If you are an accessory addict, then you must love wearing statement necklaces. Good news is that they are a fashionable trend at the moment, so you do not have to question yourself whether you look “in vogue” or not anytime you wear yours, ‘cause you do. They say that beauty is in the details and a statement necklace has them in abundance. Here are the benefits that will make you appreciate this type of jewelry even more.



Considered a “communication center”, the face is the first we see at a person. By wearing a bold necklace, you will draw attention to your face, which is also good if you want to play down other parts of the body.


Two-Colored Statement Necklace Combined With Black Outfit

Two-Colored Statement Necklace Combined With Black Outfit


The jewelry you wear tells a lot not just about your taste, but also your personality. Therefore, a stand-out necklace can be easily used as an accessory to express who you really are and what others can expect from you. This is why women have different designs of statement necklaces at their disposal; there are the more casual ones that are ideal for a formal business look and there are the more dramatic and quirky ones for out-of-the-office outfit layouts. Whatever the case or the occasion, remember that a statement necklace will communicate about who you are more than any other accessory.



Most women prefer wearing statement necklaces in a combination with simple outfits. For instance, your little black dress will become more lively when accessorized with a fabulous statement necklace (the same rule applying to any monochromatic outfit). Instead of layering on scarves, hats and blazers, just put on a colored baubled necklace and you are ready to go.


Apricot Pink Statement Necklace Combined With Evening Dress
Apricot Pink Statement Necklace Combined With Evening Dress


The design of the statement necklace you are wearing defines the look you want to present to the others. Simple shapes and textures, like bright-colored chunky beads are perfect to stay “low key” and showcase a decent flair of refinement. If you are a silver or gold enthusiast and you are ready to show it big time, go “fancy metallic”. To add more character to your authentic style, pick a leather statement necklace.



Wearing statement necklaces is a great way to stand out in a crowd without being overbearing. Moreover, they are real conversation starters. Their out-of-the-ordinary designs are often a reason to engage in conversation, which can be very helpful in winning friends and of course, admirers. 


Beaded Statement Necklace Combined With Casual Outfit
Beaded Statement Necklace Combined With Casual Outfit

Now, let’s see how to style statement necklaces properly.


» Keep it simple.

As mentioned earlier, the best way to use a stand-out necklace is to match it with a simple outfit. “Simple” refers to monochromatic, one-colored outfits and classic outfits. Anything from leisure shirts and 3/4 sleeve tops to straight leg jeans and evening dresses will work perfectly fine. Heavy prints and fabrics, on the other hand, won’t. Click here to get inspired.


» Let it work with your neckline.

A delicate necklace should be a “go to” for first dates and business meetings. Therefore, it has to primarily match your outfit’s neckline. Also, keep in mind that a larger bust requires a shorter necklace, so that it won’t lie directly on the chest.


» Minimize distractions.

When it comes to wearing statement necklaces, the one thing that can easily destroy the entire look are the earrings. That said, the earrings should not be bulky and striking, as they will feel like “too much” and thanks to that “little” detail, there is the risk to be perceived as a woman with bad taste. You definitely do not want that, so stick to subtle, minimalist designs, such as studs, which are actually, the most recommended earring option in this case. This also refers to the other pieces of jewelry you wear; do not make your stand-out necklace compete with oversized rings or a handful of bangle bracelets. Let your main piece showcase its beauty on its own instead.


» Choose colors that suit you well.

We all have our favorite colors that we look good in and boost our confidence. Make yours a part of your style even when wearing statement necklaces. This way, you will avoid the need of buying new pieces of clothing, as your they will be easily adapted to your existing wardrobe.

Blue Gemstone Statement Necklace Combined With Colored Outift
Blue Gemstone Statement Necklace Combined With Colored Outift

Hopefully, this Kobelli guide helped you understand why wearing statement necklaces is important for your style and how to get the best results of it. For any questions and comments, we are expecting you in the comment section below. Thank you for visiting our blog!

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Written by: Liljana Tomova

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