A new season is upon us and you better get prepared for the biggest glam ever, presented by the 2018 fall jewelry trends that include anything from Art Deco’s symmetry to Old Hollywood’s mystique. The New York Fashion Week just ended and we must say, it totally inspired us to give our fall wardrobes a boost of newness. So, here is what we spotted on the runways and what you should be looking for when updating your jewelry collection.

  Gemstone Clustered Necklaces 

2018 Fall Jewelry Trends: Statement Gemstone Necklace

“Volume” seems to be designers’ top priority this season, as shown with all those explicit statement necklaces that look beyond extraordinary on roll-necks and sweaters. Many of them are bedecked with oversized gemstones, which is an actual trend this fall. The higher the number of gems, the stronger the impression and the feeling of high-end stylishness. Countless are the ways in which designers play with colors to bring into existence a cascading necklace that steals the show more than ever.


 Sharp Earrings 

2018 Fall Jewelry Trends: Geometric Earrings

The ‘20s and ’80 produced the most captivating earring looks that will be in high gear in the next few months. Their revival comes with edgy geometric motifs made of shiny metals to charmingly reflect the disco ball lights. The 2018 fall jewelry trends have shown that anything from trapezoids and squares to rhombuses and triangles is 100% allowed to incorporate into your off-register fall allure.

  Bigger-Than-Life Rings 

2018 Fall Jewelry Trends: Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings have always been essential accessories of women who want to show off their glamour, no matter if they are wearing their most basic or most special outfits. Therefore, we were not surprised that these bigger-than-life rings are part of the 2018 fall jewelry trends, although we must say that each year they come with more spectacular designs that have power to literally take the breath away. This season, modern women will be wearing multiple cocktail rings on both hands that scream “look at me” in all directions. They will be featuring hypnotic gems and intricate metalwork to virtuously slay her modishness.

  Earthy Motifs 

2018 Fall Jewelry Trends: Leaf Necklace

It is fall and your wardrobe has to depict the current mood of nature, as suggested by world’s top fashion designers. Do not stress, because it is going to be super easy, fast and affordable, if you opt for details shaped into fall leaves, fruits and flowers. It could be a gold-plated pendant or a killer pair of earrings you can use for a daily wear at your preference. Wild west motifs, such as shells and feathers are also an excellent simulacrum of nature to rely on, if you are prone to Boho jewelry.

› Chunky Bracelets 

2018 Fall Jewelry Trends: Metallic Bangles

By this, we mean many bangles stacked on one hand. Back this year, the popularity of bangles was declined and slightly overshadowed by oversized earrings, but they are making a big comeback this fall, so if you want to get some extra style points, make sure to upgrade your look with a few pieces of this kind. Line them up with your favorite sweaters and you will be ready to launch your personal “fashion week” show. Thanks to the 2018 fall jewelry trends, chunky bracelets are going to cement their reputation as a must-have accessory of the urban-chic girl.

 › Metallic Chokers 

2018 Fall Jewelry Trends: Metallic Choker

As you may already know, a daring metallic choker adds instant character to casual looks, regardless of the season. The metallic choker is included in the current trends to encourage women to wear unusual pieces loud and proud, without feeling repressed by its empowering vibe. Chokers, as a distinctive type of jewelry, are a great way to draw attention to the face, which means, putting an additional accent to your makeup. Minimalist silver tubes are the most desired metallic choker model right now, as they revive the forgotten hippie look from the ’60s.

 Logo Charms 

2018 Fall Jewelry Trends: Chanel Earrings

Probably the biggest novelty that the 2018 fall jewelry trends bring along are fashion brands’ logos worn as statement jewelry. What we could see on the runways so far were extraordinary Moschino chain belts, multi-layered Chanel earrings and chain-lock Dior bracelets that any millennial girl will go crazy about. One thing is clear, the “Logomania” is promising to take the jewelry world by storm, so here it is - a hint of inspiration for your upcoming shopping adventure.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Written by: Liljana Tomova

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