Revealing The Basics Of White-Gold Jewelry

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Liljana Tomova

Mar 14, 2017 8:53:23 PM

White gold is nothing new to jewelry. For many years, this popular metal choice has been beautifying the magnificent collections of jewelry designers, thanks to its intense sparkle and genuine brilliance. White-gold jewelry was introduced to the industry in times when yellow gold and silver were already enjoying immense popularity by their admirers, but things have significantly changed since white gold rolled the dice. The most remarkable ‘white-gold jewelry fever’ is remembered during the 1920s - 1930s and the tendency has continued up to the present day. Simply said, white-gold jewelry is a groundbreaking discovery that proudly set the basics of the new, modern jewelry era, the one in which we have the opportunity to create and be fond of marvelous jewelry works.

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If you have been thinking that white gold is found in the same state and appearance as in final jewelry pieces, you have been wrong. The truth is, white gold is not found, but it is made.


What white gold actually is and how it is made?

In jewelry, white gold is technically referred to as ‘an alloy of pure yellow gold’. Thus, it represents a dazzling mixture of yellow gold and palladium or nickel, as the two most-used metals for the creation of white gold, since they are proven to promote the most out of shine and brilliance to the metal. Other types of metals can be also used in the ‘white gold making-of’, including silver, copper and zinc.

The exact ‘whiteness’ of the mixture depends on the type of metal and the proportions in which it is added to the yellow-gold mass. Hence, the reason why there are white –gold jewels that tend to be whiter than other white-gold jewels that are more yellowish (showcasing light yellow hues). To avoid the yellow tint, jewelry makers usually employ a thin layer of rhodium that provides the metal with white color and the desired ‘chromatic vibe’, which is the most favored white-gold property by customers. Another important benefit of the rhodium plating is that it enhances the piece with an extra dose of hardness and strength that obviously, promote quality and value.

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How the exact value of white gold is estimated in karats?

Just like yellow gold is measured in karats, the same rule applies to white-gold jewelry as well. For instance, an 18K white-gold diamond ring is fashioned out of 75% pure yellow gold and 25% other white-gold metals.

Wondering how we got these numbers? The answer is simple. We divided the 18 karats by 24 (24K is the maximum karat weight possible) and got the result of 0.75 that goes to the real yellow-gold presence in the metal (75%). The rest 25% represent the white-gold value of the metal.

White-gold pieces can be carved out of 10K, 14K, 18K, 20K, 22K and 24K. The most common and sought after white-gold karat weight of the modern day is 14K, which allows creating outstanding jewelry adornments of exceptional brilliance and quality, yet at affordable prices. Isn’t this the perfect combination of value and cost for buyers? We bet it is.

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Written by: Liljana Tomova

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