Getting Smart With: Tips For Choosing The Flawless Wedding Band

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Liljana Tomova

Mar 11, 2017 9:01:54 AM

The wedding band is that particular jewelry accessory that will be your best outfit companion any time and anywhere for the rest of your life, don’t you agree? Because we do. The tradition for brides-to-be says that the wedding ring is worn close to the heart, the same way as the engagement one, which should be worn on the same finger, right over the wedding band. For future grooms, on the other hand, the wedding band has to fit his personal style and of course, it needs to be the best match for her ring set. Sounds too complicated?

Yellow-Gold Wedding Bands

Many couples finding themselves in the ‘heat’ of their wedding planning, think that the selection of their wedding bands is an overwhelming and daunting task. ‘Which metal to go for?’; ‘Do our wedding bands have to feature the same metal as the engagement ring?’; ‘Does she want her wedding band to match her favorite everyday jewelry?’; ‘Does he want his wedding band to line-up with the design of his watch?’; ‘Do we want our wedding bands to be accentuated with diamonds or other precious gems?’

If these are the questions that are burdening your next purchase, take a look at our versatile tips for choosing the perfect wedding band for the two of you. We hope they will ease your selection and help you make the right decision once you start with your ultimate quest.



You will be spoilt for choice from the wide offer of mesmerizing wedding bands that come in various metal variants – yellow gold, white gold, platinum, rose gold and many others, each with its own beauty and properties that make them more or less suitable than the others. Here, a word or two for the most sought-after ones.



They are the most suitable alternative for traditional couples. 22K yellow-gold rings are usually too soft for everyday wear, that is why it is best to consider buying a 14K or an 18K yellow-gold wedding band. Gold as a precious metal goes never out of fashion and it has always been seen as a classic jewelry option, so if you are looking for a fashionable, yet simple wedding-band solution, you have the answer you have been looking for.


Our exclusive recommendation for HIM:

Classy Men’s Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold with a futuristic double-banded design.


 Classy Men’s Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold


Our exclusive recommendation for HER:

Round Diamond Wedding Band in 14k Yellow Gold, embellished with 11 gleaming stones in round cut.

 Round Diamond Wedding Band in 14k Yellow Gold


Recent tendencies are showing that brides-to-be opt for a white-gold wedding band as a super-attractive complement to their platinum engagement rings. We absolutely agree that wearing a white-gold ring creates unique look with lots of brilliance. Bad news is that many of these rings found on the market today are usually plated with rhodium to enhance the ring’s sparkling appearance. Only wedding bands made of high-quality white gold guarantee an eternal beauty and durability that will signify the lifespan of your love.


Our exclusive recommendation for HIM:

Handmade Braided Wedding Band in 14K White Gold, coming with a modernistic braided design, perfect for stylish men.

Handmade Braided Wedding Band in 14K White Gold


Our exclusive recommendation for HER:

Diamond Band in 14K White Gold with a superior-quality micro-pave diamond setting that eliminates the risk of losing any of the 49 magnetizing stones, all perfectly ‘scattered’ on this beautiful wedding band.

Diamond Band in 14K White Gold


Over the years, rose-gold wedding bands have become an increasingly popular choice for modern couples. Slowly, but surely, rose gold is building its reputation on the global jewelry market as a top-rated precious metal that symbolizes class, sophistication and elegance. So, if you opt for all these atributes, a wedding band made of high-quality rose gold is all you need.

Our exclusive recommendation for HIM:

Handmade Woven Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold, handsome and pleasing to the eye, handcrafted by our team of skilled artisans.


Our exclusive recommendation for HER:           

Contoured Diamond Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold, accentuated with 20 delightful stones. Its round-brilliant design makes it the ideal wedding band for fashionable brides-to-be.

Contoured Diamond Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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