Kobelli Diamond Education: Guide To The Trillion-Cut Diamond

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Jul 29, 2017 3:12:33 PM

Diamonds are beautiful, precious treasures that we have at our disposal to create stunning jewelry adornments for ladies of all ages. The most interesting thing about working with diamonds is that their shape determines the style of the woman who will wear it. Therefore, each diamond shape has its own story to tell and today, you will have the pleasure to hear the story of the trillion-cut diamond. Ever since it was developed, the trillion-cut diamond has been appraised as the hallmark of exquisite, modern jewelry.  So, the least we can do is to put our attention in discovering its main features that make it one and only.


Trillion-Cut Diamond


As the name itself suggests, the diamond fashioned in trillion cut looks like a triangle with equal, slightly curved sides. They are shallow and are usually cut from a flat, triangular macle. The shallower the stone, the larger its appearance. The trillion-cut diamond has 31 or 50 facets, depending on whether it will be used as a center or accent stone. Generally, trillions are mounted in side positions, playing the role of accent stones, but if well proportioned, they can also be fantastic centerpieces. Hence, the curved  (convex) variation of the trillion cut is used for center stones, while the incurved (concave) variation for side stones. Latest modifications in the look of this diamond shape include triangular step cuts, modified shield cuts and a round-cornered triangular.

The real, unique beauty of the trillion can be seen only if the stone is given the right proportions. This means that to carve a flawless trillion diamond, you have to employ unmatched skills and expertise. So, this cut is definitely not for beginners in diamond cutting. The ideal length to width ratio for trillions is 1:1. With this ratio, the diamond displays the most spectacular grades of fire and brilliance.


Trillion-Cut Triangle Diamond Solitaire Necklace 2 1/6 Carat (ctw) in 14k White Gold (Certified)

Trillion-Cut Triangle Diamond Solitaire Necklace 2 1/6 Carat (ctw) in 14k White Gold 



The place of origin of the trillion cut is Amsterdam. It was developed in 1962, thus representing a relatively new cut that falls under the category of “fancy cuts”. The worldwide popularity and recognition of this diamond cut was ignited by the Henry Meyer Diamond Company of New York, which made it a real brand in contemporary fine jewelry.  

This cut is also referred to as “trillian”, “trilliant” and “trielle”.



Princess-Cut Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring 1 4/5 CTW in 14k White Gold

Princess-Cut Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring 1 4/5 CTW in 14k White Gold 




Besides the spectacular effect of sparkling beauty that trillions offer, wearers must be aware that they are prone to chipping, due to their triangular shape with pointed ends. These are the two precautions to take:

- Make sure that the diamond is properly and securely set in its mounting.

- Do not wear your trillion-cut diamond jewelry while doing hard labor or sports.


Trillion-cut jewelry also needs regular cleaning, more often than the other diamond shapes. This is how you will maintain the fiery appeal and sharp brilliance on a long term. Just remember that dust is the greatest enemy of the trillion-cut diamond’s beauty, as simple as that.

Do you have other concerns or questions about this fancy diamond cut? If so, do not hesitate to contact our team that will provide you with the right answers and prepare you for a successful jewelry purchase. We are expecting you!

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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