Since gold jewelry has promised to never go out of fashion, it offered the crafty jewelers an exceptional opportunity to bring more delicateness to the golden look and make it suitable for any age and any style. Hence, the invention of the revolutionary two-tone gold engagement rings, which although intricate, seem to be never confusing. If you are looking for a modern, attention-seeking engagement ring that will slay your style, here are 8 Kobelli pieces that will spread your horizons and hopefully, ease your selection.



Kobelli Two-Tone Gold Engagement Rings: Art Deco Marquise Diamond Ring

In the past two years, the white and yellow gold combo has been off the charts in all jewelry styles. As a matter of fact, it has increased the demand for two-tone gold engagement rings, which took a whole new direction in all aspects of beauty and elegance, as this magnificent sparkler shows on its own. Centered with a large marquise diamond, the flattering look of this ring cannot be escaped from – once you see it, it becomes an everlasting memory. Two additional round diamonds surround the center stone on each side, sitting in a sophisticated prong setting. No matter the side or angle this Kobelli engagement ring is observed from, one thing is for sure – it will evoke a roller coaster of soul-stirring emotions.

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Kobelli Two-Tone Gold Engagement Rings: Unique Diamond Ring in Halo StyleIn addition to being fashionable, jewelry crafted in white and rose gold is versatile as well, because these lovely hues can easily accessorize a woman’s attire. Here is the typical after-proposal story that comes along with this ring – the mother of the future bride feels dignified and the crew of BFFs is jealous of its fascinating beauty. The ring is designed with a thin white-gold band that allows an entirely comfortable wear, featuring ornamental rose-gold details on both sides. Each of the 41 diamonds making part of this engagement ring’s design is sculpted in round-brilliant shape and nestled in a well-fastened prong setting. The increased interest in this riveting piece is driven by the fact that it makes a big splash with little budget. You can have it for yourself if planning a sophisticated proposal that can be described with two simple words  - spellbinding beauty.

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Kobelli Two-Tone Gold Engagement Rings: Vintage Diamond Ring in Floral Style

Once this ring is put on a woman’s finger, she gets addicted to it, in a matter of seconds. Night and day, it will be displayed as her signature jewelry and its vintage charm? Oh, she just won’t get enough of it. For all that and much more, the main responsibility goes to the ring’s splendid floral look, obtained with a beautiful rose-gold pattern which makes the white diamonds stand out even more and speak the “Bohemian” language in all senses. The ring is showcasing a stellar collection of 59 prong-set round diamonds whose fiery brilliance goes hand-in-hand with the smoothness of finest-quality white gold, thus creating a statement jewelry piece worth to be called “mine”. Many two-tone gold engagement rings would like to look as exhilarating as this one, which is, beyond a shadow of doubt, an adornment that has the power to transform her look in a moment and forever.

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Kobelli Two-Tone Gold Engagement Rings: Unique Diamond Ring in Twisted StyleThe tenderness of rose gold is always a beautiful surprise for sophisticated ladies, especially when it comes to important milestones in their lives, such as their engagement. We would all agree that this two-tone gold ring looks like a real candy with a central string of sparkly diamonds set in white gold and the delicious rose-gold base that promotes femininity at its finest. The focus of attention goes to the high-mounted round diamond center fastened in a classic four-prong setting, adding to her finger an extra weight of one precious carat. Why this diamond engagement ring out of all the other two-tone gold engagement rings? Because its time-honored twinkle that occurs with every single move of her hand reflects the mood of high-end jewelry and that is exactly what she needs for her one-off look. The piece counts a total of 21 diamonds, all sculpted in the favored round brilliant shape, known as the most scintillating of all.

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Kobelli Two-Tone Gold Engagement Rings:Unique Diamond Engagement Ring with Vintage Ornamental Details

Among the many reasons that have made two-tone gold engagement rings a popular choice in the modern jewelry world is uniqueness. That is right, wearing a ring of this kind helps a woman create her own identity, by separating her from the crowd and bringing her a reputation of a lady who pays attention to even the smallest details. Speaking of which, this Kobelli engagement ring has many of them, each equally important for the overall stunning appearance of the piece. In addition to the graceful posture of the round diamond center, what draws the attention even more is the ring’s underside, featuring ornamental vintage designs crafted of 14K rose gold. The ring keeps a special surprise for its owner, manifested by two peek-a-boo diamonds on both sides of the white-gold band. There are many ways to wear and combine this lust-worthy ring, especially if a Boho style is in question. Its total number of precious stones is nothing less, nothing more than magnificent 21.

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Kobelli Two-Tone Gold Engagement Rings: Vintage Diamond Ring in Floral Style

Designed for vintage enthusiasts who appreciate a true high-shine piece, this diamond engagement ring is here to defy all your expectations, not just in terms of ornateness, but also in terms of comfort and quality. When our customers are asked about the look of this ring, the common answer is – an actual work of art that knocks you off your feet. Its elaborate floral design is just an explicit representation of modern vintage-inspired jewelry, which also includes the special category named “two-tone gold engagement rings”. The center stone is warmly surrounded by sparkly leaves of diamonds separated with shiny metal elements labeled “14K white gold”. The underside of the band displays intricate rose-gold details that enhance the entire piece with unrivaled exclusivity and the privilege to create a long-lasting memory with a resounding “YES”!

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Kobelli Two-Tone Gold Engagement Rings: Round Diamond Ring with Six-Prong Center

Those who are dreaming of a smooth move accompanied by the silky glow of moissanite, should be looking for two-tone gold engagement rings like this one. Sculpted into a beautiful bauble with a lustrous white-gold band and a rose-gold crown of the same kind, this is definitely a fine jewelry piece that catches the eye in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t you agree with this statement? Of course you will, because the futuristic appeal of this moissanite and diamond engagement ring is perceived in each and every of its 14 supremely polished golden karats. A sophisticated six-prong setting colored in charming pink holds the majestic Forever One moissanite center securely in place, allowing it to dazzle with maximum fire and brilliance. The overall sparkling performance of the piece is enhanced with a row of small diamond accents arranged on both sides of the band.

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Kobelli Two-Tone Gold Engagement Rings: Fancy Deep Pink Diamond Ring in Double Halo Style

Did you know that the popularity of two-tone gold engagement rings embellished with fancy colored diamonds spreads like wildfire on the web? This Kobelli ring will add to your style a subtle hint of color on one hand, and will engage you with the global fashion scene, on the other. 18K white gold is the basic metal in the making-of this ring; the detail that makes it a member of the “two-tone gold engagement rings” family is the rose-gold prong setting, visible as four small, shiny claws whose primary function is to hold the center stone securely in place. As for the fancy vibes of the piece, blame it on the prepossessing lavender diamond that tells a lot about the taste and character of the woman wearing it. Its splendor is accentuated with a double halo of dainty white stones that continue to twinkle all along the band. The last, but certainly not the least information you would like to know about this mesmerizing engagement ring is that all of its 71 diamonds are 100% natural and conflict-free.

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Written by: Liljana Tomova

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