6 Tremendous Gemstone Alternatives For Diamond Engagement Rings

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Liljana Tomova

Mar 29, 2017 10:09:57 AM

Since their entrance in the jewelry world, diamonds became an instant trend for making lustrous creations that have never stopped attracting the female jewelry audience. So, it has quickly become more than clear that these precious stones will never lose their allure, elegance and grandeur, and they will forever stay a lady’s best friend, no matter the time nor the occasion.

Wearing A Diamond Ring

But, what happens with those fanatics that want to experience another type of jewelry pleasure, something more different, fresh and absolutely unique? What could possibly be the very best alternative for the darling diamond glam that will work with the same perfection on a lady’s appeal and style? Oh yes, we are talking about the majestic world of gemstones that have proven to make awe-inspiring pieces of jewelry, especially when it comes to engagement rings.

Following are our carefully selected ideas for embellishing your ring finger with a laudable gemstone piece. Be more than ensured that it will look as handsome as a diamond one.



Moissanite Engagement Ring

With this gem on your hand, you won’t miss the subtle-elegance and hardness provided by the diamond. The only missing thing will be its heavy price tag. Or, maybe this would be the reason to immediately go for a mossanite engagement ring that will turn out to be the right gemstone for you.

There are many key features that make moissanite a diamond’s greatest enemy. Let’s remember that more than a century ago, when the moissanite discovery happened, it was mistaken for a diamond. Moreover, in terms of hardness and durability, moissanite counts 9.5 on the Moh’s scale, thus representing the second hardest mineral  in the world right after the diamond.

Last but not least, the moissanite gem allows to be cut in some of today’s most alluring shapes, so you absolutely won’t be disappointed if choosing a moissanite engagement ring for your proposal.



Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphires are marvelous gemstones that come in a spectrum of colors, but their enticing blue appeal is what makes them remarkable and most appreciated in the world of gemstone engagement rings.

Besides immeasurable glamour, style and elegance, other benefits you can freely enjoy in with a sapphire engagement ring on your hand, are the impressive levels of durability and hardness that give sapphires the precious third place on the list of world’s hardest minerals.

Blue sapphires come at their best representation when they are given the center place on a jewel, as this is where they can perfectly show how beautiful and mesmerizing they truly are. They also look stunning in the role of side stones, by giving the piece a unique touch of marvel and sophistication.



Amethyst engagement ring

Lovely purple gems, like amethyst, are a synonym of love, femininity, tenderness and fashion-forward style. Without any shadow of doubt, the amethyst is one of the most delightful gemstones that can be seen in fine jewelry, all thanks to its sweet lavender hues that come in a variety of nuances.

The amethyst gemstone looks absolutely gorgeous in white-gold or rose-gold setting, especially if it is further adorned with smaller diamond accents. In fact, its color is so soft and gentle, that it allows many fancy combinations for the modern and romantic lady. If you are one, hear your inner voice and opt for an amethyst engagement ring. It is a decision you will never regret.

In case you have already decided on your engagement-ring selection, keep in mind that you can always trust any other type of amethyst jewelry that can perfectly fit your personal collection.



Emerald engagement ring

You will immediately recognize the queenly emerald gem, as no one can escape its captivating rich green color that can be seen in no other gem from the colored-gem family. Thanks to this one-of-a-kind feature, an emerald engagement ring is the favorite option for the non-traditional lady that wants to stand out of the crowd in no time.

Emerald engagement rings lived their days of fame and glory during the Art Deco period. Then, it seemed like they had fallen out style. But, emerald jewelry came back in with its fullest potential and glamour, so if you strive to look unique and absolutely phenomenal, you know what your next step should be.



Topaz Engagement Ring

The luscious topaz is a gem with a luxe clarity and surpassing sweetness, no matter if shining with blue, green, red, orange or pink vibes, which believe it or not, are created by the many impurities and imperfections of the stone. Simply said, topaz is perfect in all of its imperfections and any woman would be honored to get proposed with a topaz engagement ring.

No matter if in warm or cool tones, the graceful topaz always remains a brilliant and lustrous gem. We, at Kobelli Jewelry, personally treasure the icy-blue topaz that seduces instantly with its intergalactic beauty. It is simply, one and only.



Tourmaline engagement ring

It is said that tourmaline can be found in the widest color range than any other gemstone on Earth. From pink and purplish red to blue and greenish blue, tourmaline is ‘rocking’ the Universe of colored jewelry with all of its charm and popularity.

The most fascinating thing about this gemstone is that it does not stop surprising the female jewelry audience with its unique color appearance that can feature more than three colors at once, making it the most authentic gem for engagement rings. Green and reddish-pink tourmalines tend to be the most crowd-pleasing option for modern admirers of fine tourmaline jewelry. Therefore, an awesome opportunity for you to browse some fancy tourmaline engagement rings that will undoubtedly leave quite an impression on you. We guarantee!

We hope that all of these ideas will ease your selection and help you find the right ring for your dream proposal. Our warmest advice is to not get confused when comparing various engagement rings. Just follow your heart and jewelry taste, they will take you the desired destination. 

Written by: Liljana Tomova

Kobelli Jewelry

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