Kobelli Bridal Guide: The Most Festive 4th Of July Wedding Ideas

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Mar 22, 2017 7:24:34 PM

Red, white and blue- the favorite colors of every American. Three colors that celebrate the birthday of our country and evoke the merriest patriotic ideas, even when it comes to planning a wedding. Summer is officially the most popular wedding season, so what a better way to mix up the beauty of summer and the 4th of July fiesta in one special event, like your wedding, for example?

4th Of July Wedding

Before starting our guide, we would like to felicitate all those couples who have already chosen to exchange their vows on the most flag-waving holiday in America. We consider it an honorable act, indeed. But, there is one particular thing we especially like when it comes to 4th of July weddings -the extra dose of festiveness provided by the unforgettable firework illuminating the American sky on this particular day. So, just-married couples can adorn their wedding ceremony with authentic vibes of love, joy and happiness and all that, for free.

Time is precious, so we will immediately start our step-by-step guide on how to organize the perfect Fourth of July wedding. There is just one more important thing to mention: do not forget to have fun in everything you do, including your wedding organization, no matter how troublesome it might seem before you start it. After all, it is YOUR wedding and you should fully enjoy in its preparation as much as in its realization. Welcome to the article with the most amazing 4th of July wedding ideas!


Step No. 1 – Do not forget the red-white-blue color trio, but do not overexpose it.

4th Of July Wedding

A 4th of July wedding would not have the desired patriotic groove without featuring the red, white and blue color, that is for sure. However, couples should pay attention to not color their entire wedding in these three colors and lose the magical touch of glamour and elegance a wedding needs to have. The best way to ensure the wedding sophistication is to use these three colors in unequal proportions. More precisely, your décor should be two-color themed with a small accent on the third color. For example, the bridesmaids’ attire can feature red and blue nuances, while the tuxedos of groomsmen white buttons.

Another color alternative from our list of 4th of July wedding ideas is to use muted versions of these three colors. This is a great way to make them being not too striking nor loud, which will ideally preserve the wedding charm. Last but not least, do not forget that red, white and blue do not have to represent the main color character of your wedding, but a supporting one.


Step No. 2 – Pick only one or two patriotic motifs.

4th Of July Wedding4

Stripes, flags, stars and fireworks are all allowed for your beautiful wedding on the 4th of July, but make sure to not use all of them at once. Doing such a thing would be a little bit ‘too much’ and you surely want your wedding to look perfect, like you have been always dreaming of, right?

The wisest step would be to select one or maximum two patriotic motifs, so that your guests know that you have not forgotten the importance of this huge day for our nation, without making your special event look childish and with no taste. In other words, try to highlight your chosen motifs in smaller wedding details, instead of splashing them all around your wedding.

One of our 4th of July wedding ideas is to embellish the bouquets of your bridesmaids with striped ribbons. You can also go for the option of having star lanterns hanging throughout the reception.


Step No. 3 – Do not miss the firework photos.

4th Of July Wedding

We are all trembling from pride, joy and happiness when seeing the enchanting American sky illuminated in sparkles to celebrate the most significant day for our country. Your ultimate wedding task is to not forget to take an advantage of this marvelous moment and make some exclusive firework wedding photos. To add even more magic to this special occasion, you can also use sparkles. Just smile and let it sparkle!


… Some other interesting 4th of July wedding ideas you might consider…


- The music playlist selection

Since this is your wedding, it is up to you to make your ultimate playlist selection that will boost the wedding ambiance at a maximum level. Keep in mind to add the special songs that represent a hallmark of your love story, but do not forget to ‘smuggle’ a couple of pro- American songs to maintain the Fourth of July spirit. We call it ‘The All-Time List’.


- The cocktail party

A 4th of July wedding cannot go on without a jazzed-up cocktail hour to keep the freshness on this hot summer day. May your guests be served with some colorful signature cocktails that can be further complemented by printed straws for a more fun and vivacious touch.

When it comes to the cocktail-party part, one pretty interesting idea we want to share with you is to have a watermelon keg. It is red-colored, it is fun and it is super- attractive, but most importantly, a watermelon-keg drink brings the taste of nature and summer freshness, something you cannot deny in the middle of the summer heat.


- The cake

There are two great possibilities when selecting your wedding-cake style: either you go for an awesome flag-patterned cake or you go for a naked red velvet cake. The first option is a superb way to surprise your guests and boost the patriotic spirit with chocolate and white cream. The second one features a crowd-pleasing flavor that no one could resist. Moreover, the clean vanilla lines and vivacious poppy hue of the naked red velvet cake create a stylish stripe motif. No matter which of these two wedding-cake options you opt for, you won’t make a wrong choice.


- The jewelry accents

Did you think that we are going to exclude jewelry from our exclusive 4th of July wedding ideas? Jewelry plays an important role for the entire bridal look, so you always have the possibility to match the beauty of your wedding dress with some dainty adornment in some of the colors of the American flag. For this purpose, we are proposing you our Blue Sapphire & Diamond Wedding Set in 14K White Gold. This set comes with a mesmerizing white diamond center accompanied by 4 alongside blue sapphires. The entire set features 14 precious stones dazzling in 14K white gold.

Blue Sapphire & Diamond Wedding Set in 14K White Gold

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