Got Engaged With An Antique Emerald Ring? Here Is What You Need To Do

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Nov 29, 2017 12:58:46 PM

You just got engaged and that is some big news – congratulations to both of you! Now you can start thinking about how you are going to celebrate the occasion in a real dusk-till-dawn style with your BFFs.  Oh, wait, not so fast! Before spreading the word on your social media accounts with a fabulous antique emerald ring selfie, there are some other things you need to do first. Keep reading to discover them and get fully prepared to enjoy your days of glory as a recently engaged woman.


Engagement Announcement

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Before telling anyone that you have been proposed to, take some time to enjoy in this sheer excitement with your partner, alone. You can go to your favorite bar for a drink or two, have a dinner in some fancy restaurant or you can simply stay at home, savoring these unique romantic moments in peace and coziness. It might not sound important, but this is the very first thing you should do before announcing the world that you got engaged. After all, this is all about you and your significant other, isn’t it?



Sharing the news with your closest relatives via a quick status update or a 140-character text message is definitely a big no-no. They deserve to be informed in a more decent way, so you will have to put aside a few hours to pick up the phone and call them one by one. Mothers, grandmothers, sisters and aunts always get exceptionally thrilled when receiving such a novelty, as they take it very personally and makes them want to brag about it all day and all night. Do not forget, you have a gorgeous antique emerald ring whose beauty needs to be presented to others in the most awe-inspiring way, right? Funny but truly, these ladies work better than social media sometimes.


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The busy schedule does not always allow a lady to have the perfect-looking nails, but announcing your big engagement surely does! Before anyone sees the sparkler your partner popped the question with, make sure to have a professional manicure session that will make your brand new accessory even more beautiful and striking. 




Now, the moment you have been waiting for impatiently – announcing your engagement on the web. We would all agree that in the last few years, Instagram has been the most popular social media platform to show whatever you want about yourself, from casual, funny moments to milestones like a wedding or engagement. If you are an Instagram photolic, then you won’t have any problem in making a lovely setting for an even lovelier picture of you and your antique emerald ring you got engaged with.  If “I said YES” sounds too mainstream for a description, you can write your own by relying on your emotions and creativity.




And here it goes the celebration part once the word is out and everyone is expecting a loud toast to the just-engaged couple. Lately, there has been a tendency of having an engagement-celebration party hosted by the couple’s friends and relatives. If you and your fiancé prefer keeping it low key, you can have a casual dinner at home with the closest people in your surrounding. Remember that the most important thing about celebration is to enjoy the moment, as simple as that.




One of the things that make the engagement-ring purchase a bit complicated is picking the right size. Quite often, the ring turns out to be too big or too small, so a proper resizing is required. If this is the case with your antique emerald ring, you should get it resized as soon as possible, because you do not want to take the risk of losing it while showing it to its admirers. Consider this antique emerald ring another precious jewel in your personal collection that you need to wear with utmost care. Just contact your retailer and you will have it resized in a few days at best.

Antique Emerald Ring




When it comes to engagement rings, it is clear that their sentimental value is way bigger than their actual value and the sad news is that we are living in times when one has to be always prepared for the worse. In this case, “the worse” means losing your engagement ring. If this happens to you (we sincerely hope not),  at least you will be able to get the money back if you have had it insured. But, having an insurance for your antique emerald ring is not also beneficial if you eventually lose it, it is also a great coverage if it has to be repaired or replaced. To insure your engagement ring, you will need to get an appraisal by a certified gemologist (this type of service is provided by most retailers). The final step is to choose a preferred policy (will you be covered if the ring is stolen, lost or damaged) and you are all set – you can enjoy wearing your dear precious adornment with a peace of mind.




After receiving the congratulations, including the part when everyone wants to see your antique emerald ring, the next sequel is called “"When are you getting married?" It might sound too early, but it is better to have a particular date or season in mind, because planning a wedding takes a lot of time and of course, plenty of nerves. There are many TO-DO’s to think of, such as choosing the venue, the wedding catering, photographers and other professionals that are best to be hired in advance, like a year in advance, preferably. If you have no idea what date to pick, sit down with your now-fiancé and discuss about the options you have at your disposal based on your preferences and desires.




Whether big or small, your upcoming wedding will cost you money and quite often, the costs are bigger than what it was imagined. That is why it is already time to start “putting coins into the piggy bank” , so that you will be able to afford the wedding of your dreams. Make a plan with your fiancé about how you want your big day to look like, what your priorities are and then set a budget. The easiest way is to open a basic savings account in your bank and deposit a particular amount of money from each paycheck.


Money Saving

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The engagement is announced, the gorgeous antique emerald ring is dazzling on your hand like a real star and now it is time to draft the guest list. Obviously, you should figure out who you are going to invite to your wedding together with your partner. You can also ask your parents if they have any special guest(s) that they want to be a part of your special day. Once the preliminary guest list is done, there will be enough time to make changes whenever you feel the need to.


#11. RELAX

That is right, do not forget to take care of yourself and get lost in all this “I just got engaged” madness.  Read books and magazines, get a massage, hit the gym, hang out with people that make you feel good, go to the places you love, simply said – chill out and enjoy every single moment of being a bride-to-be.


If you are looking for an unforgettable antique emerald ring for your engagement or have a particular design in mind, do not forget to turn to the Kobelli Jewelry team that is ready to meet all of your expectations!


Written by: Liljana Tomova

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