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Many are the things that make summer the most popular and exciting season in the year – it is awesome to travel and discover new places, visit a long-time-no-see relative, have lots of fun with your friends, get the perfect sun-kissed look, taste some exotic, super-delicious cocktails and of course, to enjoy in unique romantic moments with your partner. Talking ‘bout love, have you ever imagined a scenario in which you are realizing a “getaway proposal”? Some think that a proposal of this kind is a bit harder to realize than simply popping the question on a romantic dinner in her favorite restaurant, but we are here to break the myth and prove that it does not take that much for a successful proposal while being away from home. A gentleman just needs the right vacation proposal tips that we are about to discover in the lines that follow.



Wedding Proposal

TIP NO. 1 – Pick a destination that has the so-called “WOW FACTOR”

The place where you are supposed to get down on one knee should be anything, but ordinary. Getting engaged is indeed a special occasion in one’s life, so the first and most important task is to decide where you are going to propose. A very good point in the whole story is that you both love traveling and trying new things that keep the lively, adventurous spirit in your relationship. Therefore, we have done the homework for you and selected the places that offer a beautiful, unique and unforgettable marriage proposal.


- On a tour in Paris.

If there is one place on Earth with the most romantic places to propose, that would definitely be Paris. You do not necessarily have to aim at the top of the Eiffel Tower or the giant Arc de Triomphe, you can change the directon and head to the Notre-Dame Cathedral or some of the many lovey-dovey fountains there.


- On a boat tour in Venice.

“Venice by boat”  is a bucket-list task of any enthusiast who wants to explore the magnificence and authenticity of Europe. Venice, the old Italian city that was built on water has so many channels to have a floating tour on, including the biggest and the most popular one – The Grand Canal. You will be seduced by the scents of the city and awestruck by the scenery itself, so doesn’t this sound like the perfect plan to ask the hand of your beloved one?


Wedding Proposal

- While visiting a medieval European castle.

Adding a little bit of history to your proposal can be an awesome idea if you both love the stories about the European royalty, their chateaux forts and stately homes. For instance, France and Germany make part of our vacation proposal tips, as these countries have such monuments in abundance, so why not making her dream come true to be proposed in a real, big, beauty-queen style?


- On an exotic cruise.

What would you say about spending time with your sweetheart while floating on the waters of the Pacific Ocean? If you feel ready for such an adventure, our proposal tips say that you should get some travel book in your hands and see what cruise lines for couples are available. Hawaii, Alaska and the Caribbean are just a few outstanding options you might consider.


- On an isolated tropical beach.

The beach is one of the most desired places for a magical summer proposal and if this is exactly where you imagine yours, let it be on a deserted area for a more intimate feel. To make the precious moment even more magical, make it happen at sunset.


- On a viewing platform of a skyscraper.

Our vacation proposal tips also include couples who decide to spend some quality time together without leaving the country. For them, the idillyc getting-engaged setting is standing under an open sky with a bottle of expensive champagne and chocolate strawberries, while having the air fulfilled with the sounds of some slow, romantic music. Choose a skyscraper in any of our star-studded cities, like San Francisco, Chicago and New York and prepare yourself for a forever-to-be-remembered proposal.



Wedding Proposal

TIP NO. 2 – Think of what your “proposal speech” would be.

Going straight to the point without beating around the bush is a quality and a virtue, but certainly not for your proposal. Before uttering the four magical words, there must be something else you want to say to your future fiancé, right? Having a throwback at the first time you met, the first kiss, the song or place that brought you special moments, or simply the reason you love her is something that any lady would love to hear on the day she says a loud “YES”.


TIP NO. 3 – Plan the entire day/night.

To make the whole think look like a real fairy tale, you have to think what you are going to do after the proposal itself. Of couse, celebrating it with any of your favorite indulgences is a must-have, but what happens afterwards? A couple of fantastic proposal tips are: booking a fun activity or having an engagement photo shoot with a professional photographer. No matter what your final choice would be, just make sure you make the whole day a memorable one.


TIP NO. 4 – Pick a suitable outfit.

It does not mean that it is your engagement and you need to put on all the fancy pieces you have in the closet. The same goes for your future fiancé too. It is summer, so avoid the heavy, thick suits and dresses. Wear something light, cozy and elegant instead, something that will make you feel good and comfortable. Another recommended detail to pay attention to is to make sure that the outft of your partner matches yours. Having a matching look will help you create some great photos that will be pleasing and interesting to watch. Come up with an excuse that you will be having a romantic dinner or anything else that might cross your mind to ensure you are both dressed appropriately and accordingly.


Wedding Proposal

TIP NO. 5 – Organize everything ahead of time.

Do not wait the last five minutes to make those reservations or get everything you need for the occasion. This refers especially to booking a trip or a venue. Think that you are not the only one with these “magical proposal” ideas in head.


TIP NO. 6 – Ask for help.

If you think that you cannot deal with this entire thing on your own, you are completely allowed to ask for help in making your proposal successful and just like you planned it. If this means that you need to “suborn” the hotel stuff – go for it, or anyone else that will keep your partner “unaware” and not suspecting about what you are planning to do.


Which one of our proposal tips do you like the most? Which one of them you would like to use for your own proposal? Share your opinion with the rest of the Kobelli Jewelry community, by leaving us a comment in the box below.

With love.

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