Body Chain Jewelry: The Latest Trend For Girls

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Liljana Tomova

Apr 10, 2017 10:22:40 AM

Here we are, fully prepared and totally excited to talk about something new, something fresh and so fancy that seems to be shaking the runways recently. And where fashion is, jewelry is simply a must-have. Today, we are going to meet for the very first time the newest trend that everyone is talking about – body chain jewelry. Believe it or not, body chain jewelry has quickly become a real star on the market, thanks to the waves of beauty and freshness it brings along. It is absolutely not a coincidence that the body chain is called ‘a star accessory’, because we have been seeing it embellishing the looks of many female celebrities we all know, such as The Queen B, RiRi, Miley Cyrus and JLo.


body chain jewelry

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As the name speaks for itself, body chain jewelry stands for femininity and it can flawlessly complete the dressing code of the modern lady. It is also great to be used as a distinctive and captivating fashion addition of the summer attire.

The body chain is actually a piece of jewelry worn on the body and it comes in various styles and sizes. Hence, there are body chains specially designed to cover all parts of the body (usually ending at the curves) and there are designs that adorn only specific parts of the body, like the shoulders, the waist and the ankles. Yes, this is a never-before-seen fashion detail for ladies and that is why it has so quickly become one of the essential jewelleries of stylish and chic ladies. In other words, the body chain represents ‘the perfect middle’ between jewelry and fashion. This up-to-the-minute adornment allows women to add sex appeal to their looks in all ways possible. Whether if made of gold, silver or any other material, the body chain’s unique beauty is that it offers many opportunities for easy and classy wear.

Certain designs of body chain jewelry allow to be worn around the neck and they end at the lower part of the back. Some of these models are designed to surround the waist and even the legs. You have read it right, there are body chains specially created to work as a top-notch jewelry for legs. They usually come with a soft elastic band which secures the chain above the thigh. Although we cannot qualify the body chain as a super-expensive type of jewelry,  it is definitely a creation that is immensely pleasing to wear and see. Moreover, the fact that every woman can afford to have it in her personal box of bling-bling adornments, makes the body chain jewelry even more attractive and desirable.

But, that is not all. You can also personalize your body chain by adding a pendant or some other detail at your preference to it. If you want to look specific and authentic with your body chain accessory, but you do not have any clue how to get that flair of individuality, do not worry, because its designers have thought about you and created an endless sea of body-chain design opportunities. A short, friendly note to all future body-chain jewelry shoppers: you do not have to show off too much skin to express your beauty and the one of your body chain jewel. Instead, it could be considered ‘too much’ and it could potentially bring the opposite effect of what you have been striving for. To discover all the great possibilities of wearing your new body chain accessory, stay attentive and keep reading this article. The handy Kobelli guide is right on its way!


Body Chain Jewelry

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Outfit #1

If your body chain is designed to be worn around the neck and it falls delicately on your neck by gracefully finishing on the navel, you can choose to combine it with a dress or a shirt in the elegant V-neck style.


Outfit #2

If you prefer to have a body chain that is nicely surrounding your waist and it brings this part of your body to the center of attention, make sure to marry the appeal of your accessory with a slim-fit tank top. As for the ‘dressing’ of your lower body, you have several opportunities at your disposal. You can choose a pair of fancy shorts or a skirt, while for ladies who are a little more reserved, they can quickly turn to a pair of casual jeans in which they feel super comfortable without any feeling of exaggeration.


Outfit #3

If your body chain is one of those special ones that are worn on the leg, then you are left with not so many possibilities to choose the rest of your outfit. For this particular occasion, you should opt for either a one-piece clothing like a dress at your preference, or a two-piece outfit with a top tank and a pair of shorts, for example.


Body Chain Jewelry

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Outfit #4

In case the body chain is designed to cover the length and the width of your back, it is essential to choose an outfit that will allow exactly the same. Therefore, you can combine it either with a dress or a shirt in the glamorous open-back style.

Outfit #5

If the body chain is made to ornament your ankle, you have plenty of outfit options and your only job is to go for the one that pleases you the most and corresponds with your style and personality. From dresses and skirts to shorts matched with a tank top, a T-shirt or a sweater maybe, the choice is all yours.

Outfit #6

If the body chain is expected to cover your shoulders, here, you have two possibilities in front of you. The first one is to wear it over your clothes, like an elegant suit jacket or a classy silk shirt. The second option is to leave your shoulders uncovered and the only ornament seen on them should be your dazzling body chain. In this case, opt for a strapless dress or another strapless piece of clothing.


Outfit #7

If your body chain works as a fashion detail for your arm, dare to look chic and fancy with a sleeveless shirt or a top tank for those opting  for a more casual look. It is up to you to make a choice according to the occasion itself.


Body Chain Jewelry

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We presented you 7 brilliant ways to wear your enthralling body chain for a 100% fancy look. We hope that they will help you decide on what your future dressing code would be, and of course, do not hesitate to share your experiences with us. 

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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