Celebrity weddings have been creating the hottest bridal trends for decades and today, the one that tops the charts is the 3 stone bridal set. The reason why? Probably because this jewelry style is both modern and romantic, but also heirloom-worthy. A great example of timelessness is Megan Markle’s engagement ring that features one center stone designed by Prince Harry himself and two side stones coming from Princess Diana’s personal jewelry collection. So, if a wedding is on the horizon, let’s give you a little enlightenment on the ultimate 3-stone look, which you absolutely need to put into a serious consideration.

3-Stone Princess Moissanite and Diamond Halo Bridal Set in 14K White Gold

3 Stone Princess Moissanite & Diamond Halo Bridal Set in 14K White Gold

1. The “Trilogy” concept symbolizes “The passing of time”.

In dictionaries, the term “trilogy” is defined as “a group of three”, which in jewelry is represented by three main stones that stand for the past, present and future. Generally, the central stone is the largest one and it reflects the importance of “now”. Many couples choose a 3 stone bridal set as a token of commitment. This alternative style also makes an excellent anniversary or birthday gift, as it can relate to the evolution of a friendship or a family relationship.


2. The “Trilogy” concept is religiously meaningful. 

The three stones may also represent the act of two souls getting unified in matrimony by God. In Christian religion, in particular, this precious trio symbolizes the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, along with the marriage-related concepts, like trust, respect and commitment.

3-Stone Princess Moissanite and Diamond Halo Bridal Set in 14K White Gold

3 Stone Emerald Diamond Halo Bridal Set in 14K White Gold

3.  The “Trinity” style emerged in the 15th century.

What trinity rings and pianos have in common is that both were invented in the early 15th century. According to the jewelry reports, the first three-stone ring ever was seen in Mary of Burgundy’s rich collection of jewels she received from her spouse, the Archduke Maximilian of Austria. Not long after, this style became highly popular in royal jewelry. By the end of the 20th century, three-stone rings could be seen in every jewelry shop in the United States and Europe.


4. Diamonds and gemstones are equally accepted.

There has always been a confusion whether 3 stone bridal sets are a traditional or non-traditional jewelry choice. Considering the fact that they have been around for so long and the importance they were given by famous people in world’s history, we would say that 3 stone bridal sets are indeed a traditional jewelry, but with a renewed look. Brides with classic taste are drawn by the clean and sparkly look of diamonds, while those who want to “skip the ordinary” have an option to choose a gemstone trio. Therefore, it is either the gemstone that takes the central position with two side diamonds or vice versa. The best thing ever is that both options look phenomenal, if the ring is symmetrically designed and bedecked with quality stones.


5. Blue sapphire is the best-selling trilogy gemstone.

Brides who want to add a pop of color to their 3 stone bridal set, usually choose sapphire as the featured gemstone of the design. Sapphires are most desired for their deeply saturated blue color that evokes a feeling of high-fashion and elegance, but it also blends perfectly well with the icy-white sparkle of diamonds. Therefore, the blue sapphire and diamond combo is, so far, the most popular three-stone look on the market, although black diamonds have been in quite a rise lately.

3 Stone Sapphire & Diamond Halo Bridal Set in 14K White Gold

3-Stone Sapphire & Diamond Halo Bridal Set in 14K White Gold

6. All three stones can be of the same size.

In terms of technical dimensions, a three-stone profile can be either gradual or equal. Stones arranged in gradual fashion are most common on the market, but it is important to mention that a trio of equal stones is an existing option as well. As a matter of fact, three stones with the same size make an attractive and original choice for custom bridal jewelry.


7. The stones can have different cuts.

First-time buyers of 3 stone bridal sets initially look for identically-shaped stones. There is no denial that the most popular cut for trinity rings is the round brilliant, which is considered basic and ever-classic. However, interested shoppers should know that the stones can be sculpted into various shapes. For instance, a fantastic three-stone ring is the one with an asscher center and a pair of baguette stones accentuating it. Other rectangular cuts, such as princess and emerald are not less favored for this jewelry style. At the end of the day, the perfect bridal set is the one that suits her personality, even if that means to have to alter it to get the look she wants.


8. White gold and platinum are brides’ favorite metals.

The golden rule says: cool-toned skin looks best when adorned with silky-white metals, such as white gold, silver and platinum. Yellow gold, on the flip side, makes a statement on warm undertones. Sales reports are showing that white gold and platinum are the 2018 best-selling metals for women’s jewelry, hereby including 3 stone bridal sets.


3 Stone Round Diamond Bridal Set in 14K White Gold
3 Stone Round Diamond Bridal Set in 14K White Gold

9. "Halo" makes the ring extra special.

A trinity bridal set with a halo engagement ring enhances the complexity of the design, which always brings the best results when it comes to overall brilliance. The halo look is easily achieved with sparkly pavé or micro-pavé stones (in most cases diamonds) that surround the three main stones. The smaller the halo stones, the more accentuated the central ones, which consequently look bigger than their actual size.

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Written by: Liljana Tomova

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