Stainless Steel Jewelry: The Best Ally Of Men And Women

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Liljana Tomova

Apr 9, 2017 2:27:17 PM

Stainless steel jewelry has truly become the newest best accomplice of both men and women for breathtaking style impressions and setting another dress code. As we already know, ever since the beginning of the quest for the first precious stones on Earth, owning a jewelry adornment of any kind was seen a sign of richness, nobility and power. Today, jewelry is placed right where it deserves to be - in the world of style and preciousness that no other industry could replace. After long years of fighting for equality between men and women in all aspects of life, nowadays, women are totally free to opt for stainless steel jewelry with no restrictions at all. Hence, the reason why stainless steel jewelry is becoming increasingly popular and apart from stylish gentlemen, we can see more and more cosmopolitan ladies appreciating this jewelry option.

Stainless Steel JewelryOver the years, our industry has found a great setting alternative for precious stones, and of course, we refer to stainless steel, which is giving wearers another opportunity to express their personality and jewelry mood. Without any shadow of doubt, stainless steel jewelry is blossoming on the market where it is recognized by many admirers enthusiastic about modern, durable and versatile jewels.

Previously, we had discovered the properties and the special qualities of precious stones and metals and today, we are going to have a deeper insight into the world of stainless steel jewelry by exploring all its forms and singularity. The success of stainless steel  jewelry is simply undeniable; it secretly hides some one-of-a-kind characteristics that could be surpassed by no other metal, which makes stainless steel a great alternative for both men and women. The jewelry adornment crafted in stainless steel could easily adapt to any outfit, as well as any occasion. In other words, it can be worn as a day-to-day piece or as a special evening jewel. Moreover, stainless steel offers unbeatable grades of hardness and durability. Hence, its ability to remain in a perfect condition for the many years to come. And that is just the right and the most important ‘ingredient’ for the creation of everlasting jewelry pieces. Its proven hypoallergenic properties make stainless steel a highly desirable metal for wearers with sensitive skin that is prone to allergic reactions.

Stainless Steel Ring

Featuring the same color appearance of silver, platinum and white gold, stainless steel never loses its brilliance, meaning that it offers the same sparkle as the other noble metals when observed from each angle. Also, stainless steel jewelry promotes a modest, yet stylish look and sometimes, it can also appear quite charming and provocative. It is exactly its ability for quick adaptation to any style that is attracting and convincing the jewelry audience to give preference to this jewelry option.

But, the success of this metal does not stop here. Stainless steel is also broadly treasured by artisans all over the world, as it gives the freedom to craft outstanding pieces that are sure to conquer the market. Artisans have found some great ways to combine stainless steel with other metals and materials, like gold and leather, for example. Thus, another bold reason that gives stainless steel the advantage to be as highly ranked as it is. And of course, another amazing opportunity to refine your elegance to the highest extent.

If you are a perfectionist and if looking modern is one of your top priorities, embarking on an exciting stainless-steel shopping adventure will surely satisfy your jewelry preferences and desires.


Stainless Steel Ring

Some little-known facts about stainless steel you might be interested to know …


Although in general, this metal is non-magnetic, there are several types of stainless steel that can be magnetic. The main factor that determines this special feature is the metal’s microstructure.



Much to your surprise, stainless steel takes part of world’s most recyclable materials. According to numbers provided by the American Iron and Steel Institute, around 88% of steel is recycled on a global scale. Therefore, two out of three tons of newly produced steel are made out of old and recycled steel. The steelmaking sludge and dust are usually re-used to make other metals, like zinc, for example.


Stainless steel is considered a metal that is exceptionally ductile, which means that it can be easily deformed without losing its toughness. This way, it is able to be drawn out into a thin wire. Today, a great number of stainless-steel producers are also interested in manufacturing stainless-steel mesh that is pliable and fine enough to be worn. Clothing made of stainless steel is thermal and it is radiant resistant, hence the reason why it is often used in textile and electrical industries. Moreover, stainless-steel thread is one of the essential components of the 21st-century tech industry, where it is immensely used for the production of touchscreen gloves. The touchscreen glove made of stainless steel mimics the finger’s electrical current and it conducts electricity.



Many successful and reputable producers of stainless steel use this metal to produce the so-called ‘stainless-steel soap’, which represents a piece of stainless steel shaped in a soap bar. The stainless-steel soap is not proven to be effective in destroying germs and other bacteria, but has shown to be quite effective in neutralizing strong odors on the skin, particularly on the hands. It is said that the stainless-steel soap is the best way to make the unpleasant odors of fish, garlic and onion instantly disappear.


Stainless Steel Ring

We hope that this article helped you expand your enthusiastic knowledge about jewelry metals and their particularities. If you are interested in buying a piece of stainless steel jewelry in near future, you can always rely on this article and of course, on our professional help and support. 

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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