Kobelli Diamond Education: A Complete Guide To The Oval-Cut Diamond

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Liljana Tomova

Mar 24, 2017 9:09:44 AM

One of the most amazing things about diamonds, including other precious stones, is that they can be cut in an array of shapes, each special and beautiful in its own way. So far, we have talked about only a few of them and today, it is the big ‘oval-cut diamond’ day. Yes, that is right, in this article we are going to turn our attention to the magnificent oval cut, which is undoubtedly, one of the most famed cuts when it comes to the making of exclusive engagement rings with an authentic design.

Oval-Cut Bridal Set 


Much to your surprise, the oval diamond is a relatively new cut with a not-so-long-history behind. According to the official data, this cut was created in 1957 by Lazare Kaplan and today it enjoys an admirable popularity among the diverse diamond-cut family.

And there are many reasons why so. The first and absolutely the most important one is the impressive levels of fire and brilliance that the oval cut offers the stone. Hence, the reason why diamonds in oval shape are instantly compared to those in round cut – an essential property that gives the oval cut its second name in jewelry –  ‘the modified brilliant cut’. Thanks to its fire effects and striking flash that no eye can escape, the oval diamond is cherished as the perfect center-stone alternative to the classic engagement-ring style.

 Oval-Cut Solitaire Ring


In terms of composition and structure, diamonds in oval cut usually come with 56 facets, with the possibility to feature a few more, depending on how the stone’s underside is cut. The length-to-width ratio of the so-called ‘ideally symmetrical oval-cut diamond’ is 1.5. Length-to-width ratios with higher levels promote skinner and longer ovals, while oval stones with lower length-to-width ratios tend to be chubbier and shorter.

When compared to a round-cut diamond of the same carat size, the surface area of the oval diamond often appears a bit larger. Displayed in numbers, a  1-carat oval-cut diamond will have 10% greater surface area than the one of the diamond in round cut. In other words, thanks to the existence of the oval shape, consumers can get a large-looking stone for a lower price. It really sounds like a super deal, isn’t it?

A very important thing to mention is that the price-tag convenience of oval diamonds does not have to be seen as a reason to underestimate this marvelous cut. Keep in mind that some of the most acclaimed royal jewels in the world’s history, like the engagement ring of Princess Diana for example, have favored this lustrous diamond cut.

Oval-Cut Engagement Ring



We, at Kobelli Jewelry, truly adore creating jewelry of promise with the charming oval-cut design, but the truth is, there are many reasons why a lady would never go wrong if choosing an oval diamond engagement ring.


- Excellent grades of fire and brilliance

As previously mentioned, the oval-cut diamond sparkles with the most out of shine and luster even in the smallest carat sizes. Therefore, an engagement or wedding ring adorned with an oval center of 1 carat can offer a captivating appearance of a statement-making ring. It is an undeniable fact that rings of promise made in oval-cut style are stunningly beautiful, especially if the stone is precisely cut and all of the cut’s original characteristics are fully preserved.


- A cost-effective purchasing option

Diamonds in oval cut come at much lower prices not only in comparison with diamonds in round brilliant cut, but many other fancy diamond shapes, including: radiant, asscher and emerald cut.

Hence, savings made with the oval-cut jewelry purchase can reach up to a few thousand dollars, particularly if the carat size of the stone is bigger than one carat. The oval-cut price comparison is usually made with diamonds in round cut of the same carat size.


- The perfect cut for an active lifestyle

Ovals come with an especially stable and versatile shape with no sharp points and corners that can be easily prone to damage or catching on hair and clothes. This is certainly the top reason why an engagement ring with an oval-cut diamond setting is a great alternative for an everyday wear, particularly for women with a busy schedule and a hyperactive lifestyle.


- Slender-looking fingers

The elongated shape of the oval-cut diamond works perfectly in creating an illusion of slightly longer fingers. For some, this is a negative point (mostly for ladies with naturally longer fingers), but we indeed consider it a good thing. After all, it is a personal choice, right?


- Suitable for various types of gemstones

This cut goes perfectly well with different types of gemstones, by giving them a more attractive and accentuated look. Our preferred gemstones shaped in the fabulous oval cut are: sapphires, aquamarines, amethysts, peridots, citrines and of course, moissanites.


 Oval-Cut Bridal Set



- The bow-tie-effect

Considered one of the biggest cons of oval-cut diamonds, the bow-tie-effect creates a tiny shadow in the form of a bow tie. The negative effect of the visible bow tie is diminishing the diamond’s levels of fire and brilliance, which gives an impression of a poor diamond cut.

However, the undesired bow-tie-effect is almost impossible to happen if the stone is cut with maximum precision and expertise.

- The risk of inclusions and blemishes

Just like any other type of modified brilliant cut, the oval cut can also showcase any visible tints of color, blemishes and inclusions. This is why a diamond with higher grades of color and clarity is mostly recommended for this particular cut.

To find the perfect oval-styled engagement ring, look after a diamond with the following properties:

- Color grade of G and above (according to the GIA scale), or 1.5 and above (according to the AGS scale)

- Clarity grade of VS1 and above (according to the GIA scale), or 3 and above (according to the AGS scale)

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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