How To Organize The Perfect Winter Wedding

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Liljana Tomova

Apr 21, 2017 10:54:57 AM

Winter is definitely one of the most exciting seasons in the year, along with summer, thanks to the immeasurable amounts of fun, happiness and enthusiasm they fulfill our days with. The winter holiday fever is the hottest topic during this season, but today, we are not going to talk about gifts and romantic surprises. We have prepared something more delicate instead. It is about how to perfectly plan a winter wedding and realize it with the most out of success. Getting married is absolutely not an everyday occasion, so couples who are going to tie the knot this winter should better pay attention to every detail and make that day a one to remember. Dear future brides, here is your Kobelli guide for an unforgettable wedding in winter.



Lime Green Wedding Theme

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The best and the most effective way to have a break from the cold is to expand the spectrum of your wedding colors. To be more precise, you are not obliged to stick to the traditional color-trio (white, red and green) to stay in the spirit of the season. Be courageous and feel free to experiment with other shades to make your wedding unique and special. For instance, what would you say if we propose you to add a touch of exotic to the ceremony with some brighter and more vivacious colors, such as orange, yellow and lime green? This wedding theme will definitely be something that your guests won’t be expecting, so why not preparing them a beautiful décor surprise while ensuring yourself a never-before-seen ceremony? Just have a second thought on this one.



Winter Bridesmaids

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Yes, wearing thick fabrics is essential in the chilly days, but this definitely should not be applied to your winter wedding. A very popular quote you must have heard of says: “Every rule has an exception” and this is exactly where this exception has to be seen. You know that the look of your bridesmaids is very important for the overall impression, which means that you should forget about the double-faced satin dresses with long sleeves and go for something more fashionable instead. Strapless silk dresses are always ‘IN’ and it is an option that will give you the right direction to a tasteful and elegant wedding. Although the notion of “winter wedding” reminds of white snow and extreme cold, you will just use this magical scenery for your bridal photo shoot and that is all. Of course, the coat is a must-have accessory for both brides and bridesmaids, but the whole ceremony will be held indoors, so your favorite girls will be completely safe and sound. Moreover, when the party heats up they will be extremely happy for wearing something lighter, that is for sure!



Indoor Wedding Ceremony

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If you think that winter will make your wedding dull and boring with no choice left to make your reception inviting – let us tell you right from the start that you are thinking wrong! If truth be told, there are many ways to enhance the grandeur and splendid look of your winter wedding, you just have to pick your favorite. It does not matter that the sun will go down in the early afternoon hours, you can make up for it with the romantic glow of some sweet-scented candles that will flawlessly match the entire wedding décor. Also, if you are interested to create a more enticing ambience, trust the lush, pastel details, like plum napkins or navy-blue venue lights. You can also take an advantage of the beauty of the flowers that the season offers and make an interesting décor combination with them. Sweat peas, pansies and violets are just a few of the alternatives you can take into consideration and make that wedding look fabulous! However, keep in mind to not “overdose” your guests with too much color warmth, because you might risk to fail perfection and that is definitely something you do not want to happen.



Wedding Details

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“It is the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”  We love being poetic and explaining important things poetically, and your wedding is definitely one of those things. Always think that you can add more details to your winter wedding to make it even more original and unique.  Since your guests are those who will give the final grade, well, take aim at them. Of course, not in the literal sense, but in the sense to win their hearts and make your wedding the most beautiful one they have ever attended. And what a better way to do it so than with touching details, like chocolates with a name card or another type of sweet indulgence. A cup of hot, late-hour cappuccino just before things start cooling down sounds like a great idea, don’t you think so?


In case you need an extra hand in organizing your winter wedding, you can always  think of hiring a professional who will surely help you realize your ideas and make your wedding up to the challenge. Of course, if you have not picked your bridal jewelry yet, we are here to assist in your selection. Our team is expecting you!

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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