Creative Ideas For The “Will You Marry Me” Question

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Apr 5, 2017 2:10:58 PM

You know that she is ‘the one’ and you feel like time has come to kneel down and ask her hand. But, why feel stressed about it when this is supposed to be one of the happiest days in your life? And so it will be. Relax, we are here to give you a hand in making that special moment an oasis of perfection and the most soul-enthralling feelings, a moment that both of you will cherish as a hallmark in your one and only love story. Here is how to pop the big “Will you marry me” question.

will you marry me

To successfully realize an unforgettable proposal surprise for your significant other, you need to carefully prepare all the ‘ingredients’ for her magical ‘I DO’, no matter if it takes a couple of weeks or even months to do it so. Most important of all, do not limit yourself in your ‘love madness’ Instead, let your creativity and imagination be your best allies while preparing this ultimate objective.

So, let’s get down to business and start browsing some outstanding ideas for your upcoming marriage proposal. You can freely adapt them to your own desires and add a personal touch to the occasion, which is absolutely the ideal outcome we are looking for here. Because do not forget, this is your moment and your goal is to make it as unique as possible by being guided by nothing less and nothing more than your heart!




If you are a hopeless romantic and you prefer to go classic, you can surprise your better half with an intimate dinner in her best-loved restaurant. When ‘dessert time’ knocks on the door, wait no more to get down on one knee and propose with a breathtaking diamond ring in hand. Make sure your “Will you marry me?” sounds convincing and lovely enough, so that it will resound in her head for the rest of her life. If she likes flowers, prettify the moment with a bouquet of her dearest flowers. It is a win-win combination, you can be more than sure about it!


Dinner Proposal

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You are far from a simple guy with a simple style - you are an adventurer with a wild spirit and you want to ask her hand in the most original way that everyone will talk about. If this is really what you are opting for, here is one excellent idea for you: take her breath away with a video proposal on an advertising board in your city. Let the melody of your favorite song create that one-of-a-kind feeling like it is just the two of you in this world, then seize the moment and ask the same question again, but now in ‘live streaming’. She will impatiently wait for her turn to respond with a very loud “YES, I DO!”, we promise.

Advertising Board Marriage Proposal

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If you are a perfectionist in everything you do and you like challenges, we have an awesome plan for your “Will you marry me” project. Part one: learn some fancy steps and prepare a spectacular choreography with your best friends. Part two: buy two tickets for the game of her favorite basketball team. You know and we know that she won't say no to this offer. Of course, before heading into action, you need to have the approval of the event organizer, for which we strongly believe that you won’t be refused. During half-time, be the MVP of the night by proposing with a memorable dance with your friends in front of the audience. Just get that microphone and ask her to be your fellow traveler for life. You will not only make her your future wife, but you will also look like a real hero in her eyes and this is exactly what you are dreaming for, aren't you?

Proposal On A Basketball Game

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