Unlike many brides-to-be, the idea of buying a diamond bridal set boosts your pre-wedding enthusiasm even more instead of making you feel overwhelmed or frightened of it. One of the major reasons for that is your budget, which allows you to plan a big and costly investment in a piece of jewelry that many would describe as “immoderate”. However, a purchase of this kind does not only increase the numbers, but also the pressure. This means that you need to be careful of every step you take during the selection to ensure that your big money is going to the right place. In this Kobelli article, you will learn how savvy consumers shop for expensive diamond bridal sets. Stay attentive!



Any budget has a limit, including yours. The difference comes in the digits, clearly. Your quest for the perfect bridal set will include a lot of decisions and setting a budget is the very first one. The big question is: What is your definition of “expensive”? Once you know how much you are ready to spend, you can start browsing collections of diamond bridal sets to find THE one. If you already have a particular design in mind,  it will be easier for you to narrow down the selection; at the same time, you will have the opportunity to investigate the market and see how competitive this design is and what is its price range.


Vintage Diamond Bridal Set 1 4/5 CTW in 14k White Gold (3 Piece Set)

Vintage Diamond Bridal Set 


When shopping for expensive diamond bridal sets, one of the common mistakes consumers make is that they are entirely focused on the price, thinking that the higher price - the better the product. Well, that is not always the case. Sometimes, before you jump into the purchase, it is good to ask yourself – “Is this bridal set really worth the cost?” Remember that price is determined by several factors, out of which the 4Cs of diamonds are the most important ones. The 4Cs refer to cut, color, clarity and carat weight and they are absolutely the first lesson to learn in smart jewelry shopping. Understanding them is essential to recognize the quality and worth of the diamond bridal set you are planning to buy. For example, a diamond with a “FL” clarity grade offers the best sparkle, but at the same time, it is the most expensive diamond look of all. Learn more about 4Cs and diamond grading here.



Do you have a favorite shape? Or a preferred cutting style? What is your ring size? The answers to these questions are essential for the success of your purchase, so you better include them into it. Brides who are into the modern, popularly known as “high-end” designs, are often guided by the buzz words in jewelry, which nowadays include: “asscher”, “princess cut”, “cushion cut”, “rose gold”, “chevron prong”, “invisible setting”, “by-pass”, “tapillion”, etc. On the other side, we have the non-traditional brides who were born to wear vintage-inspired diamond bridal sets. Some of the buzz words in their Bohemian world are “marquise”, “old mine cut”, “trellis setting”, “split shank”, “milgrain”, “three stone”, etc.

Nowadays, among the most expensive diamond shapes are princess, oval, round brilliant, marquise, pear and heart shape. Therefore, if you are willing to wear a bridal set that is both expensive and fashionable, you need to take into account these cutting styles. In terms of ring size, the surest thing is to do the research based on a ring you already have and it fits well your fourth finger.  Use it as a sample to determine what is the right size of your bridal set. According to the statistics, the average ring size of American women is 6 (16.4 mm). Experts say that it is better to make a ring-sizing mistake by choosing a bigger ring than a smaller one, because it is much cheaper to size a ring smaller than to size it larger. This “unwritten” rule especially applies to custom diamond bridal sets.


 Moissanite and Diamond Vintage Filigree Bridal Set 2 1/3 CTW in 14k White Gold

Moissanite & Diamond Vintage Filigree Bridal Set 


The jewelry market is huge, meaning that there is an indefinite number of retailers to shop diamond bridal sets from. This fact is closely related to another one - there is a great chance to get ripped off and that could be a total disappointment for such an important and costly investment like this one. Therefore, you need to ensure the reliability of your purchase with a diamond certificate – a document that confirms the origin and quality of the precious stone(s). Any experienced and reputable jewelry store operates with certified diamonds, so if you want to protect your money and expectations, you need to find a retailer of this kind. Diamond certificates are issued by a 3rd party gemological laboratory, such as GIA, IGI, AGS, GSI and EGL. They are all internationally recognized as gemological laboratories whose diamond certification meets the highest criteria of accuracy and professionalism.



The last, but certainly not the least important step of this entire jewelry shopping adventure is to insure your investment. This way, you will spare yourself from a severe headache in case the bridal set gets damaged, lost or stolen. Quite often, the insurance is included in the retailer’s services, but if not, you can always turn to a jewelry insurance company that will cover both the financial and sentimental value of your precious adornment.

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Written by: Liljana Tomova

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