Here Are 5 Brilliant New Years Eve Proposal Ideas

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Apr 22, 2017 9:01:23 AM

Christmas holidays are that specially special time of the year when everything is all about LOVE. Yes, love is all around us and we can feel it with every step we take, with every move we make. At home, in the shops, on the streets – everywhere! The festive vibes seem to have the magical power to bind people together and cherish the meaning of life to its fullest. And honestly, is there any better idea to crown the end of the year and welcome the beginning of the next one than with the feelings of love and romance? You know, we are talking about popping the big question on the day that represents a margin of the past and the future. That is right, we are talking about proposing to your most significant one on New Year’s Eve! Do we see you already smiling behind the screen, because you kind of like the idea… a lot? Well, wait to see some of the “scenarios” we have in mind to ensure the most fabulous New Year’s Eve proposal ever.

Welcome to this special-edition manual with the best ideas for a New Years Eve proposal! Happy reading!


Let The Christmas Tree Do The Talking

Christmas Tree Proposal

Saved from One Fab Day

One of the greatest things about proposing on the 31st of December is that there are so many ways or better said, gadgets which can be used to make this task much easier and less stressful. Like for example, your Christmas tree! Take a few paint pens in your hand and jot down some important details from your relationship (dates, places, names, sayings) on pretty cards or ornaments. Then make them a part of your Christmas tree décor. Give the “thing” a final touch by embellishing the tree topper star with the irreplaceable “Will you marry me?” question written in bold letters. Once she gets into the room and lights turn on, she will be awestruck by the beautiful scenery you have prepared for her. That beautiful heart of hers will go pitter-patter while saying the loud “YES” that will join your souls for eternity.


Trust The Snow Magic

Snowman Proposal

Saved from The Yes Girls

If the most divine summer proposals happen on the beach, the most idyllic winter proposals happen on the mountain. Celebrate this New Year’s Eve with a romantic getaway in the heart of nature, far away from the city rush. Book a reservation for two in a luxury mountain resort where you can enjoy precious moments of intimacy. Such an ambience will strengthen the bonds between you two and your love will be in a full blossom, which is the perfect timing for an unforgettable New Years Eve proposal. Our idea is to take her on a daily walk with the pretext to get some fresh air and explore the environment, when suddenly, you are going to be struck by a wonderful proposal scenery. Here, you are going to take control of the moment and make it one of the most beautiful moments in her life. Write the four magical words in the snow and get down on one knee to ask her hand. She will be in seventh heaven, but you won’t stay indifferent as well.

Another snow-related proposal idea is to build a big, happy snowman. Recall the childhood memories and make that snowy creation the best one you have ever made, with a long carrot nose, a pair of eyes made of stones and hands made of tree branches. If you have the opportunity to add more decorative details, like a scarf, a ribbon, flowers or a personalized card with some cute note on it - feel free to do it so. Now, the most important part of this task is to attach the engagement ring to one of the snowman’s hands, so that “he” can propose her. The next place your girl will be found in will be your arms, with a heart-melting “YES” and a million-dollar smile. Sounds like a quite original idea, isn’t it?


Play The Marriage-Proposal Countdown Game

Chocolate Calendar

Saved from The Sun

Of course, she is not allowed to know what you are up to, but playing this exciting countdown game will add a dose of fun that is always welcome during the holidays. If the two previous New Years Eve proposal ideas did not really spark your interest, maybe this one is going to be “The One”. What we suggest is to make or buy an advent calendar with those small, cute windows (you can easily find them in supermarkets). She will have to open one window per date, so make sure that each of them reveals something special about her and your relationship. Keep the window number 31 free to put the engagement ring into it, but pay attention to not be opened in the early morning. The ideal marriage proposal plot says that the big surprise is reserved for New Year’s Eve, right?


Be Her Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Saved from Huffington Post Canada

On the New Year’s Eve, everything is allowed - even being the Secret Santa with a long, white beard and red suit. Of course, do not forget the large sack full of roses and chocolates and the most important gift of all – the engagement ring! From all New Years Eve proposal ideas, this is definitely the most jolly and lighthearted one. We leave you the freedom to decide how you are going to organize your Secret Santa proposal – whether you would choose to do it at home alone or somewhere outside with the help of your best friends. The final outcome is that you will be the most handsome Secret Santa in the world she will give her hand to put a ring on it.


Light Up Her World With A Firework

New Year's Eve Proposal

Saved from Huffington Post

If you have already decided to welcome the arrival of the new year with a great party, surrounded by the most important people in your life, here is one more outstanding opportunity to become a hero and propose in the most festive and glamorous way. Share your plan with the others that will make part of this extraordinary and totally unforgettable night, so once you all start the final New Year countdown, make sure that the small, precious box with a diamond jewel within opens when the sky gets illuminated by hundreds of colorful firework sparkles. Then, ask her if she wants to be the queen of your heart until the end of time. Sincerely, we already know the answer, so cheers to that and a Happy New Year!

If you have other New Years Eve proposal ideas, we will be happy to share them with the rest of the Kobelli Jewelry’s community. Just drop us a line in the comment box below, as simple as that! 

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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