Planning The Perfect Summer Wedding? Here Is What You Need To Know

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Liljana Tomova

Mar 22, 2017 3:06:28 PM

Since forever, summer has been favored as the most attractive time of the year to tie the knot, and there are plenty of reasons why so. For instance, who would not like to exchange the vows with the one they want to spend a lifetime with in a sublime sunny ambiance? Summer brings joy and happiness to everyone’s face and this is absolutely ‘the main ingredient’ of the perfect wedding.

It is no secret that ladies preparing to be brides for the very first time are particularly stressed about the final wedding outcome. From the wedding-dress style to the floral composition of their bridal bouquet, every single detail matters to ensure the idyllic celebration. Although it seems like a mission impossible, organizing an unforgettable summer wedding is not so difficult and troublesome. And ‘perfect’ does not mean that it has to cost you a fortune. In fact, you only have to be pampered with some wise tricks that will significantly ease the task.

In this article, we are presenting you the ultimate Kobelli summer-wedding tips to get fully prepared for your upcoming wedding fiesta. Make sure you have ticked all of them before the big day arrives.



Summer Wedding

Normally, summer weddings are made to be held outdoors, so that everyone can enjoy the one-of-a-kind summer magic. By far, the most popular locations of soon-to-be–married couples are floral gardens, golf courses and of course, the beautiful ocean that gives thrills of a sanctuary place full of divinity.

In the past few years, one more trend has popped up for modern brides and grooms – renting a wedding tent. This option has shown to work perfectly well in accommodating the guests with the necessary comfort and sun protection, particularly for wedding ceremonies held in July and August. Couples who want to get married under the big, blue sky, should make sure that their wedding location disposes with shaded areas where guests can quickly have a break from the summer heat.

To make your special day even more original, ‘style’ your guests with sunglasses and fans that will match the décor of the ceremony. Most importantly, you will be stress-free that the burning sun won’t become a notorious party breaker, as some of the guests might expect to.



Summer Wedding Drinks

Bold, red wines and warm liquors are absolutely a big ‘no-no’ for your summer wedding party. Keep the wedding breeze light and cool by offering your guests refreshing cocktails that promote the summer fruity flavors we all know and adore. And when it comes to the wine selection, you cannot go wrong by serving chilled rosé or white on the most important day of your life. Also, you can think of adding some delicious frozen drinks to your wedding bar menu, just in case you want to surprise your family and friends with maximum summer-celebration enjoyment.



Summer Wedding Flowers

Wilted flowers will surely ruin the perfection of your wedding décor, so future brides need to be especially careful in the selection of their wedding flowers. Thus, before making any decision on your own, we advise you to talk to your florist first. Do not forget, you are looking for heat-resistant blooms that will resist the high summer temperatures.

Previous bridal experiences are showing that succulent flower arrangements work perfectly in withstanding the hot wedding days. Other statement-making options that can handle the summer weather are exotic blooms, like orchids, calla lilies and amaryllises, without forgetting the impressive high-temp resistance of garden roses too.

Last but not least, single-stem flowers are also an awesome budget-friendly solution to keep your floral wedding décor fresh and cool.



Summer Wedding Colors

Summer is the synonym of fun and vivacity, so there is absolutely no need of dark tones on your special day. For instance, white is the most elegant color for a wedding, no matter the season. However, if you want to stay out of the box and you are triggered to try some other color alternatives, we suggest you to go for pastels, such as coral, blue and bright yellow.

When picking the color design of your upcoming wedding ceremony, try to avoid the heavy, bold colors, as they will enhance the feeling of warmth. And you certainly do not want to add extra degrees on your wedding day, right?



Summer Wedding Ceremony

A well-planned wedding also means keeping a short time gap between the big ceremony and the reception, especially when having a summer wedding. Make sure your dear guests won’t be standing in the sun for a long time while in-between the two general parts of the special event. That is why you should think about organizing a beautiful sunset ceremony and an unforgettable evening reception afterwards. It is simply a win-win combination for everyone!



Summer Wedding Food

Selecting the dinner menu for your long-awaited wedding day is one of the crucial elements that will contribute to the final grade of the occasion. Forget about heavy (although delicious) meals, since they go best with winter weddings. You should opt for fresh, lighter dishes, like nicely grilled fish or chicken dressed with some attractive and yummy seasonal vegetables.



Summer Wedding Hairstyle

During the preparations of your wedding, do not forget to pay the most out of an attention to your bridal look, because you truly deserve to look flawlessly beautiful on that day – it is your day! Start with the selection of your wedding dress; we suggest you to pick a dress with light, airy and flowing fabrics to stay cool all throughout the wedding glam. Because, sweaty brides do not make the most appealing wedding photos, don’t you think so?

When it comes to your summer wedding hairstyle, avoid the long curls, since in a combination with heat and humidity, they look disastrous. Therefore, consider bridal hairstyles that will pull part of your hair off your face and neck, so that you can stay picture-perfect. 

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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