8 Precious Gemstones And Their Healing Properties

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Liljana Tomova

Apr 5, 2017 7:03:27 AM

Gemstones are dainty gifts of nature with a long and opulent history that is, indeed, a very interesting subject worth discovering. For instance, did you know that in Ancient Egypt, precious gemstones were primarily used for their health benefits, rather than for jewelry purposes? As for today, we can confirm quite the opposite. But, the truth is, there are still many gemstone admirers who firmly believe that there are particular gems and minerals which offer significant health bonuses to the wearer. And this is exactly what we are going to talk about today.



Aquamarine Ring

Having the same color of the endless ocean, the silky aquamarine is the reason for the enchanting beauty of many jewelry pieces, no matter if a ring, a necklace or a pair of earrings. As a plus, there are a lot of traditional beliefs associated with this graceful gem, especially when it comes to its healing properties. Therefore, the aquamarine is said to be beneficial for eye, teeth and digestion problems. There are also some people who interpret the aquamarine benefits in other ways, like in considering this gemstone helpful in boosting the energy, reducing the fear of water and even bringing a wayward lover back.  In the past, the aquamarine was often used by sailors to bring them luck at sea, while others used it for protection purposes. Last, but not least, this special gemstone is also believed to have a special power in bringing joy and happiness to its wearer, as well as promoting prosperity.



Amber Earrings

The delicious amber, whether brown, yellow or a red one, apart from making a great jewel for vintage-inspired creations, it is also good for managing stress and headaches, including improving self-expression. Much to your surprise, the amber takes pride in being appreciated as one of the precious gemstones that are effective in bringing illnesses out of the human body and reducing the pain, so that the wearer can heal quickly and successfully.


Amethyst Ring

Gorgeous and ultra feminine, the amethyst has already proven to be a great charmer when it comes to elegant jewelry pieces. Apart from its impressive beauty effects, let’s see what this gemstone can offer the wearer from the so-called ‘health aspect’. For a very long time, the amethyst has been known as the gemstone that works well in treating mood disorders, anxiety and addictions. The peaceful properties of this soothing gem are also good to revive the energy and release the creativity. Simply said, thanks to all of its outstanding qualities, the amethyst is a gem that promotes physical and spiritual health, which makes it ideal to be worn anytime and anywhere.


Citrine Ring

Popularly known as ‘the sunshine stone’, citrine is a stone that carries the energy of the sun. It promotes emotional well-being and it brings positive energy to the wearer, hence, the reason why this adorable gemstone makes the perfect gift to someone you truly love and appreciate. Based on previous experiences, many people believe that this precious stone is effective in dealing with issues related to sleep, digestion and hearing. Moreover, it is great for reducing inflammation and pain. Conclusion: having a citrine gemstone in your best-loved jewelry box is definitely not a bad idea.



Garnet Ring

The lovely, heartwarming red garnet is widely known as an efficient energy booster that fulfills the wearer’s body with positivity and vivaciousness. Where garnet is, there is always the will to fight health issues, as it promotes overall well-being and increases confidence. We should not forget to mention that red garnet protects from evil and band karma, so may we consider it a stress-free solution? The red garnet imposes no rules for wearing it, but it is said that the closer to your heart is, the stronger its healing effects will be. So, you are left with no other solution than to try it and prove it.



Moonstone Earrings

One of the reasons why we adore the graceful moonstone gem is the feeling of purity it transmits when having it on your skin, regardless if white or rainbow-colored. This gemstone is said to be particularly beneficial for women in terms of balancing the ‘yin & yang’ energies. It is helpful in driving away insomnia and nightmares, as well as achieving emotional balance in the body. The moonstone is further known as ‘the stone of the lovers’, thanks to its secret power of reconciling estranged lovers. Also, this dear gemstone is said to promote wisdom and prosperity.



Pearl Ring

Since forever, pearls have been considered a synonym of tenderness and intergalactic appeal that can’t be seen at no other member from the family of precious gemstones. An interesting thing about pearls is that they come in many different shapes, sizes and shades, which makes them highly attractive for creating unique, delicate and challenging jewelry adornments. As for the health benefits that the pearl stone can bring to the wearer, it is believed that this gemstone creates a balance within the body, more precisely a balance between the body and the mind, which is often interpreted as a ‘state of serenity’. For centuries, pearls have been used in the alternative Asian medicine as ‘tools’ for treating fertility and heart problems. If you haven’t known yet, pearls are also used in the cosmetic industry in the form of pearl powder that creates a glowing complexion. Some people think that this precious stone is beneficial for treating particular skin disorders, like rosacea, for example.



Rose Quartz Earrings

From all the extraordinary healing powers of precious gemstones we have just went through, the one of the adorable rose quartz will surely intrigue you the most. Believe it or not, but the rose quartz is said to be exceptionally helpful in healing heartaches. And to feel the most out of rose-quartz healing effects, make sure you have this precious gem on your neck. This is how the stone will be able to help you heal the emotional wounds and will open your heart to new, positive relationships. Another property of rose quartz is that it radiates a soothing energy that brings calm to the wearer.


Are you familiar with other healing properties of our precious gemstones? Share your knowledge with us in the comment box below and became a special member of our family. Thank you for visiting us!

Written by: Liljana Tomova

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