May Birthstone: Meet The Flamboyant Emerald

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Liljana Tomova

Mar 16, 2017 5:39:49 PM

May. The month of spring, blooming nature and vivid colors. The month of the goddess of fertility Bona Dea and the meteor Eta Aquariids. And of course, the month of one of the most delightful specimens of nature – the emerald gem. Dear gemstone enthusiasts, in this article we are taking you on an epic journey to the sublime emerald world, a journey that will present you the May birthstone like you have never known it before. Have a wonderful time, we are taking off right now!

Emerald RingHISTORY

Pronouncing the word ‘emerald’ evokes the feel of something majestic, royal and of an exceptional value. All of these attributes fit perfectly the description of the May birthstone, but we won’t stop here and we will put our attention next to its origins.  

The term ‘emerald’ is a word of Greek origin, derived from ‘smaragdos’ – meaning ‘green stone’. Again, a property of the emerald gem that is worldwide appreciated for its unique green color that no other gem from the colorful gemstone family possesses. Thanks to it, the emerald is valued as a wondrous precious stone that makes exquisite pieces of jewelry, especially when it comes to vintage-inspired jewels with an authentic vintage vibe.

Where does the vintage flair of emerald come from? The May birthstone was undoubtedly, the most privileged and well-liked gem of Victorian royalty. But, its divine beauty was not the only reason why the upper classes of Victorian England cherished the emerald as their dearest jewelry adornment. In fact, there is one more deep motive and that is the belief that wearing this gemstone will bring positive changes in the love life of its wearer.


Emerald Ring


Ancient Romans dedicated this precious stone to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Hence, the emerald is traditionally associated with the notions of love, rebirth and fertility. Another ‘crunchy’ detail from the splendid emerald world is that this gem was one of Cleopatra’s best-loved gemstones. In the new, modern jewelry era, the emerald is recognized as a gem of wisdom, patience and growth.

It is also said among gemstone enthusiasts that the May birthstone represents the woman’s feminine spirit which is full of nurturing attributes. Moreover, those born in this month are people who dispose with an exceptional loyalty and faithfulness. Another good news is that emerald wearers can take an advantage of some extraordinary metaphysical benefits provided by this gemstone, like intensified mental capabilities and improved memory, for example.

Emerald Ring


Emeralds can be found in different hues of their remarkable green color, from deep green nuances to lighter ones, featuring yellow or blue tints. Generally, emeralds with natural color hold a greater value than color-enhanced ones. Last but not least, this is the heaviest gemstone of all, which is one more reason why the emerald is higly valued in contemporary jewelry craftsmanship. 

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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