You got engaged, finally! But you are still feeling the “consequences” of the long and confusing quest for the perfect bauble, which from now on, it is going to adorn your hand 24/7. If you need a few words of consolation, let us tell you that the engagement-ring buying process is indeed draining the time and energy, but the good thing about it is that you got yourself a spectacular jewelry adornment, which represents love, beauty and preciousness, all three at the same time. It is more than clear that you fell in love with the overall appearance of your new bling, but do you know what this particular engagement ring style reveals about your personality? To discover more about yourself and the jewelry you wear, this is the Kobelli article you must read.


Cushion Moissanite Engagement Ring with Diamond 1 3/5 CTW in 14K White Gold

Cushion Moissanite & DIamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

The ultra-feminine look of the cushion diamond is instantly perceived by the woman that takes pride in having femininity as her biggest attribute. Also known as the “pillow-like cut ” and the “old mine cut”, the cushion cut is enjoying its reputation in the world of jewelry as a modern twist on the classic and the traditional. This shape is remarkable for being a sophisticated mix of square and round shape (curved sides and round corners), usually featuring between 58 and 64 facets. Undoubtedly, cushion diamonds are among the most lustrous of all, hence the reason why they are so popular on the bridal jewelry market. It is often said that the woman who picks a cushion diamond piece for herself is driven by the desire to shoulder her look with understated elegance and outstanding sparkle. According to the jewelry experts, this particular engagement ring style is especially designed to manifest the meaning of romance. Therefore, if you have picked a cushion-cut diamond engagement ring for your proposal, it means that you are an incurable romantic. Do you think you fit this description?

Kobelli extra advice: The cushion engagement ring style has a marvelous beauty effect on long and slender fingers. 


Princess Diamond Engagement Ring 5/8 carat (ctw) in 14K White Gold

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

The lavishness of the princess cut appeared in 1961, when it was originally created by Arpad Nagy, a renowned London cutter. It belongs to the family of “fancy cuts”, which is one of the major reasons why it is wholeheartedly recommended to women who want to go off-register. That is right, if your ultimate selection was a gorgeous diamond engagement ring in princess style, you are definitely a proven fashionista and a huge fan of the alternative. The princess-cut design embraces poise with edginess and when it comes to the shimmer radiated from it, there is quite a lot to enjoy. You wanted to look glamorous and that is why you decided to say a resounding “YES” to a princess-cut diamond engagement ring. The truth is, you have had a soft spot for the stone’s accentuated sides of equal length that make it look like the right detail to anchor your drop-dead-gorgeous attire. Also, you love the fact that the shimmer of your princess-styled jewel can be seen from any angle in the room. Ladies who have already been proposed with this engagement ring style describe that special moment as divine and fairytale-like.

Kobelli extra advice: The engagement-ring shopping practice has shown that the more rectangular the shape of the princess-cut diamond, the lower its price.


Double Halo Round Diamond Engagement Ring 3/4 CTW in 14K White Gold

Double Halo Round Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

If we are talking about the most classic diamond cut ever, that is definitely the round one. The ultimate message conveyed by the diamond sculpted in round cut is that simplicity and simplistic are not the same thing. What does this mean? It means that you do not need an extravagant piece to make yourself look glamorous; you can easily accomplish this goal with a nicely crafted round-cut solitaire ring, for example. The elegance provided by this diamond shape is said to last through the ages, so ladies who have opted for this engagement ring style are nothing, but old souls that always stick to the traditional and are emotionally fulfilled only with things that last forever. Want to hear another interesting thing that your round-cut engagement ring reveals for you? Here it is – if you are  not married yet, you would probably have your first dance on Leonard Cohen’s “Dance me to the end of love”, rather than something non-cheesy, like Beyoncé’s “Love on top”. Besides its simple and timeless look, the other X factor that contributed to the global fame of the round diamond is called “maximum sparkle”. The round engagement ring style features the “traditional” number of 58 facets that offer a sparkle like no other diamond shape.

