How To Make Your Own Seashell Jewelry

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Apr 9, 2017 1:25:19 PM

How could we possibly forget the summer vacations of our childhood and those beautiful seashells, the ones that we could spend hours on searching them and excitedly collecting them one by one in beach pails, thus making them our favorite toys and the best summer memories? No, it is absolutely impossible to make these souvenirs fade away. They will recall the scent of the ocean, the beach and the hot summer days always and forever. The charm of seashells makes everyone go crazy about these treasures of nature, and by ‘everyone’ we do not only refer to children, but adults as well; children to collect them and adults to passionately create their own precious seashell jewelry.

Seashell Jewelry

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Seashell jewelry has perfectly found its place among the other jewelry styles. That is why today, various styles of seashell bracelets, earrings and necklaces can be seen on the market and in the personal jewelry boxes of many women all around the world. Because the beauty of seashell jewelry is universal and most important of all, it is timeless. Much to your surprise, there are more and more seashell jewelry enthusiasts who are eager to start ‘producing’ their own jewels and make them part of their looks. And what a better occasion than this one to write an article about stylish, handcrafted seashell jewelry and the ways to create it? Continue reading and you will learn how to enrich your collection with some amazing, brand-new pieces.



To avoid making a big mistake that will eventually destroy your pleasure in this adventure, you should carefully select the seashells you will be working with. For instance, if you are passionate about earrings and you have always dreamed to have a pair of stunning seashell earrings, make sure they are not too big, since they could give you a poor look instead of making your appearance sublime, which is actually your ultimate goal.



You have absolutely no clue where to start from and how to successfully perform this task? Do not panic, what you need to do is to drill a small hole in the seashell and put the earring hook through it. Repeat the same procedure for the other earring. As for the hooks, you can easily find them in fashion accessory stores and of course, you can purchase them online. If you prefer a ‘clustered’ pair of seashell earrings, you can attach several tiny seashells on the earring which will give the desired bulky and delicate look. To make your pair of DIY earrings even more special and personalized, you can switch yourself to ‘artistic mode’ and draw some touching patterns and accent details on the seashells, or simply color them. It is up to you!

Seashell Stud Earrings

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Ah, those seashells! They are so versatile and we can do so many things with them! Like a magnificent bracelet, for example. If you would go for a long bracelet, obviously, you will need more seashells and according to their size, you could adapt them to your taste. For a striking and opulent bracelet, choose larger seashells that will give your bracelet a thicker look, but make sure they are not giant, though. To go simple and stylish, may your selected seashells be smaller and thinner. If you want to prettify your handmade seashell bracelet even more, you might think of enriching its design with other interesting ornaments, like pearls or colored gemstones.

To start with the making of your very first bracelet made of enthralling seashells, you should perform practically the same steps that have been mentioned for the earrings. First of all, choose the particular material for the chord that you want your seashells to be hanging on. Here, you have several possibilities, including silicon, textile and basic metals. For those who want to add more value to their handmade jewel, they can go for a chain crafted of some precious metal, like platinum, silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or stainless steel. After you have nicely arranged all the seashells on the metal chain, attach and secure both ends with a connector clasp. And there you go, you can immediately start enjoying in your brand-new seashell jewel that will surely become your favorite one in a very short time!

Seashell Bracelet

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Without any shadow of doubt, necklaces are the most sought-after pieces of seashell jewelry and earrings are just right after. Since the design of your necklace is a matter of personal preference, you need to first choose the type, size and color of your seashells. To get a clearer perspective of what your necklace would look like, you can arrange the shells on the table in the shape of necklace to see if you like the way they look together. In case you want a necklace that will feature a seashell pendant only and not an assemblage of seashells all along its surface, make sure to pick the most beautiful seashell that is in a perfect condition.

Second step is to select the other decorations for your jewel and here, you can choose between flowers, beads and gemstones. Make sure that the additional ornaments you are selecting correspond to the size of the seashells. Once you have everything prepared, start drilling holes in each of the shells, then string them on the chain that you have previously selected. Do not forget to also string the other decorations according to your taste. Once done, you could proceed with adding the clasp that will hold your necklace in place and that’s it - mission completed!

In addition, here is a little help for those who feel ready to make their first seashell necklace or bracelet.

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If you have any other great ideas about making DIY seashell jewelry, or you have already experienced this adventure, drop us a line in the comment box below. Cheers!

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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