Cyber Monday Deals USA: This Is The Info You Would Like To Know

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Nov 11, 2017 4:55:04 PM

Arm in arm with Black Friday, Cyber Monday is the second most-talked about shopping event that is awakening the Christmas holiday spirit in the entire nation. The final countdown has officialy started and we can hear the excited chatter of customers who are exchanging ideas and expectations of how awesome “2017 Cyber Monday Deals USA” would be. If you are fast and lucky enough, you will probably get a great bargain, because cutting-edge products and mind-blowing discounts is what makes these shopping days as internationally popular as they are. This year, the big day falls on Monday, November 27 as an awesome addition to Thanksgiving’s magic and Black Friday’s shopping madness. However, in the past years, online retailers of all industries have been following the trend of launching their flash deals a couple of weeks ahead of the day itself.

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Cyber Monday was initially invented by companies themselves with the goal to increase people’s consciousness and interest in shopping on the web. Scott Silverman and Ellen Davis are the names that “baptized” this day back in 2005 on November 28. They say that Cyber Monday was already an online-shopping trend before 2005, just without a name. Today, “Cyber Monday Deals USA” is one of the most researched keywords on people’s browsers during the entire month of November, which allows them to plan ahead their Christmas-gifting budget and selection. The coolest thing about this is the opportunity to shop with ease and pleasure right from your office desk, your car and your couch. Shouldn’t we all agree?

The other big idea that is hiding against the “Cyber Monday” popularity is to give smaller businesses a chance to get customers’ attention after the Black Friday storm which represents a massive competition between world’s giants and big retailers.



In people’s brains, days like these are seen as a not-to-be-missed opportunity to buy themselves or their beloved ones the things they have always wanted to, but could not afford them. Beyond any shadow of doubt, famous mobile phone brands and high-tech appliances are what Americans love shopping the most, but the fashion and jewelry industry are also having a significant contribute in fulfilling their Cyber Monday desires. Following are the lessons we have learned from Cyber Monday Deals USA 2016.


Cyber Monday Sale

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- The internet is the most convenient shopping place.

Online spending on Cyber Monday 2016 topped $3.45 billion, which is the new record for Cyber Monday sales ever. Newspapers and magazines named it “The biggest day in the history of USA’s e-commerce.” It was the most profitable Thanksgiving-Black Friday weekend for online retailers with a 12.1% jump over the Cyber Monday shopping craze from the previous year. The effect of amazement comes not only from the fact that Cyber Monday 2016 set an incredible milestone, but also the fact that the spending of that year was so close to Black Friday’s spending like never before. A success of this range was, undoubtedly, a great start for the 2017 business year, by having retailers pampered with exceeded expectations, motivation and of course, budget for an even more fruitful production.


- Mobile shopping was a not-surprisingly plausible way.

Shopping apps were overwhelmed on last year’s Cyber Monday, as they allowed customers to spend any free moment of their Monday on looking for best discounts and deals. Mobile e-commerce sales for 2016 Cyber Monday Deals USA reached almost one billion, which is an outstanding growth of 29% in comparison with the previous year. Experts estimated that in 2016, 122 million Americans completed their Cyber Monday shopping from their mobile devices. Other interesting information related to this matter is that 3 million fewer Americans visited stores on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, whereas 5.5 million more Americans shopped online.


- Shopping was not only performed on Monday.

As previously mentioned, the commercial hack which seems to be working very, very well is promoting the deals BEFORE the big day. In other words, it means giving customers MORE time to buy MORE products, which for businesses results in making MORE money. Just like the old, but fancy expression says: “MORE is never too much”, that is how it works for Cyber Monday Deals USA too.


- Night-time shoppers outperformed themselves.

Here is another interesting one – people were more excited to shop hot deals during the night, rather than the day. The major reason? To avoid the long, energy-consuming queues in front of the actual stores and the mid-aisle squabbles within them.  This indication proved that when it comes to seizing the Cyber Monday deals, the evening online traffic is way more congested than in the early morning or afternoon hours.


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When it comes to Cyber Monday Deals USA, this is the full list of products that customers look after the most (apart from TVs, mobile phones, laptops and tablets).



     - Bluetooth earphones

     - smartwatches

     - activity trackers

     - action cameras

     - smart scales

     - power banks

     - wireless speakers

     - gaming consoles

     - dog cameras




     - coffee machines

     - vacuum cleaners

     - electric kettles

     - copper bottles

     - knife sets

     - pressure cookers

     - cast iron pans

     - multitools

     - whiskey stones




     - gemstone rings

     - enamel pins

     - black & rose necklaces

     - men’s bracelets

     - dad hats

     - cashmere sweaters

     - fringe scarves

     - denim jeans




     - travel backpacks

     - dog backpacks

     - garden kits

     - arduino kits


Mobile Shopping

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To get the best Cyber Monday Deals USA, follow these smart and insightful tips.


- Set a budget.

With all this holiday-shopping excitement it is very easy to get carried away and spend a lot more than you should. Remember, “DISCOUNTED” does not mean “FOR FREE”, so you should pay attention what you are buying and how much it will cost you. The best thing you can do is to set your Cyber Monday shopping budget before delving into the adventure, which will save you from the headache of having a maxed out credit card.


- Prepare the ground.

To prepare the ground means to do a detailed research for any particular product/purchase you bear in mind. Browse the offers of various retailers, compare features and prices and do not forget to take a look at their specific policies.


- Consider your payment method.

Will you be paying with your credit card or you are more willing to pay with cash? Think that your credit card is a more secure method in case something goes wrong with your purchase and you also do not have the necessity to leave your home and go shopping in an actual store.


- Know your consumer rights.

The policy of your chosen retailer has to be in accordance with The Consumer Rights Act. (Follow this link to see what your consumer rights are and how to get protected).


At the very end of this informative article about Cyber Monday Deals USA, we invite you to check our special offer of Cyber Monday jewelry deals that will set your pre-Christmas festive mood on fire. Shop safely and happily with Kobelli Jewelry! 


Written by: Liljana Tomova

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