Kobelli extra advice: One of the most desired setting styles for round diamonds is halo. When more diamonds are encircling the center stone, the entire piece becomes flashier and more captivating for everyone.


Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring 1/2 carat (ctw) in 14K White Gold

Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

Known as “the brother” of the emerald cut, only with squarish corners, the asscher cut wins the hearts of vintage jewelry lovers. This diamond shape is featuring a high crown and large, step facets that make the precious stone look riveting and absolutely fabulous. Asschers have long been used as the hallmark of vintage beauty, ever since the Roaring Twenties. So, if this is the engagement ring style that won your affection, there is no doubt that you have a hipster alter ego which is incredibly attracted by the vintage charm. You have nothing against the futuristic, high-end designs, but you feel a stronger connection with the looks from a distant past encrusted with an old-world sophistication. The asscher-cut diamond first appeared in 1902 and ever since, it has been enjoying a highly esteemed place in the family of fancy cuts. The cropped corners give it an attractive octagonal shape, which together with the elaborate detailing and clear lines can easily become a woman’s signature jewelry. As for the shine produced by the asscher-cut diamond, it is often visually described as a hallway of reflective mirrors.

Kobelli extra advice: The asscher-cut diamond looks best when nestled in a classic four-prong setting, because the stone keeps its authentic shape well displayed within a square silhouette.


Marquise Diamond Chevron Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

Marquise Diamond Chevron Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

There are more than just a few reasons that make marquise jewelry lust-worthy and a real feast for the eyes. The number one is, undoubtedly, the subtle navette shape, which infuses an instant royal flair into the wearer’s overall look. In addition to navette, the other common names used to refer to marquise are: the eye-shaped cut, the football-shaped cut and the boat-shaped cut, each of them standing for a breathtaking elliptical (elongated) shape with pointed ends. The second major reason that makes the marquise-cut diamond be in an unstoppable rise for bridal jewelry is the historical background behind its beauty. Hence, the main inspiration for developing this fancy diamond shape was the mistress of the French King Louis XV, Marquise de Pompadour. This adds another meaning to the simple act of wearing this engagement ring style, by representing fusional love and unceasing passion for the beloved one. So, you will certainly agree that this is exactly how you feel about the one who gave you that stunning marquise-cut engagement ring, but you will also agree that you are an outgoing and determined person, right? You can freely correct us if we gave you the wrong description, but you know and we know that marquise speaks volumes about romance, gracefulness and boldness.

Kobelli extra advice:  Cutting a diamond in marquise shape is a bit tricky, so to make sure that you are wearing a 100% symmetrical stone, check if the points at the both ends precisely align with one another.


Emerald-Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring 1 1/3 Carat (ctw) in 14K White Gold

Emerald-Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

Time has come to talk about the emerald cut too. If truth be told, only those who have felt its one-of-a-kind magnificence on their skin can understand what does it is mean to have such a jewelry adornment as a part of your attire. The essence of the emerald-cut diamond epitomizes the notion of refinement like none of the engagement ring styles we mentioned before. When fashion experts talk about emerald –cut jewelry, they regularly associate it with minimalist elegance. You went for the emerald engagement ring style because you wanted to look effortlessly refined and elegant, didn’t you? And you also thought that this could be the perfect opportunity to show off your discerning taste, which is something you had dreamed about for so long. Well, you were right, you have accomplished your biggest desire and  created a look that once seen, it is going to be long remembered. And it is all thanks to the large table, parallel, step lines and architectural strength that rise the emerald cut high in the world of fine jewelry. This awe-inspiring engagement ring style has been here for around 80 years and we are excited to see its resplendence flourishing for many more.

Kobelli extra advice: The emerald cut gives the diamond a bulkier, larger appearance compared to other diamond shapes with the same carat size. In other words, the emerald engagement ring style offers a rich and opulent look at a fraction of the cost.

Do you feel satisfied with the description of some of your personality traits according to your engagement ring style? We would be happy to hear your opinion, so feel free to leave us a comment right below.

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Written by: Liljana Tomova

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