How To Plan An Aqua, Cherry Red And Khaki Wedding For This Summer

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Liljana Tomova

Jun 28, 2017 8:24:16 PM

Tying the knot in summer is both snazzy and challenging, because let’s not forget that summer is still the most celebrated season for weddings. The entire planning process could take a while, sometimes even a few months if there is the will and the nerves to take care of even the slightest detail. After putting together the guest list and choosing the wedding venue, the following major decision is to select the colors in which you will “paint” your wedding. The tendencies are showing that one of the most popular wedding-décor ideas include some out-of-the-ordinary shades, such as magenta, burgundy, khaki, aqua, tangerine and cherry red. In this article, we are going to present you a few interesting ideas how to organize an aqua, cherry red and khaki wedding.

Since summer is the most vivid season in the whole year, it is always a positive thing to add more fun to a summer wedding, no matter if it is happening in early June or late August. The “aqua, cherry red and khaki” color trio is perfect to do it so, and also have an authentic retro-inspired ceremony with a more personal flavor.




Aqua, Cherry Red & Khaki Wedding Theme (Bride)


You have always dreamed to wear your own creation on the most important day in your life? Here is an excellent idea to be a forever-to-be remembered bride and the reason why everyone is turning heads with each and every of your moves. Do not worry if you do not have the talent, skills or knowledge to personally make your wedding dress, it is simply enough to find a realiable and experienced designer that will transform your imagination into a real work of art. To wear this kind of dress, you definitely have to be a vintage soul, a person who loves nature and wants to bring it to their own wedding. The aqua-colored butterflies mixed with a few fresh, red roses seem so tempting to implement them into your own bridal look, don’t you think so?





Aqua, Cherry Red & Khaki Wedding Theme (Groom)


Who says that the groom does not have to look in-theme for his aqua, cherry red and khaki wedding? The truth is, it will be awesome to match the look of the bride with the look of the groom. It will not only help you make a fantastic photo shoot, but it will show the guests how a perfect-looking summer wedding looks like. The easiest way to dress the groom is to put on an aqua tie on his plain white shirt and pin a red flower on his suit.





Aqua, Cherry Red & Khaki Wedding Theme (Cake)

The wedding cake is one of those “elements” that reveal a lot about the wedding itself, so you surely want to leave the most out of impression during the traditional cake cutting ceremony. This does not only refer to how the cake will taste like, but also how it will look like. Some wedding planners even say that the wedding cake is the detail that leaves the biggest impact on guests, hence the reason why you should spend some time on figuring out the appearance of your aqua, cherry red and khaki wedding cake.




Aqua, Cherry Red & Khaki Wedding Theme (Venue)

The aqua, cherry red and khaki wedding theme is great to create an ambience that is elegant, but also amusing at the same time. A successful wedding is the one that makes the guests leave happy and satisfied. You have the entire venue and all of its components when it comes to the decoration adventure. However, the most common and probably the safest alternative is to concentrate on the table dressing. As the picture displays, you can opt for some bold-red napkins, khaki tablecloths and aqua ribbons on the chairs. As for the centerpieces, put a few in-theme flowers in a vase and surround it with low-flame candles for a more romantic feel, and you are all set!

Did you enjoy reading this article? Or, maybe you have other, fresh and super-interesting ideas for organizing a beautiful aqua, cherry red and khaki wedding? Share your feelings and thoughts with the rest of the Kobelli Jewelry community in the comment box below! We are expecting you!

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Written by: Liljana Tomova

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