Do You Know How To Choose The Right Jeweler?

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Feb 9, 2018 6:36:19 PM

Shopping for fine jewelry is not the same as strolling through the boutiques where you and your BFFs regularly get your bling-bling fashion accessories without overwhelming your budget. Where precious stones and metals take place in, the importance of style, price and quality is immediately aroused, thus adding grandeur to the entire purchasing process and consequently, a higher price tag. Since buying an engagement ring or bridal set is one of what we call “major acquisitions in our lives”, it is crucial to turn to a jeweler that totally deserves your trust and of course, your money. If a big jewelry purchase is lying ahead of you, this Kobelli guide is here to help you how to choose the right jeweler for you.


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Obviously, good reputation comes with experience and experience is the result of hard work and utmost devotion. The very first thing you will have to do is to see for how long the jeweler you are planning to entrust your money to has been operating in the industry. If it is a well-established, credentialed company, there will be a lot of great references by previous customers. The good news is that modern shopping-related apps are developed with state-of-the-art features that allow us to easily see customer reviews, which are the most relevant proof about the quality of the products/services of a particular company. Therefore, if there is too much bragging by the jewelry store itself, while the customer feedback is relatively poor, this is a big alert signal for you to not turn to this store. Look for a retailer with an at least ten-year experience or more, because if they have managed to stay this long among the killer competition there is out there, it means that they are really good at what they do and there is quite a chance that you can develop a long-lasting relationship with this jeweler.



A jewelry store with a splendid spectrum of beautiful pieces is another great starting point in your “How to choose the right jeweler” ultimate quest. Everyone wants to be spoilt with choice when it comes to making a pick from different styles, colors and gems. If you have to choose between feeling confusingly awestruck by having plenty of jewelry pieces at your disposal and feeling disappointed by a mediocre jewelry offer, what would you go for? The first option, of course.


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Diamonds and other precious stones are valuable and costly for many reasons, among which authenticity and striking beauty as the major ones. Why is this so important for you as a buyer? Because the diamond/gemstone piece you are planning to buy has to stand for all the properties that the jeweler will inform you about while trying to sell it to you. This includes information about the stone’s origin, composition, quality, cut, carat weight, color and clarity grade. But, how to be sure that this information that you will be provided with is relevant and determining for your decision? The answer is simple – the jeweler has to give you an official third-party certificate from a licensed gemstone laboratory, such as the International Gemological Institute (IGI), Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gem Society (AGS) and Gemological Science International (GSI), which are, in fact, the most renowned ones in the industry. So, from now on, anytime you ask yourself how to choose the right jeweler that will sell you a genuine diamond/gemstone piece, you should check if their products are supported by a certificate issued by any of the aforementioned gem laboratories. Obtaining a negative answer to this question means that you have to immediately put an “X” mark to this jewelry store and continue your search for a trustworthy retailer.



Quality and reputation are established with superior customer service, which is basically what all customers deserve in order to have a great shopping experience. The jeweler you choose needs to have a comprehensive warranty policy, as well as flexible return and resizing policies. Kobelli strives to provide excellent service to every customer, a service that holds true for all our products: whether new or old, ensuring that your pieces are perfect for you. This is our very top priority and the main principle of our work that we will always stick to. To read our full customer service policy, click here.


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Learning how to choose the right jeweler includes obtaining the highly important information of the modern day – does the jeweler work with conflict-free diamonds and gemstones? The truth is that ethical jewelry shopping first started as a trend and it has later developed as a necessity for a clear state of mind, because modern shoppers have finally understood the importance and the numerous benefits of buying conflict-free jewelry. Therefore, blood diamonds have become a thing of the past, so if the jeweler in question includes them in their offer, you better walk away from this store. Lab-grown diamonds and gemstones are as shiny and alluring as their mined counterparts and the coolest thing about them is that they come at significantly lower prices. Most important of all, they are ethically-sourced and will make you an environmentally responsible consumer. If you are uncertain about the jeweler’s sourcing methods, feel free to ask for a diamond certificate to see the stone’s origin, as we mentioned a few lines above.



The last thing from your “How to choose the right jeweler” pursuit is to find out if you will be making a deal with a well-informed retailer that is ready to answer all of your questions, which will be obviously related to the jewelry purchase itself. An experienced and reputable jeweler always has a team of professionals who are able to respond to the customers’ questions with confidence and ease, which plays a significant role in ensuring them about the quality of their service and making them feel like they have turned to a jeweler they can trust. You should not hesitate to push the red button if you do not feel like that at all or if you are refused to get an answer to any of your questions, because everything you ask 100% matters. That is how choosing the right jeweler looks like.


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Enthusiastic to find more interesting info about this topic? Read about the different types of jewelers you might come across to.


The “Basic” Jeweler

They have a modest product portfolio, although this does not necessarily mean that their offer does not stand for quality. These jewelers usually do not make the jewelry they sale that often comes at reasonable prices.


The “Main Street” Jeweler

This is the place where you can find more artistic and eccentric designs, which consequently draw higher prices. In most cases, it is a question of a family business operated by the owners themselves.


The “Boutique-Styled” Jeweler

They sell entire collections of renowned jewelry designers, popularly known as “jewelry lines”. Therefore, a line of a well-known designer includes authentic and utterly stylish pieces that often come from the fashion runways. This jewelry store looks likes an art gallery and it is basically, an exclusive representative of a particular jewelry designer(s).


The “Chain-Store” Jeweler

They are mostly located in malls and the staff working there is well-trained and knowledgeable. They have a wide range of jewelry that is presented in a highly professional and convincing way. This type of jewelers may offer custom-design services, but when it comes to repairs, they do not perform it on site – the jewelry that is left for reparation is sent to another location.


The “Estate” Jeweler

They work with used jewelry, which can be of museum or heirloom quality. In most cases, this is a very expensive jewelry that can be afforded by wealthy collectors only. A great number of these jewelry pieces are one of a kind.


The “Touristy” Jeweler

These types of jewelers can be found in popular tourist destinations and they are the most trickiest ones, because they take an advantage of the tourists’ excitement and positive mood to sell them false jewelry. As a consequence, the majority of customers end up being ripped off, which they realize once they are home and far from that place. So, another important “How to choose the right jeweler” lesson is to avoid “touristy” jewelers.


The “Online” Jeweler

Today, online jewelry stores cover most of the market, so the competition is definitely enormous. They are attracting customers not only with the jewelry they sell, but also with amazing discounts, coupons and promotions. When choosing an online jeweler, do not make a decision based on the images you see, it is more important to focus on the customers’ testimonials and the jeweler’s overall reputation.


Written by: Liljana Tomova

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