On A Journey To The Lab-Created Diamond

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Liljana Tomova

Mar 13, 2017 3:10:46 PM

Over the last years, the lab-created diamond has been considered the most run-after option in the jewelry industry and there are undoubtedly, plenty of reasons why so. And we do not only refer to its striking beauty as the most evident proof of its growing popularity, but also to its one-of-a-kind properties that not all of its fans are familiar with.


Lab-Created Or Man-Made?


Lab-created diamonds are pieces of finest craftsmanship made by expert jewelry artisans who, thanks to the cutting-edge techniques and equipment we have at our disposal today, are able to create futuristic diamonds identical to the mined ones. Simply said, lab-created diamonds feature the same chemical composition and crystal structure as diamonds coming from the depths of Earth’s crust.  So, we take the freedom to say that nature has got some serious competition, because today, first-quality diamonds are, believe it or not, coming right out of the laboratory.

Diamonds that are laboratory grown have a gem-quality sparkle that stuns even the skeptics. The creation of these diamonds starts with a robotic laser that produces tiny diamond wafers. The laser’s function is to blacken the diamond and once done, the gem goes to polishing. Since a diamond is the hardest of minerals, only another diamond can adequately polish one. Hence, the diamond wafer makes an impressive transition from sooty to crystal clear, meaning that now, it is ready to grow. While being heated to several thousand degrees at a very high pressure, the hydrogen and methane gas form a plasma that is reigning onto the diamond wafer, thus making it grow. In only a couple of weeks, the diamond that has grown about ten times of its original size is finally prepared to sparkle. For the last time, the lab-grown diamond is trimmed by a laser to expose its crystal clarity. Last, but not least, the gem is given the desired diamond shape, made to embellish awe-inspiring pieces of fine jewelry.

What it takes millions of years for nature to bring its diamonds to the planet’s surface, it takes only a few weeks for the advanced jewelry technology to create the same gems of fire, brilliance and sparkle. Pretty impressive, don’t you think so?


Lab-Created Diamonds


We, at Kobelly Jewelry, are immensely fascinated by the crystallized allure of lab-created diamonds, also known in jewelry as synthetic or cultured diamonds. For us, it is of the utmost importance to assure our customers that the lab-created diamonds we are working with are selected with the most out of care and attention.  But, that is not all.  

Our lab-created diamonds are precious, eco-friendly and affordable. Browse our exquisite collection of lab-created diamonds made with love by the hands of master artisans and designers. We bet that the future gem of your dreams is hiding right there.

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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