. 4 - If you still have some doubts, be ready to take some risks to discover the originality of your diamond with the following test. Because if it is a real one, it will certainly pass the last test from our manual. You will only need a lighter and a glass of cold water. Caution: Be careful to not burn your fingers! Start burning the diamond for about 30 seconds, then put it directly into the glass. And this is the moment of truth! If the stone breaks, hesitate no more – it is a synthetic one. A diamond made by nature would have absolutely resisted this test.

So, here we are. We have provided you with the most simple, yet super-efficient tips to find out if your favorite jewels that make part of your everyday life are really worth your admiration and of course, your money. Last but not least, Kobelli Jewelry invites you to be a part of our newest diamond-ring collection, enriched with up-to-the-minute models that will make you fall immediately in love with.

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Written by: Liljana Tomova

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